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  1. If it's based around a self which has confidence or lack of confidence then yes it is an illusion. But that aside.. Self confidence is something we radiate outward toward other people. A lack in self confidence would mean that we radiate feelings such as fear and shame. So if you want your self confidence back then work with those negative feelings. Once you move up to higher feelings you will again feel confidence again. What exactly is it that make you feel insecure? You don't trust yourself?
  2. Indeed. But imagination might go deeper than you believe it does. ?
  3. And thank you. I enjoyed the conversation with you. ?
  4. Yeah in actuality the self is only in thought and is only believed to be something that is actual, separate from everything else. In actuality there's also nothing to figure out and nowhere to get to. It's all here in the present moment. ?
  5. To me it seems like you were trying to improve yourself but at the cost of surpressing your feelings which eventually caused burnout. Could that be true? What is the hatred and bitterness about?
  6. I was depressed from my early teens to 25 and suicidal for a couple of years. It's a hard thing to deal with for sure but there is a way to turn things around and that's facing all those negative emotions that's been surpressed for so long. It's not an easy thing to do but it's simple. It will feel worse at first but will turn around for the better after a while. I strongly recommend doing this with a trained professional since there will be so much unprocessed thoughts that come up and there will be a need to see things from another perspective to easier let go.
  7. Yes, it might seem contradictory to use "my view" when talking about no self and I could express myself in another way which is stripped from all words that is used to reference the separate self. But why? If there's no clinging to a self or no-self then why not use the word me, I or any other self-referential word. ? Also "my view" highlights that what I'm saying is an opinion based on my own experience. Someone else might have another one. There's a trade off when communicating between closeness to truth, how well it resonates and convenience. I can't really say how the answer is formed but the answer depends at the time by the way the question is asked.
  8. @Raptorsin7 Nice. Thanks for sharing! ?
  9. No, in my view it's totally unnecessary. Life will take its own course without anyone at the rudder. ?
  10. There are activities which are part of the "Me/I" concept and these fall away but progression of life still happens without the "Me/I". It might even be seen as running smoother without the push/pulls of it.
  11. I've found that using different techniques, such as labeling and noting gone, can be effective. If you feel like progress is to slow you could try implementing those.
  12. Yes from my pov there is no separation between nothing and everything. They are one occurance. I'm just trying to communicate that it can seem to be an arising and passing based on what one has realized and what ones perspective is. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they are ONE is a separate(?) realization. But good to point out. ?
  13. I would agree but we also need to take into consideration that it is subjective realization and that it can be perceived as an arising out of nothing aswell depending how far into the continuum we are. To me it seems that that both perceptions can be correct. Also please take into consideration that I've take a few glasses of beer so my words are not exactly spot on. ?
  14. Thank you for sharing. Never heard of Angelo Dillulo before but he seems like the real deal. ?
  15. It has changed very much. I don't perceive it anymore. I can look at the clock to see if it's time to make dinner or time to go to work but I don't think of it as time passing by. I also don't really have much memory of the past or when I did something. I can remember that I have done or haven't done something but it's hard to say which day I did it. It all sort of blend together. I also can have a hard time remembering to do things that is out of my regular schedule or routine. But thanks to my phone I get a reminder to do those things. It can take a while to get accustomed to but it's not a big deal.
  16. Yes the "I" wants to grab ahold to stop falling. Your job is to let go of the hold. ? No experience is absolute. If it was then who is seeing it? Yes, explore and enjoy! ?
  17. There are no correct words objectively speaking. Words are pointers but completely subjective. So a word can seem to be a perfect pointer from the talkers POV but not resonate at all for the listeners POV.
  18. @DefinitelyNotARobot Imo start investigating who's making all these assumptions and go from there.
  19. Sacrificed because humans misunderstand what God is not that God wants humans and animals to be slaughtered.
  20. That's great. I've been doing the same for 6-7 years and it seems like it's a never ending deepening into presence.
  21. Yeah I've actually quit all social media except youtube. ?
  22. What I did was stop writing on this forum for about a year or two and grounded myself in direct experience. That really helped to create some distance from the mind and gain clarity.
  23. @Galyna Seems like you're going through some kind of awakening process. Enjoy. ?
  24. @Breakingthewall I'm not sure where in the process you are. let's not derail the thread. I'll pm you.