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  1. To anyone who’s interested the audiobooks “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald - books 1,2,3 are readily available on YouTube and teach many of the ideas Leo teaches. My personal favourite is book 2. Enjoy!
  2. @Leo Gura But the way you describe it in the video is that you will live through infinite lifetimes returning again and again until you experience everything. But the way you talk more recently is that everything and everyone and every memory beyond the present moment is imagined and once awake everyone is awake.
  3. Leo in your video - What Is The Point Of Life? You talked about reincarnation. Do you still subscribe to those teachings? Because my impression is that since filming - Total Omniscience Awakening you disregarded a lot of those ideas? So it can be confusing sometimes.
  4. @electroBeam This might sound like an odd question, but if someone succeeded in fully letting go of a problem or bad experience, do you think it’s possible that that experience could disappear entirely from their memory?
  5. @Leo Gura I enjoyed your raw live streams so much Leo! It’s sad to hear you’re no longer doing them. But also understandable ?
  6. He explained that he wanted it to happen. He then produced his business plan. I really think he’s misunderstood. He seemed happy. Like really happy. Perhaps misguided to some extent but who the f isn’t.
  7. How would one do that?
  8. I know this will seem dumb to many, especially when analysed alongside broader understandings of consciousness etc. But putting that aside for a moment, would anyone here like to share their thoughts on the matter? Is there any legitimacy there do you think? Perhaps you have some personal experiences or insights? I’m especially interested in the teaching of Neville Goddess and Ester Hicks, in case that helps.
  9. @Preety_India I’m not projecting. I gave you advice in the past. You even thanked me for it. But self-improvement and self-actualization doesn’t appear to be your aim given that anytime anyone disagrees with you, you get defensive, play victim, label things bad/shaming/evil or make it a battle of the sexes. It’s just insufferable ego overload. Leo teaches this stuff all the time.
  10. Does it (out of interest because I don’t know) make a difference that one is injected v the other which is ingested?
  11. Yes. But it can still be a truly beautiful thing. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m just saying it should be freely reciprocated.
  12. @see_on_see Harsh dude. Leo’s only human at the end of the day and each life is a journey. It’s imperfection difficulty and struggle that ultimately develops character and ones ability to relate and discover solutions. Not having it all together 100%. I personally couldn’t have cared less to judge and wish him well. I’d love to find love myself - it sucks sometimes.
  13. @blankisomeone I think in actuality there’s no free will. In which case there’s no acceptance of anything. Only an arising in the present moment that says “except” or “don’t except”. Either way we’re not in control. Thoughts?
  14. @tsuki Interesting. Thank you. So you eventually arrived at non duality/no self.