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  1. Comparing this with rape, really? In most people’s ethical books a daytrader is better than a guy who’s purpose is to convince people that they imagined their own family. Thanks for telling us we are scum if we try to make money off these corporations. If that makes me scum then im a fucking scum and you can suck my dick with your demonising. And no you don’t have to ban me for that comment because I’ve seen now that doesn’t fit with my values. This is my last post. Thanks for your help with all your content and good luck in life. Just know that you are a hypocritical hater.
  2. @Leo Gura Small critique: Your attitude around these topics is a bit annoying because you laugh at people who want the world to transcend capitalism and wage slavery, but you also have a very cynical tone with people who want to use capitalistic games for their own gain and survival. I'm critiquing because it's confusing, you seem to look down on a lot of things while also loving the entire universe including all the evil shit.
  3. Will only work if we have enough robots to do the 9-5 jobs, and have the people who used to work those jobs profit from it. so probably in 250 years, maybe earlier. Remember people in the 1900s said we would literally never ever have a man land on the moon.
  4. Of course, the elites have unconsciously created the very system which rewards unconscious business like this. Who doesn't love the big bully getting a punch back, no matter how tiny?
  5. @Forestluv Yeah it's way off the line. Curse of The Netherlands: Always idolizing and following the US. Including moronic MAGA uprisings.
  6. @Preety_India A combination of corruption and bad leadership. The government actually resigned a week ago because of a witch hunt on people who got government benefits, falsely accusing them of fraud and extorting money from them. racist slurs by government organizations were involved. (research "Toeslagenaffaire"). In my experience and from what I have seen in the news it has been getting worse here economically and socially, as in division and racism in the last 5 years. Don't get me wrong The Netherlands is a great country with a 'soft bottom', if you fall into poverty government help for housing and food are almost guaranteed. However this is mostly because income is taxed heavily here, after 60k income per year, the government takes 49%. This is after other taxes that they hold on your labour earned money or business revenue. In my opinion this is corrupt, because there are extremely wealthy people and corporations in this country which almost don't get taxed. "Wealth is most concentrated at the top of the distribution in Austria, Netherlands and Germany" (source: the 10% wealthiest people of NL hold almost 60% of the total wealth. It is also seen as a "Tax Haven" by extremely rich corporations, who therefore decide to put their headquarters here. How is this fair when normal income is taxed so high?
  7. @Leo Gura Is it possible that a psychedelic trip can actually give you secret facts about the 'material universe' that you would not have known if not for the trip? or is it all just coincidence and self delusion?
  8. @Preety_India Of course, the majority of the people here think those protestors are retarded, but you have to realize our government's covid policy is and was a pile of shit, and the only reason the Netherlands is standing is because the government has a big pile of money over here to hand out during times like these. despite the government support still 150.000 ppl have lost their jobs and many entrepeneurs don't get any money. The Netherlands is literally the last country in the world to have started vaccinating. this is all because of The Netherlands' bad organization and frugality. The only reason it stills stands reasonably well during this crisis is it's wealth. But I respect the curfew because of the UK variant of virus. It seems extremely contagious so it's the responsible thing to do a curfew at least untill we vaccinate the majority of the country.
  9. What are your opinions, is the curfew too much of a restriction in proportion to the virus? or is it necessary?
  10. @Leo Gura I’m not comparing Van Gogh with crypto investors, I’m just saying he did not get rewarded. But great answer to my point.
  11. @How to be wise yeah but he means the imaginary small self's "experience", so in that sense "ripple of consciousness" is quite a beautiful poetic description of human life, since it is infinitely limited and small compared to the true vastness of infinity, therefore only a ripple. I guess it's just the solipsism question again, but in my experience solipsism contradicts itself because it hinges on so many relative assumptions and imaginations.
  12. I just saw the trailer and cringed harder than i have ever had. All faith in the US is lost.
  13. @How to be wise Yeah, but "Your" is not that of the individual. The "individual experience" doesn't exist, in the same way a hydra's heads don't exist, only the hydra. But it still looks and acts like a hydra.
  14. @Leo Gura Sometimes you have to work with what you got. Or do you just want everyone to recognize your work in a 1000 years when everybody has already realized God thanks to the small elephant eating workings of things like the Qualia Research Institute. To realize God shouldn't we first focus on realizing consciousness as fundamental and denouncing materialism dogma? What is the true focus of your existential teachings, why does it stand apart from other consciousness teachings?
  15. @Leo Gura Van Gogh didn’t provide any value while he was living. Yet he was following his passion and life purpose and always creating. According to your logic, if van Gogh would have invested in gold (btc speculation equivalent at that time) he would be a value leech, purely because he did not provide value to the world. But everyone always looks at his life story in a sad way saying he should have had so much more. My point is its very difficult to be a massive value giver to society because society decides whether you have value or not. Van Gogh followed his life purpose and created a lot of art and tried to sell it but it just did not work out. It’s easy to look down on people trying to make money and not looking to provide value from your position. It’s a privileged position to be a massive value giver to society, and to not focus on money because your value will always give enough money in return. Of course you worked hard as fuck but Van Gogh did as well. Did he truly deserve to live poor just because society didn’t see his work as valuable?