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  1. If you go on the Integral Stage's youtube channel they have a playlist called, "Integral Sexuality," you can find some high quality people who work in sexuality. As for Goop, I honestly haven't watched any of the Goop related series so take what I say with a grain of salt. However, I've heard a lot of really negative things about it, including warnings of the dangers inherent to their, "pseudoscience." Again, I'm certainly not qualified to be able to give an educated opinion on them, but just be careful about it.
  2. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t done a video on Wilber before.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNBYizJnOgj/?igshid=uq395czx5mhh Very timely post from Dylan Werner, a yoga instructor.
  4. I try not to define myself by typical Right/Left ideologies. I highly recommend reading, "The Listening Society," by Hanzi Freinacht. It gives a really cool political analysis via a developmental lens that is very reminiscent of Spiral Dynamics, which he mentions. He gives a great analysis of Anarchism and Communism, and talks about where they fit in the coming future of civilization, especially in the sequel, "Nordic Ideology," which I also recommend. Either way, I believe that your anger at these people is justified. My issue is that you can be angry at these people and desire to change their beliefs, while still acting from a place of love. I think it's a mistake to think that you cannot be against these political ideologies, actively work against them, or, in the most extreme circumstances, even kill, without it coming from a place of love. As you strike the face of a Nazi with his boot on the face of a homosexual person, can you love that Nazi? Can you empathize with how his belief system is only true for him insofar as his upbringing and influences allowed? Personally, I believe that the future of political discourse is to transcend our anger for one another, and act from a place of love, even if that means we must engage in violence against those who would engage in violence against us.
  5. And in that statement you make it clear that you are on the same level as they are. However reprehensible their views, they are still people and still members of our society. Stop justifying the dehumanization of people you disagree with, that is part of the problem.
  6. I think at this point any more discussion will just make you more confused. I don't mean that as an insult, but these are just very big topics that you're just learning to grapple with. Trust me, I've been there, and still find myself getting stuck. As does everyone. I highly recommend the book, "The Listening Society," by Hanzi Freinacht. It's about what a Stage Yellow society would look like, he even talks about Spiral Dynamics. He talks about several dimensions of development that I think will really help you begin making the fine distinctions you need to piece apart these paradoxes. I cannot recommend it enough, it's probably one of the best books I've read in the past 5 years.
  7. A friend told me about a tweet he made where he said something along the lines of, "you think this a sign of the end times as if the holocaust and slavery never happened." I'd send it myself, but I block twitter haha.
  8. What I'm saying is that you cannot experience all that there is to experience. Think about it. When light from a lightbulb hits the surface of something, that light bounces off the object and then goes to your eye. You are never actually seeing the object. You are only seeing the light reflected from the object. Your interface with visual reality is based on light bouncing off objects, rather than objects themselves. You have never seen any of the things you currently see around you. You are only ever seeing the light reflected from them. How can you really say that you know what you look like, your parents look like, or your friends? You've never actually seen them. You've only ever seen the light that is reflected from them. Your brain generates an image for you based on how it processes that light. You are operating within a world simulation and assuming that this world simulation accurately reflects the world around you. It does well enough to survive, but how accurately do you really think that it reflects reality? This is not only true for vision, but for all the senses. All the senses operate on physical laws whereby the brain generates a simulation based on the physical properties occurring around us that are then interpreted by sense organs and converted into "mind stuff" by mechanisms in the brain. These mechanisms are very good, but not perfect. Now what about our thoughts? Our brain interprets the information, both sensory and linguistic, that we receive from the outside world. The mechanisms that we use to interpret that information are imperfect. We have cognitive biases, we have a cap on our intelligence, we have a cap on the knowledge that we can know about the things in the world, etc. Our brain is generating an understanding about reality with several deficits. That understanding can be useful, but it will never be perfectly accurate. Never. You do not know anything you think you know half as much as you think you know it. What was the point of publishing books? For yourself to read? Or for others to read? If it's for yourself to read, then yeah okay I understand that you only want to read books above Stage Orange. If it's for others though? Why not create a publishing company that contains books all along the Spiral? If someone is Stage Orange, your publishing company could release Stage Orange books, build some trust and credibility with this person. As they read the books you publish, you can advertise Stage Green books in those Stage Orange books. Then, maybe a few of them decide to buy those books. This would expose these Stage Orange people to Stage Green ideas. You've just triggered their evolution into Stage Green. But it doesn't stop there, you also advertise Stage Yellow books in Stage Green books, and Stage Turquoise books in Stage Yellow books. You are helping people move up the Spiral. Each stage is important and each person must go through all the stages. By owning a publishing company you can help people ascend the Spiral, merely by exposing the right people to the right next stage.
  9. An absolutely groundbreaking video. The depiction of homosexuality, non-gender conforming style, having sex with the devil, and the climax of the video is the protagonist taking Hell's throne. I'm sure there is more that I missed. I don't follow pop culture very closely, but I would say this was a huge, huge step forward. Whether or not society is ready for it is another thing entirely.
  10. Remember, there is a difference between useful and Truth. Useful is that it will help you accomplish your goals. It's okay to want to have goals or to have experiences, that's part of Growing Up and part of enjoying your time here. Many people will focus solely on "Waking Up," and say that having any goals or any desires whatsoever is anti-spiritual. I feel like that mentality can be a little anti-spiritual, although if someone wants to live in a monastery and focus only on Waking Up that's totally fine for them to do. However, many spiritual teachers have "returned to the masses" and taught what they learned. To teach spirituality to a modern audience, you need to understand how they think, and so that means having the proper map of reality to understand them. That means learning how to speak to Stage Orange, learning how to speak to Stage Green, Yellow, etc. Take Leo for example. He has gone through the stages, but he has also had many awakenings. His awakenings have shown him the "Truth," but going through the stages has taught him how to communicate it to people. Going through Stage Orange self-improvement was what allowed him to make his channel in the first place and to amass enough wealth that he could focus solely on the higher stages. It was incredibly useful and part of his process. We know these maps are ultimately not the territory but they allow us to achieve high consciousness goals and to communicate with the people at those stages. By "map" I mean any understanding that humans have about the territory or reality. No matter what you do you are only ever working with a map. Think about it. If you have an imperfect mind, which we all do, and you are understanding all of your experience with that imperfect mind, that means you will always have an imperfect map. As such, you will never actually "know" the territory, or reality, exactly as it is. The map is not the territory. Your understanding of a thing is not the thing itself. Like I said earlier, your entire experience of reality is like exploring Paris with your head buried in a map. You go see everything, you see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and all the other sites of Paris. However, you never actually lift your eyes from your map. You think, "wow Paris was so amazing, I saw and experienced so much!" And yet, you never actually saw anything besides the map you have of Paris. Given the imperfect human mind, the cognitive biases we have, the self-deception, the imperfect sense organs (we only see a fraction of the total light spectrum), etc., how could it possibly be any other way? We are walking around Paris with our head buried in our map, believing that the map is Paris, when in reality it is not even a very good map of Paris! That is what I mean by the map is not the territory. You never actually see reality. You only have see your map of it. Yepp that's self-improvement haha, welcome to the club. This why many people here, including myself, are not yet at Stage Yellow. Stage Yellow is where you really begin to make sense of the paradoxes, because you begin to see the paradoxes in the context of each stage. What is true for one stage might not be true for another stage, but it is still useful at that stage. And, of course, you have to go through all the stages. You cannot truly understand Stage Green until you've gone through and integrated Stage Orange. It's like building a house with a missing floor. It doesn't matter how pristine and beautiful all your other floors are, if you're missing one of the floors your building is going to collapse. Keep educating yourself, keep taking action, and keep moving forward. Things will make more and more sense the more you understand the theory, and you'll really understand the theory when you've practiced it in your life by taking massive action. If you're at Stage Orange, focus on Stage Orange. Do self-improvement programs, make some money so you can follow your passion, get better social skills so you can have the type of people you want in your life, get a better body, etc. Go through that process, while knowing at the highest level, that it's all bullshit and it's all just part of a larger process.
  11. @kras Maybe he's busy, maybe he got distracted and forgot. It's only been 2 hours. I think it's extremely unreasonable to assume that someone should text you back immediately no matter what. People have lives that do not revolve around answering every text.
  12. Just leave it. Let him come to you. Maybe he's busy, or there could be a multitude of other reasons. Double texting him will just make you look like you want him more than he wants you. If he still hasn't text you back in a couple days, maybe consider giving him a text like a meme or something like that. Something that just offers value, "here check out this cool thing," rather than, "hi...please talk to me..." If he still doesn't reply at that point, just move on.
  13. Apparently there has been a significant amount of research. According to the John Hopkin's website there was good reason for why they could accelerate the creation and approval of the vaccines. There were new technologies, huge sample sizes, and an enormous amount of funding, among other reasons. I do think a little anxiety is perfectly normal though.