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  1. Yes, I wonder how that will hinder me with 5-meo. I guess if I master the process and have consistent full breakthroughs with self enquiry I can at least make a good amount of progress no? But you were looking for a a partner just recently weren’t you? Wouldn’t that have likely resulted in at least some level of attachment? Not trying to be argumentative, just interested.
  2. But why does it have to be one over the other? I’ve decided to go full ahead with my 5-meo journey and stay with her as well. Are the two mutually exclusive?
  3. Thanks so much guys, I’ll get on with it then! We have a very close relationship & understanding so it sounds like we’ll be fine Starting at 50 is indeed late. I wasn’t mature enough at 24 so last chance!
  4. I’m looking to take the 5-meo journey but I’m worried it’ll make my wife and I drift apart and split up. I had some deep awakening experiences a long time ago, but have since spent the last 20 years bringing up kids and working. Awakening has always been the most important aim in my life. I’m 50 now, the kids are grown up and I’m in the position to effectively retire and concentrate fully on awakening. The problem is, I don’t want the radical experiences and changes in perspectives that I might have to cause my wife & I to drift apart. She’s the sweetest, wisest person I know. She has a very deep understanding and is amazingly caring and unselfish. We’ve been through so much together and I will never leave her. Does this prevent me from making progress with 5-meo? I’m assuming it may well either prevent progress or end up with us drifting apart as I’ll change so much. As I say, I never want to leave her and if there’s a chance 5-meo will make that happen then I won’t bother using it.
  5. Good explanation, thanks @Leo Gura
  6. @Salvijus From my perspective it’s up @Leo Gura what he wants to get out of it - it doesn’t matter what others do with it as it’s his life. I’m just very interested as to why he gives slightly less emphasis on embodiment than pure understanding as it might give some perspective to my outlook on this process.
  7. I’m really curious about this. Do you not see embodiment as a central aim of the process? Wouldn’t that be up there on the same level as pure understanding in terms of importance?
  8. @intotheblack Thanks - very good of you to take the time
  9. @BipolarGrowth Brilliant, thanks for that .
  10. Thanks & good idea, but after work, looking after kids etc. that's precious meditation/practice time. Having such a busy life, I have to spend pretty much all the free time I can get in meditation or other practice to make progress. Before bed and first thing in the morning is especially important to go as deep as possible. 5-10 videos would be perfect so as not to have a huge amount to watch. I'm pretty on the case with the practical stuff so the deep spiritual stuff is what I'm looking for.
  11. Ahh so my question still stands, I’m looking for just say 5-10 of the most spiritually transformative. I really do wish I had time to go through that whole ‘best’ list, but alas my life won’t allow it.
  12. Thanks Leo, although there’s still around 200 videos in that ‘best videos’ section. Are they arranged in order of ‘best’ - i.e. the best of the best are the top few rows of page 1?
  13. This is mainly for Leo but I would appreciate any opinions: I’ve come across Actualized recently. I’m busy with family life and don’t have time to go through all Leo’s videos but would like to watch a few that are really transformative. I’ve done a reasonable amount of this work in the past. I’ve just watched the ‘guided exercise for realising you are god’ video and it was fantastic, just the sort of profoundly life changing stuff I’m after. Unfortunately I’m epileptic so can’t take psychedelics - so any psychedelic-specific stuff wouldn’t be too useful for me. So what would be a good selection of say 5-10 of Leo’s videos that would be the most spiritually powerful and transformative?
  14. Great advice everyone, thanks so much.
  15. Thanks - this is very helpful