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  1. That's very interesting to me! That makes me wonder if a piece of art can actually have the potential to enlighten people, since that is what it conveys. I know that art is subjective and everyone can interpret it in different ways, but I think that would be a really exciting possibility. That would totally change our concepts about what art means.
  2. I would love for that to be the case, and I will check out your examples for sure! But from what I personally know, the vast majority of great artists created their masterpieces from a place of misery. For example, Vincent van Gogh cut his ear and killed himself. Charles Dickens, Tennessee Williams, and Eugene O'Neill all appeared to suffer from clinical depression, and so on. This to me seems very counter-intuitive, since I myself as a musician seek spiritual development, partly because it is a great inspiration for my music. So I wonder if artists HAVE to be suffering or to be depressed in order to create innovative art, because that seems to be the the case most of the times.
  3. Do you have any examples of enlightened people making art? I imagine that higher states of consciousness would be a great source of inspiration for music, literature, painting, sculpture, game design, and so on. I know that you can't express in words how it's like to be in one of these states, but maybe art mediums have a better chance, since art has an emotional impact on people. Also, why do you think that the most known artists generally have all sorts of problems and addictions in their lives? Does that mean that personal development can negatively impact your creativity, since the greatest works come from less developed people? I think otherwise, but the reality is that the greatest artists that ever lived had chaotic lifestyles and did not pursue enlightenment or spirituality.
  4. I would love to watch something like this, it could be profoundly inspirational.
  5. This would be a series on deconstructing the modern view of art, just like Deconstructing The Myth Of Science. It would be very valuable because it can inspire new generations of artists to see their current limitations, think outside the box and be more creative and original. Exploring profound concepts within art can also help us see the beauty of life and existence