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  1. I’d like to clarify that I’m not leeching this forum, rather trying to add value to it on your terms. The point is that you are leeching Beck’s idea. And I’m pointing out your hypocrisy. Personally, I sort of like what you did with SD. But then again, Beck thought that your interpretation of turquoise was dangerously immature, so he did his best to stop it from proliferating and ruining his life's work from his POV. It is of course also your problem. Warning against traps is just a cop-out. If you don’t want to take responsibility, you have to present it in such a way that people don’t fall into traps. Which is impossible. So just admit that you are somewhat responsible. At least to yourself. I didn’t intend to come off as mean, you told me yourself a while back:
  2. Good point. Or "too busy" with anything else.
  3. Do you realize that a fundamentalist might as well have written this post? Exchange leo with jesus or mohammed and you get the same result. These are just beliefs you are clinging on to.
  4. It's not cool to take someones life’s work and twist it according to your biases to a huge audience. Just because you think something is helpful, doesn’t make it so. Most people who have listened to your take on Spiral Dynamics have just made it some ego-enhancement, where they misapply themselves too high etc. completely misunderstanding and misusing it. You must be aware of this. If Albert Einstein’s General Relativity for some reason got as little attention as Spiral Dynamics, and then some guy who sold his soul to get Youtube views comes in and distorts Al’s work to the masses, Al would be pissed the fuck off. But that’s not even a good example because General Relativity can’t really be misapplied by your average guy in a harmful way in daily life. See, Don Beck saw your teachings as potentially dangerously immature. Just as you see the people who try to create a separate forum from your teachings. In his books Ken certainly doesn't seem "stage Red", or what I've seen of him. However, there's also lots of accounts of him unnecessarily acting like that in real life.
  5. This is a good one. Christ Sutras by Bart Marshall is exactly what you are describing though. The book compiles the complete recorded sayings of Jesus Christ from twenty-five different gospels, not just the four canonical. The teachings which are expressions of his true message and are most likely to be the words of Jesus and not the follower or the church putting words in his mouth which fit their narrow agenda. Here's a sneak peek: However, even the "bs" parts in the bible are good for making sense of the relative world and how it functions at different levels.
  6. Solving climate change will be just one problem. Implementing "Game B" will be almost unimaginably harder. But we can’t keep playing whack-a-mole with all these existential risks forever. Especially when the moles are exponentially increasing and we aint getting any better at whacking with our Game A approach. Of course recent moles will have to be whacked with the Game A approach, but climate change is just one glaringly obvious, huge and slow mole and we’re already fumbling over ourselves trying to whack it. In fact, even this analogy is giving too much credit to Game A, because when you are whacking a mole in whack-a-mole, it just goes down. In Game A whack-a-mole, every time you manage to whack a mole down, the whacking itself creates new moles in the game, because the technologies etc. to solve the problems will themselves be used to create new and more complex problems. So in a way it's like "Trying to kill Hydra by cutting its head + Whack-A-Mole on steroids" which we are now playing. That is the severity of the situation. You warned me of idiot compassion earlier, so I'll return the favor and warn you of idiot optimism in terms of Game A.
  7. I don’t mean burning in the sense of blind passion or w/e, more just the intensity of the situation. Well of course mankind will handle itself. But we are mankind. So we have to handle it. But it’s getting exponentially harder to handle it with exponentially increasing technology, which we have very little grip on. I could go very in depth here, but one should intuitively feel why such exponential growth in material power simply cannot be handled without an exponential growth spiritually, socially, and governmentally. Game B is just one of those movements that realizes this fact, which we like to shy away from. Of course the solution won’t be mental masturbation. But even this theorizing of Game B has breathed life into many qualified, smart people who were previously quite disillusioned. Unfortunately these things have to start out with theorizing. Let's keep an open mind.
  8. Your awakening just sounds like a temporary delusion to be honest. It will be over soon - don't worry.
  9. You are misunderstanding. Perhaps we are just talking past each other with these terse replies. Let me try once more. It’s not about saving the world. It’s about EMBODYING the deeper level of Love and it permeating through to the relative world through all your actions. For an emotionally developed human, it would of course manifest as authentic, burning concern for your actual Self, which includes the world, which is a broader concern than just you as a human. This is quite different from indifference and also quite different from some sort of self-aggrandizing martyrdom which is usually seen. @BuddhistLover Bro.. it's chelation time for you.
  10. Exactly. Well, not exactly, since there’s billions of more people suffering now. But that only reinforces the fact that a non-psychopathic life purpose ultimately ought to be to liberate people from suffering. I already said that his work needs to be more practical. However it seems he is working on some very practical stuff regarding the regulation of social media. Can't do it all. Yet considering your political takes when Russia invaded Ukraine was “boohoo call the wambulance” and “let’s try to understand Putins POV” - it doesn’t seem that you have better alternatives yet. Or perhaps I’m strawmanning you here, I don’t follow this forum too closely. At no point was I advocating for that, but it’s important to be aware of. But what’s even more important, is to not let that fear of being taken advantage of consume you and limit your love unnecessarily.
  11. Yes, he is a smart guy, and if you don’t share his concern, I doubt you’re emotionally intelligent enough to understand and inhabit his POV yet. Mankind most likely will not go literally extinct, and Schmachtenberger is not fearmongering about that, as you know. Its more like if you have any emotional intelligence, compassion, love - it would be a lack of integrity not to do your best for all the “stupid” people you seem to have little compassion for. The intensity of suffering going on in the world today is hellish, and the existential risks unprecedented, so to just go about your life and be stoked because you’re killing it is pretty fucking psychopathic, and non-Godlike. Godlike compassion even gives a “stupid” guy shoving drugs up his ass in Vegas glimpses of Love. When you realize this and let this sink in, and don’t just get overwhelmed and dismissive and go about your life distracting yourself from that truth, everything changes. Of course his work could be a little more down to earth, and I don’t doubt he is working on that. But then again, how do you think telling lost people in their early 20s they are God is gonna make things better? This just shows how you severely misunderstand the developmental models you promote.
  12. @mememe Bro it's chelation time for you.
  13. Yeah, i listened to a bit of the video while out and I gathered that the urine tests were quite useless. Leo’s levels were barely elevated and he has been doing dozens of rounds and basically winging it by feel. It's as if the urine tests are like buying a fitness watch and waiting for it to arrive before starting running. Now I’m just speculating here, so please correct me if I’m wrong. If you find information about any worrying side effects keep us updated. Otherwise I don’t really see a point of not just jumping straight into the protocol.
  14. @mememe I'm just telling you fellas what's possible. And it's not that hard. That is a good thing. If she finds you attractive enough, in the heat of the moment she wants you to cum inside and the risk is arousing to her. You can play with that.
  15. @mememe Yes, hence - “monkeys who have no dick game” shouldn’t be abusing it. You only need to track her cycle if you want to ejaculate inside her vagina.