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  1. Yeah it probably is because I am not yet able to believe that I can create such a change, like such a cosmic change.
  2. Yeah I probably have many limiting beliefs. What I want is to find myself in a different world, in a parallel world, and continue from there. I wanna create a different dream and continue onwards from that dream, that timeline, instead of this timeline.
  3. I don't think awakening is something like a contest.
  4. My history, and any part of my history, therefore, then, then, any part of my now is an illusion, then.
  5. But if all is awareness, then all is awareness. Time also is, then, awareness. I also am, then.
  6. You believe that you are getting knowledge through reading those words in those books, because you believe that the words in those books are coming from wisdom, and you believe that the words in this forum are coming from something, some part of your consciousness, that is trying to trick you. It is your own definition that you believe.
  7. I right now am dreaming that I am in the year 2021, so it is possible for me also to dream, I guess, that I am in the year, say, 2796, and if I'd do it with a huge focus, in that sense, theoretically speaking, then I would be in that year, like, in that world in that "timeline". If, though, when I get there in the normal way in time, like moving day after day, then I would perhaps, probably, highly highly probably, find myself in a different world from my timetravel experience, and that might be because of the change in the density of the focus, perhaps, perhaps, in a sense. So then, in that sense, perhaps we might say that there are infinite probable versions of all those realities, both in space and time, experientially speaking, simultaneously, right here and now, for all that is is a dream consciousness is having. Then perhaps we might say that idea and information are the same "things", in a sense. Meaning that all the probable ideas and informations and so forth are all here and now for all that is is a dream consciousness is having and all is made of the void, the emptiness, in that sense, that appears to be solid and real, but just like in the dream state, "it" actually is abstract and, in that sense, void like.
  8. We are all deluded in our own ways for we are all the same one, the same awareness, ultimately, yeah.
  9. You can find the answers you are searching for here also, why not? This forum is a part of your consciousness. Kinda like having a dream where you are on this forum and asking questions to people. Can you receive really wonderful responses that even answer your questions? Of course you can, absolutely. Of course you can. However the answers that you receive also are dependent on you for you are imagining all of this into being in the form of external answers.
  10. Because consciousness is infinitely creative, smart, intelligent and imaginative.
  11. All those parallel realms are here and now. Imagine you are in a dream and you find yourself in one particular parallel realm, and then a few moments later you find yourself in another realm and so forth. Where are all those realms? They are all here and now "in" your consciousness.
  12. Yeah, shifting to a reality where you are a different being with different memories and realities and so forth. We can say that "it already is the case", but come on, we are all probably experiencing the idea that we are, say, a human with a certain name with a certain appearance in a certain world and so forth. We understand the idea, the logic of it, perhaps, but we are experiencing the idea of memories and histories and realities and so forth.
  13. Yeah, if reality is a dream and the socalled history etc of the world is being created in the moment, if reality already is a hallucination of time dilation, in that sense, then yeah, I think consciousness can create any timeline that it wants. If every timeline already is within consciousness, if all time already is within consciousness, and all space and reality etc also, then consciousness can switch to, in a sense, a different timeline, a different dream.
  14. Hmm, so there is no dreamer, but there only is dreaming?
  15. If you find a really awakened Sufi master, and they are very very very very very rare, unfortunately, then yes, sufism has the representations of all those ideas in itself, but again, as I said, it is not easy at all to find a really awakened Sufi master, most of them are religiously opinionated.
  16. Infinite simultaneous dreams within consciousness, perhaps, infinite simultaneous dreams. Infinite simultaneous dreams like each of us are having as individuated experiences and perspectives "of" consciousness. Then you can fit infinite dreams "within" that which is dimensionless and formless. Perhaps that is how it might be working, in a sense, in a sense, hmm.
  17. I feel like I am trapped in my own dream and like this dream has its own reality which I cannot run away from. Feeling like I am trapped in one dream and like I cannot, and should not, run away from this dream. Feeling like reality is solid and cannot be transcended. Because where will those other realities go? They have nowhere else to go? And they should not go? If reality is infinite, isn't reality just infinite? Where are the dreams that you had before now? Where are those dreams now? Where are those worlds? What happens to the dreams you wake up from? Continuing to exist on their own? Continuing in nothingness? Zero point field, huh?
  18. And if time actually is an illusion, then this "timeline" I am in also is "made of" void like consciousness, and this very moment, in that sense, also has infinite probable dream versions of itself for it is, in every moment, in a sense, collapsing within itself. And if the "past", and therefore the present moment is being created in the moment, then it means that the "past", and therefore the present moment, also have infinite probable dream versions, in that sense, for the present moment is made of void like, abstract, consciousness.
  19. Past, present and future exists simultaneously as infinite vibrational probabilities and you tune to the one with which you are resonating vibrationally. There is no such thing as a difference between past, present and future other than the density, the allowing degree, in a sense, of your focus. They are all within you, they are all consciousness in the moment point.
  20. And for everything is nothing, and everybody is nobody, everybody cares 😂
  21. A. What moves A? B. What moves B? C. What moves C? D. It is, deal with it, consciousness all the way down.