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  1. Guys , my first trip is coming to an end gradually. I did lsd 250mirco grams. But yeh I did watch Leo’s latest video guided exercise and was amazing. I’m still kinda disoriented so yeh I just wanted to ask for something soothing at this time. Any suggestions??? Drinks? Food?? Sleep??? Music?? Meditation?? Or just sit in the stillness of being all alone as GOD??
  2. here’s link to my channel but it wouldn’t be any useful if you don’t understand Urdu or Hindi coz those are the languages that I make my videos in. So if you still feel that you can do some help then please share it to someone who can really understand the message here. Thanks
  3. Guy’s have go on YouTube and search for “no nonsense forex”. Check this channel out he has some really great educational content.
  4. Hey guys, My name is ameer hamza and I’m from Pakistan basically but I’m in UK right now. I was wondering who else is here from Pakistan or India. Let’s have a chat
  5. That’s me
  6. Guys it’s second week now and Leo hasn’t posted any video. Just want to know what’s going on
  7. This guy is amazing. His book blew my mind open when I read it for the first time and it explains a lot of the things humans do and why we do it. Definitely read his work it’s worth it