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  1. The Miracle Morning is an inspiring book, highly influenced by language that Tony Robbins uses and Jim Rohn used. With his 6 S.A.V.E.R.S., Hal gives us some great tips for how to build a solid morning routine. I use many of these tips, and definitely believe you should have a look at it if you want to build a morning routine. You can also check out this video I made for a summary of the big ideas. I hope you like it! :-)
  2. @Thought Art Hey! Thank you for your honest feedback; I'll take it into account :-)
  3. The Future Is Faster Than You Think is a new book by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. In it, they share many of the really cool technologies that are being developed - fast! It's a great book for developing perspective and anticipating the kind of everyday life we may have within as little as 10 years. I hope you find some use in this video summary I made, to see whether you want to get the book yourself: Listen to the Podcast Summary: Read the Blogpost Summary:
  4. Hey there! This is a great self help classic that I think you might enjoy. I hope the overview below helps you decide whether it's for you.
  5. @fridjonk Haha, aww, you got me; I actually ask that question to a lot of people, to see whether people share any common favorites ?
  6. Hey! I saw someone starting a thread a while ago, asking for short self-help books because of a heavy workload in college. So I figured I'd give you a list of my favorite short self-help books, based on the 359 books I've read over the last 4 years: 1. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. 30-40 pages. An inspiring book by a self-help pioneer, about how your thoughts shape your life. 2. The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason. 144 small pages, meaning it's about 72 normal-size pages. Also an inspiring book filled with parables from ancient Babylon through which you can learn some fundamental principles to master the game of money. 3. An Iron Will by Orison Swett Marden. 48 pages. A book from the founder of SUCCESS Magazine, all about how building an iron character and determination will help you attain success in life. Do you see any you would like to read? I've made book reviews of each, and will be happy to send you links so you can more easily decide whether you'll want to get the books. (Don't see this as promotion, please; I intend for this suggestion to be honest and helpful.)
  7. Hey there, rNOW! What a great conversation starter! A) Over the past 5 years I've read 359 self-help books, by making it a priority to scour the field and develop a comprehensive mental blueprint. B) List top three that have influenced you and why 1. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. This is a 40-or-so page book that's very inspiring. The core idea is that you shape your life with your thoughts. I'd recommend this to anyone who's into self-help. 2. Deep Work by Cal Newport. Only trivial work gets done when one is distracted by phone notifications, other people, and whatever keeps you from focusing. Meaningful work happens when you mark out specific blocks of time in your schedule, eliminating all distractions, and concentrating wholly on the task at hand. 3. Napoleon the Great by Andrew Roberts. Now this is a giant, 800-page book, but it's a very inspiring account of Napoleon's frenetic activity and force of character. I believe it's important to balance the other-worldly consciousness work that Leo shares, with being in the world and doing things. Yes, it may all be an illusion to the lot of us on this forum, but it's not for most people. Life is truly an amazing gift, and a game to be played masterfully!
  8. @fridjonk No worries! I'm curious: What are some of your favorite self-help books?
  9. "Leadership Strategy and Tactics" by Jocko Willink is an inspiring read I heartily recommend to anyone who wants to become a better leader - of their organization, family, or themselves. It's packed with great stories and lessons from Jocko's 20 years in the Navy SEALs. I made a review of it on YouTube, in case you're interested to learn more about it. (Please don't see this as promotion; all videos are free, and I refer you to this video to help you make better buying decisions.)
  10. @Rilles Thank you, Rilles! "Occupying the Senses" will be my go-to strategy to dub the earworms.
  11. Hey there! Finished studying Peter Ralston's "The Book of Not Knowing," and was convinced that contemplation is a powerful way to go for enlightenment. Been doing it for 20 minutes to a few hours each day, but during these last two days I've just been HAMMERED by earworm! (Song repeatedly playing in your mind.) Even more challenging; my contemplation is to continuously ask myself, "Who am I?", and the song that's stuck in my mind has THAT EXACT NAME ("Who am I?" by Casting Crowns.) It's such a beautiful song, but every time I contemplate, the song starts in my mind and persists through the whole contemplation no matter how hard I try to focus on my awareness. Now, I'm wondering: Have you struggled with earworm during contemplation or meditation yourself? How did you overcome it? (It's especially helpful if your contemplation included words that actually triggered the song, as in my "Who am I?") I appreciate any suggestions for how this ear worm can be slain!
  12. Here are my favorite Big Ideas from The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, where they help us live with more courage, creativity, willpower, and relentless forward motion. It's my favorite book in 2017 (out of over 100 books we've featured this year). Hope you enjoy!
  13. Here are my favorite Big Ideas from "Fully Engaged" by Thomas Sterner. In the book, Thomas unpacks how we can be the master of our mind and not its servant. Hope you enjoy!
  14. Hey there! Here are my favorite Big Ideas from the book "A Guide to the Good Life" by William B. Irvine. It's all about helping us apply wisdom from the ancient Stoics, who (as opposed to common belief), weren't these sulky, unemotional stones, but rather, quite joyful fellows who trained themselves not to get so worked up about trifles as most of us do in our daily lives. Hope you find something that resonates with you!
  15. Hey! Here are my favorite Big Ideas from "No Limits" by Michael Phelps and Alan Abrahamson. It's the biography of the most decorated Olympian in history, Michael Phelps, where he shares how he conquered his challenges and built the mental attitude to succeed in swimming and in life. (It's incredibly inspiring!) Hope you enjoy!