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  1. @OBEler I’m not surprised. Chill lol. I just thought people might enjoy reading them for that reason.
  2. @OBEler They often reaffirmed a lot of the things people discuss on the forum and how Leo describes God.
  3. …
  4. @Gregory1 Can I ask what you mean by… “The realization of the fact that god will give you any life you want” Is it a law of attraction thing? Also, it appears you’ve concluded form your awakening that other people do exist as separate parts of you/God/Love. However, Leo and many others have concluded that it’s literally only “you”. That the only thing in existence is literally only your immediate direct experience, because everyone and everything else is just an idea. I therefore think you could go deeper on this topic. I enjoyed reading this btw. Thank you.
  5. @Leo Gura In the video you talked about the idea that maybe the mother is dying from cancer because she ate junk food for thirty years. It was her choice, etc etc. And God allow this, etc etc… However, you also claim we imagine our “lives” on the spot. Which means there’s no past, no experience, no other, etc etc. In which case there’s no “cause” at all. She just imagined a bad diet and her cancer on the spot… In which case how do your subsequent claims work exactly? Why go on to explain why God allows the bad diet, or anything we call bad, when there wasn’t even a bad diet to begin with? Wouldn’t it therefore be more accurate to state, “Nothing good or bad is ever happening. You’re making it up. God doesn’t allow anything. God only imagines on the spot.” God being me/we, of course. Thank you.
  6. I think many here will find this YouTubers experience informative and interesting.
  7. @electroBeam Why do you think the universe (you) gives you everything once you stop asking? And is asking the same as seeking/action? Because unless you have seeking/action surely you’ll never achieve much of anything?
  8. @Leo Gura “You need to bask only in positivity when you're doing this. You need to practice delusional levels of positivity here. Do not allow a single negative thought into your mind no matter what happens”. This sounds like Law of Attraction. Is that what you’re describing? Or do you just consider this healthy advice?
  9. To anyone who’s interested the audiobooks “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald - books 1,2,3 are readily available on YouTube and teach many of the ideas Leo teaches. My personal favourite is book 2. Enjoy!
  10. @Leo Gura But the way you describe it in the video is that you will live through infinite lifetimes returning again and again until you experience everything. But the way you talk more recently is that everything and everyone and every memory beyond the present moment is imagined and once awake everyone is awake.
  11. Leo in your video - What Is The Point Of Life? You talked about reincarnation. Do you still subscribe to those teachings? Because my impression is that since filming - Total Omniscience Awakening you disregarded a lot of those ideas? So it can be confusing sometimes.
  12. @electroBeam This might sound like an odd question, but if someone succeeded in fully letting go of a problem or bad experience, do you think it’s possible that that experience could disappear entirely from their memory?
  13. How would one do that?
  14. I know this will seem dumb to many, especially when analysed alongside broader understandings of consciousness etc. But putting that aside for a moment, would anyone here like to share their thoughts on the matter? Is there any legitimacy there do you think? Perhaps you have some personal experiences or insights? I’m especially interested in the teaching of Neville Goddess and Ester Hicks, in case that helps.