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  1. @Geromekevin No mind doesn't mean that you don't think. You can have a lot of cool idea, what is gone is the constant mental chatter that is useless which is the self-referential thoughts.
  2. I think that Leo didn't talk about this topic yet. It would be nice if he could explain this 'coz most people vote without knowledge about how politics work (left vs right) etc.
  3. @Applejuice First of all, do you have any history of schizophrenia or bipolar in your family? If no, probably it's practice related and you are in a stage called Arising and Passing Away.
  4. In Pali scripture, the Buddha is challengingly asked: "aren't you attached to the practice?" to which he replies: "Yes. I am. One must break all attachments except the attachment to the practice".
  5. @Leo Gura @eputkonen People half ass in every field of their life, career, relationships, why won't they do it in the spiritual path too? There are traps in this path as in any field of life. It's not just a question of HOW LONG HAVE U BEEN PRACTICING.
  6. @eputkonen You just don't know what you are saying.
  7. @eputkonen I do not agree with you. Without practice the odds are that you'll be in suffering until you die. Very few people awake without some form of practice. Neo-advaita sucks.
  8. @SOUL I never said that I have this "peace". I just presume that this is a meditation forum, and people here wan't to get 'there'. And to get 'there' is practice, right my little friend? =)
  9. Too much mental masturbation in this forum. I think that it would be beneficial for us all that we stop with bullshit theories about reality, life, and start debate about practice and the path to awakening. If you don't practice DAILY the chances are that all this illusion of 'self-actualization' that you are doing won't do good at all for you. What you really want is peace, not money, not girls, not 'self-development'. You want become free from suffering. When you are happy you don't care about who's right, because guess what, you are satisfied with what IS. The way to get that is PRACTICE. So I suggest that you start learning about ways to get there, finding people who got there and listening to their advice. AND PRACTICING EVERYDAY!
  10. @How to be wise He went to a psychiatrist to solve procrastination issues. He wasn't 'suffering', just needed help to change his behavior. Enlightenment doesn't make your behavior 'perfect'.
  11. Yes, because you become more conscious of your all your experience including dreaming.