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  1. If we wake up we will see that there is nothing but the family.
  2. I think it is in a sense. If this is a dream of awareness, then it is a character in a sense.
  3. We misunderstand what love is. When you experience something you don't want, it also is because of love. Love is not just about people being nice to you and so on, people being terrible to you also is an expression of love.
  4. People are afraid that if they realize that this also is a dream, then everything will disappear. But it actually is quite the opposite. Life becomes much more amazing when you realize this is not any different from what we call dream.
  5. Enlightenment is not that trippy thing you think it is.
  6. Try to match your thoughts with the thoughts of pure consciousness about that, perhaps. Listen for what it thinks. But as you said, in the ultimate sense, you create the stealing and those from whom you steal also are creating being stolen from.
  7. Human head is not more real than a unicorn head.
  8. Do it if you can. You cannot do it without my subconscious agreement with you. But of course you have your path. Not everyone has a high level understanding of reality.
  9. You can never steal from anyone. Each one is the creator of reality.
  10. The trick in this, I guess, is we never die, therefore nothing ever disappears.
  11. I am a writer and when I write stories it is like, for instance, a past experience of a character pops up in my mind in that moment, creating, in a sense, the past in the moment. I wonder if it is something like that in this "reality" in that sense. A thought of a memory, for instance, comes to your mind, but maybe it is not more different than the fictional memories of my character. Seeming to be realistic depending on the, like, energy of the moment.
  12. Does infinite intelligence know everything about everything? Past, present and future.
  13. There is no frickin fully enlightened being ever. They all have trips. That was my illusion. I thought they were perfect etc. Only frickin self is frickin so.
  14. Papaji is an illusion. Rupert is an illusion. Buddha is an illusion. But they are nice illusions. Not bad.
  15. It actually is that easy. Stop thinking for a moment and you are awake.
  16. Dude, it is not the form that is the problem. Form does not automatically mean suffering. It is the resistance that is suffering. Universe is fine. And it is the nature of consciousness to manifest. Don't try to manifest nothing.
  17. Regret implies that there is a past. When you wake up it is only now.
  18. My upstairs neighbor is a trouble. I think I can imagine them into moving to another apartment, right? ?
  19. Brilliant. Focusing on what I do want. I get what I put my mind on.
  20. When the mind is quiet, the whole world bows down to it. I get it.
  21. I am realizing more and more that I definitely can do this. Anything I frickin can imagine, unless I keep blocking myself and feel powerless.
  22. So let's frickin feel good and enjoy the imagination that is us.
  23. Mind is actually afraid of being disappointed. It says what if it is not that easy, I don't wanna be cheated, nothing that good can be that easy.
  24. Free will and determinism are concepts to which we are imposing meanings. Depending on what meaning you impose upon these concepts, the answer changes.