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  1. @martins name Perhaps you're right, it's something I have to do more investigations in it seems. I remain skeptical, but thank you.
  2. If you swipe too many people, you're actually hurting your chances. Or at least it used to be that way. They literally have a score that they assign your profile, and the more you swipe the lower it goes. It dictates how often you appear in other people's stack.
  3. The issue I have with higher stages is that we don't know enough about what society will look like with those stages. For example, how can a Blue thinker 600 years ago come up with a Green politics? Green necessitates equality of the races, sexes, of sexualities, affirmation of the existence of transgender, etc, etc. This was a time when women were literally viewed as less than men, people were enslaved based on race, homosexuals were executed. All truth was couched in an absolute God so there certainly wasn't the possibility of the Postmodern notion of subjectively created reality through systems of language. Now, were there people who were mystics and discovered Truth? Yes. Were there people who believed sexualities or sexes were equal? Yes, there probably was. The issue is that there are so few people that they cannot create an entirely new paradigm of being that each stage of the Spiral represents. They had barely begun to tap into Stage Orange at that point let alone sincerely consider the perspectives of Stage Green. Well, now we are doing the same with the higher stages. We just don't have knowledge or the numbers to effectively articulate the truly vast amounts of knowledge needed to form an entirely new stage. People have obviously tried, but I think there is far too much conjecture and speculation. I do think that certain individuals have experienced these stages themselves, but to sum up what I've said here, we simply lack the systems, language, and knowledge to properly articulate these stages in any meaningful way. Especially in light of the technological advancements and new philosophies that could come into being in the meantime. Think about how much society has changed just in the last 20 years, think about how much change happened for Blue to develop, for Orange, and for Green. I just don't think people who think about higher stages are appreciating how vast each stage really is and how dependent it is on the changes that happen between stages.
  4. @MrBON You're demanding women reduce their decision-making about sexuality and romance down to a single factor lmao. People are more complex than that dude.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean. Like do you begin to view the guy in the porn from the perspective of the female? Or do you mean you respond to the signals of pleasure from the woman?
  6. @Tildae00 So basically, Hanzi defines each stage not by the colours of Spiral Dynamics, but instead by the primary philosophy that was created to encapsulate the ethos of each stage. So for example, Red is Faustianism, Blue is Postfaustianism, Orange is Modernism, and Green is Postmodernism. The "Post-" philosophies are defined by their reaction to the previous stage. Obviously each stage is a reaction to the stage before it, but the primary reaction is defined by the "Post-" prefix. Now, when we get to the Stage Yellow ethos, which is the Both/And Synthesis approach, we come to Metamodernism. It is not merely a reaction to the previous stage, but is instead an attempt to synthesize the two previous stages. It is defined by the oscillation between Modernism and Postmodernism. It is also defined by a transcendence of the Left/Right political dichotomy. It is an attempt to synthesize Both Left and Right. This is not a Centrist position because Centrism is still defined by the Left and Right. This is a brand new metasystem that cannot be clearly defined by Left or Right. So, branching off from that, we must now consider a politics in which the viewpoints of either side are consolidated and coordinated into policies that would attempt to satisfy the most and alienate the least of either side. An extraordinarily difficult task to rise to, which is why such a system can only emerge at Stage Yellow.
  7. @Nivsch I've definitely noticed myself becoming more and more triggered by Orange, will tells me that I'm making the transition to Green. I have enough Yellow in me to mostly identify it, but my core is still very much Orange-Green. I think my introduction to Green was through the criticisms of Postmodernism from Jordan Peterson, Areomagazine, etc, so it's taken a while to let go of that toxic fear of Green enough to actually begin growing into it.
  8. I think talking about anything above Turquoise is a little bit mental masturbatory. The fact of the matter is that we just don't have enough development, on a large enough scale to be able to talk about these things. An entirely new stage of development is no small thing to come into existence, and some have even argued that statements made about Turquoise aren't necessarily accurate. I've adopted the mindset that I need to worry about cleaning up my lower stages before I can turn my attention to the higher stages. You can't build robust structures on an unstable foundation.
  9. @StateOfMind We're recording the first one later today, then mine probably next week sometime. I'm not sure if it violates the rules on self-promotion, but I'll try to post it if I can. And I would say the most foundational course you could ever do is Leo's Ultimate Life Purpose Course. Ever since doing it I have immense degrees of clarity and purpose. You'll know exactly what the next step is.
  10. @tsuki I wasn't trying to call out any one person, I'm just making it clear because I think it's an mistake many people make.
  11. I wasn't exactly sure if this was how you guys were approaching it so I am making assumptions here, but enough people have done this that I think it worthy of mention. A few of you guys are saying, "I don't even find those women attractive." You don't need to denigrate a person's attractiveness just because you don't find them attractive or are trying to oppose unrealistic beauty standards. This is like the people who will say, "oh curvy women are REAL women, nobody likes a skinny bitch." That completely misses the point. Again, I apologize if I'm misinterpreting things here, but just wanted to put it out there.
  12. @Tildae00 I agree with @neutralempty on this one. The dichotomy between socialism and capitalism is very much a Spiral Dynamics Tier 1 type of thinking. Tier 2 is a Both/And approach, finding a synthesis of two seemingly disparate systems to form a newer, better metasystem. I highly recommend the books, "The Listening Society," and, "Nordic Ideology," by Hanzi Freinacht. The first book is basically introducing his version of Spiral Dynamics as well as the Metamodern philosophy that epitomizes the Stage Yellow ethos, and underpins the new politics. The second book actually goes in-depth on what that politics is.
  13. How do you recommend one act?
  14. @StateOfMind I started by doing a lot of research into the Stage Purple mindset. I rewatched Leo's video on the stage while taking a lot of notes, read several blog posts, researched the concept of Ubuntu, did a little more research. Then journalled about my own experiences with Purple, where I thought I went right and wrong, and why. I basically just created a very robust and in-depth model for Purple as it applied to my own life and upbringing. Then I did 2g of B+ mushrooms and had that model ripped apart and sewn back together haha. I'm still in the process of making sense of my insights, but I'll be doing a podcast with a friend of mine soon. I've only done 1g and 2g trips so far, but I will say that I got far more from 1g. I think 2g was too much to really be able to catalog my thoughts well enough in a notebook (I didn't at all). I obviously don't know for sure, but I feel like larger doses are for far more esoteric questions and 2g is just touching the edge of that. Although that friend recently did 2g and had a mystical type experience. She's a she and weighs much less than I do so that very well may be the reason. Either way, in the future I'm going to be doing much more research into the stage (in this case Red), and probably stick to 1g for integration trips.
  15. I think what Yellow I currently have has shown me that I need to go back to the roots and build myself back up. I recently had a mushroom trip to help me integrate Purple and it was extremely beneficial.