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  1. Oh HELL YES. Got to see them live on their last tour in Berlin, shit was gooooooood. Loving this thread people, I've listened to Metal A LOT in my youth, the music really was there for me in some dark times. Maybe I got into that dark mindset a bit too much though. Still love the genre, it's so diverse and versatile and comes in so many varieties with different levels of consciousness.
  2. @Endangered-EGO Thanks for this, I own the book as a physical copy, but haven't read it in its entirety. Checked out the section you mentioned just now and holy shit, it seems that I'm SO in this right now. Thanks for the recommendation, it'll prove helpful for sure!
  3. There you have your answer: "You" seem to see the problem of life and "you" want it solved. But the "you" that sees the problem won't get to see the apparent "solution". So, it only seems like a solutiuon from this side of the equation. That also makes any thought about death rather moot, because they only make sense on this side, and not even there really. Any thought you have about death is not it.
  4. Of course it IS an option. It always is. Don't get me wrong, I'm IN NO WAY encouraging you to do it, but it'd straight up be false to deny that it IS an option. I don't know what your beliefs about death are, but here are my two cents on the matter: There's no evidence that anything you currently call "you" will survive death. What was there "before you were born"? What is there when "you" are in deep sleep? No matter what that is, I think upon some close contemplation you could agree that it is totally impersonal and the "you" that you currently think you are does not experience any of that state. So, of course, you can decide to end life, but you will end up there, anyway. As far as I see it, there isn't any evidence that anything we do in life actually matters beyond the moment that it is happening, because everything we know as the world will (and, as a fact, does so every moment) perish and leave not a wreck behind. So, whether you're happy or miserable doesn't matter one bit in the end. Death is the great equator, the great liberator, in a way, because both kings and peasants will end up as a pile of rotting bones. This doesn't mean that death is something to be sought out, but it also doesn't mean that it is something to be avoided at all costs. Death is as pointless as life is. Now, this might sound bleak and nihilistic, as if nothing mattered, but even the fact that nothing matters does not matter. Another point that has helped me, because I also find myself in the place you're in time and again: How's "your" body? Does it really want to die? And if so, why doesn't it? Once it's time to die, there's nothing that "you" could do about it. As long as the body is relatively alive and well, there's reason to live, simply because the body wants to. The body is also the prerequisite for ANY action (at least in the everyday state of consciousness), thought and emotions are completely powerless without the body, maybe they're not even possible without the body, but that I don't know. You'd even need the body to kill the body. So, why live? Because you're still alive. The ego mind might not like this point, but apparently, as long as the body is relatively fine, everything's okay. Maybe some of this helps, I wrote this to you as much as I wrote it to myself haha
  5. What's up people, I thought I'd share something that may provide a tiny bit of relief to others aswell as it has for me. I've come in contact with a spiritual teacher (Artem Boytsov and his works on https://true-freedom.net/) who really acknowledges the issue of (sometimes obsessive) suicidal ideation on the spiritual path. He went through it himself and states that it's not uncommon, since the crazy ego mind deep down just wants to die. I'll link some of his stances on this here directly: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-position-of-Vedanta-regarding-suicide https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-biggest-mistake-you-have-ever-seen-caused-by-ego/answer/Artem-Boytsov I also got to talk to him live in a yt broadcast about this and some issues, I'm on for the first 20 minutes or so: So, the bottom line I want to bring across is: If you happen to be dealing with suicidal ideation on the spiritual path, know you haven't necessarily "fucked up" or are necessarily heading in a totally wrong direction. It's all going on in the mind, the body has nothing to do with it. If you don't do anything about these thoughts, you'll be fine, sooner or alter.
  6. @Giulio Bevilacqua Dude, check out this youtube channel, this guy also went through a hella intense Kundalini Awakening, apparently. Maybe some of his stuff will be helpful. https://www.youtube.com/user/mattpallett1 Also, check out this book, it has helped me tremendously: https://www.amazon.de/Enlightenment-Through-Path-Kundalini-Overcoming/dp/3732388166/ref=sr_1_11?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1YX0FSKDHD05K&dchild=1&keywords=tara+springett&qid=1626172630&sprefix=Tara+S%2Caps%2C195&sr=8-11 You can also find the book as a pdf or ebook online if you can't afford it right now. You can also pm me and I can help you out with that.
  7. @Flowerfaeiry It's actually not that bad. I don't particularily enjoy the taste either, but it becomes less and less of a big deal the more you do it. I recommend you drink at least a sip or two of your own urine first to get an impression. I usually use urine that is rather salty for my nose, it's almost as if you prepared salt water to flush your nose. Plus it's warm if you've freshly harvested it, which also makes it more gentle on the nostrils. My experience is that it really frees up your airways and also starts to make you blow out and spit up lot of snot and mucus, which I'd say is more disgusting than the actual pee ingestion. It's a necessary cleasing process and probably won't last forever.
  8. I know this may sound controversial or even downright disgusting, but try snorting your own urine. I got this from Nick Caputo, you can find him on youtube under The Caputo Method or grubfromthegarden. His whole stick revolves around breathwork and also urine therapy. Some pretty radical shit, but he seems to be on to something. I've experimented with treating my own nose and sinuses with urine lately and it seems to improve, also been having blocked airways for years.
  9. Holy shit, I'm studying Geosciences currently (though I have lost most interest in it and only intend to finish the studies so it's an impeccable end), but this sounds awesome! I would appreciate hearing some of your ideas
  10. I speak German (mother tongue) and English completely fluently and Finnish pretty fluently within my vocabulary. Know some basic Swedish and French aswell. Rudimentary bits of Spanish and Latin can also be found in my mind.
  11. Hey there folks, I am curious if anyone else has a subscription the the Life Force Academy run by Jai Dev Singh and Simrit Kaur and would like to exchange experiences with their work. Maybe someone has even met one or both of them in person? I really like the vibes Jai Dev puts out and would love to meet him in person some day. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, you can check it out here: https://teachings.jaidevsingh.com/ I'm in no way affiliated with the Life Force Academy and not looking to "recruit" new members, just putting the link here for anyone who's interested. If this fits better in the self-help product section, please move it there. I might write a review of their program aswell, but this thread is intended for exchanging experiences with their way of practice. Hoping to hear from you guys!
  12. Oh wow, a lot of responses that go way beyond what I had in mind when asking the question. @Leo Gura I figured it'd be something like doing that kind of intense tripping and inner work, just the way you worded it in the blog post made me wonder whether you had found or come up with some technology that was even beyond 5-MeO. That being said, I've never done 5-MeO myself. I have no idea about these deep, deep states, the question arose spontaneously when reading the blog entry.
  13. @Leo Gura So, in your latest blog post you mention this deepest state of unity, love and awakening. You claim that it's very hard to get there through meditation, self-inquiry or even some serious amount of DMT/5-MeO. My question is then: By what means did you access this state if it is supposedly that difficult? I assume you DO have accessed it, elseway you wouldn't talk about it with such big words, no offense intended by wording it this way.
  14. @goldpower123 Thanks for the input, it is reassuring.
  15. I've been and am continuing to go through a quite strange time filled with a lot of intense emotions and experiences I can't make much sense of. I try to see it as a necessary deep dive into my inner darkness as a part of the healing journey, but the worries about what is happening just keep gnawing in the back of the mind. I have been on the path of spiritual work and self-actualization for a bit more than two years, so I'm still quite a newbie in a way. Could really use to talk to someone who's further down the road. Thanks in advance to the kind souls whose wisdom might be helpful to me.