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  1. Choose her, that will be your awakening
  2. Psychadelics and or anima integration. Google anima possesion. Maybe I am wrong, but if I where you I would look into what I've said deeper and investigate if there is any truth to what I am proposing. Good luck!
  3. Yes I know you feel you act femenine but this femenine behavior is behavior from your shadow, its subconcious. You need to make it conscious. I had the exact same response when someone told me this exact thing I told you because I am also quite feminine and I thought I needed to be more masculine and got angry when someone told me otherwise. What I thought when someone said I needed to be more femeinie was this. >>>>>>>>> This is bullshit! I AM TO FEMENINE. I've been the nice guy and it doesn't work I don't stand up for myself I need to stop care what people think. I am a coward I am weak I can't be femenine I NEED TO BE MASCULINE. --------- And what I figured out is that this thinking actually was what was stopping me from being masculine.👆👆👆👆 If you want to be masculine you need to give space and allow your femininity. You're not doing that right now. You don't love being feminine, yoy hate it and feel like that it has taken control over you. You feel dominated by yourself, by the femenine. The key is to find a way to releese this way of thinking and allow yourself to be who you are because when you do that you provide masculine containment for yourself. Notice how you can't be masculine without allowing the feminine to exist, whether it be outside or inside. Listen to me bro, because I've been exactly where you've been.. I am pretty short aswell and I've always been brutally rejected by woman+ have had crippling low self esteem but I figured it out enough to get laid and land a girlfriend. And the way to do it is to integrate your femenine side!! Because that's the only way to be masculine. @PurpleTree
  4. @PurpleTree To Solve this you need to work on how to trust yourself more, because what do woman want? Woman want someone who they can trust and rely on and how can she do that if you don't trust yourself? Its not that you're unattractive or that girls don't want to or that you're fucked because you're short or whatever. it's that you show to woman you can't embody (contain) your femenine side ( which is trust) which in extension show that you can't embody (contain) her femeninty either. She doesn't feel safe because you don't feel safe yourself. Learn to integrate your femeninty. Look into the term anima integration.
  5. Be proud of your boner bro. If she grinds her ass agaisnt you and you get a boner, don't hide it, push it against her so she can feel it too. It seems like you're scared to show your sexual intention with girls because you have this idea that girls don't like it when you show that you want them, but it's quite the opposite. Girls love to be desried.. and Girls love sex It's just that they have to be in the mood, feel safe and attracted to you. When that's done, she wants to be your little slut so don't hide that you want to fuck her, don't hide your desire for her! Dare to stand for what you want ( her).
  6. Hi! I am a soon to be 22 year old that have studied the last 3-4 years for a standardized test so that I can get into university and become a psychologist. I really struggle honestly and a part of me wants to throw in the towl. The language part of the test I do fine on but the math part makes me want to kill myself, lol. It's like my brain is not wired for this shit and I feel so incredibly stupied. I easly understand spirituality, psychology, philosophy, history, music ect but for some reason math creates this weird friction in my mind. My life purpose is to give people people deep insights about themselves through music, coaching and psychedelic therapy. The plan has thus far been to first go and become a psychologist and then find a way to make my vision into a reality. A part of me wants to give up, partly because it seems like the Universe is nudging me in a different direction to find a more direct path. Should I give up? Is there an alternative more direct path that I neglect and that makes more sense? Any other thoughts? @Leo Gura
  7. @Leo Gura Wow this is so cool. I have had experiences when me and my friend switched consciousness once which made me come to the realization that consciousness is " jumping" around and swithces with itself all the time. Have you had any experiences of that?
  8. I appreciate that. I will. This post encourged me so much. Thanks man. Yeah HP is quite the illusion, but I think it's the way to go.
  9. Because I am not going to study math, I am going to study psychology but I hear you. Thanks for the feedback
  10. Wow. Interesting! I think there is something to it. Taking psychadelics is a mind fuck and the masculine don't like to be fucked, it likes to fuck. Lol What do you think caused your testosteron levels to rise?
  11. Its real. Its not what you think though. Its Law of mirroring which means the outside is equal to the inside.
  12. If you become aware of what makes you feel good, it's a lot easier to do it.
  13. Its a part of a process. I come to the realisation that I hate myself all the time and then I am like ughhhhh, I hate myself I don't want to hate myself I just want to let go And be someone else. ^^ This is normal And I would honestly say it's good. I understand it's tough but try to observe what's happening as much as possible. You are not it, eventhough you are in the mist of it right now. Do what makes you feel good. If you want to let go of your ego, it's something you could strive towards and do. If you don't want to do that, that's also fine. Foucs on yourself and give yourself what you most want in this hard time right now. You deserve it!
  14. Hey guys! I have always struggled to follow through, had a poor working memory and found it extremely hard to focus on one thing at a time. I also forget where I put my things every single day and make small errors when working with details. It has always bothered me but now I realize how big of a problem it is - I´m literally stuck because I can´t focus my way of any situation. I can´t follow through on my plans - and therefore I don´t go anywhere. I´m suspecting I have ADD and I feel kind of helpless. No matter what I do, I can´t seem to solve this problem. Send help.. what should I do? Anyone that has been able to overcome ADD? Any tips?
  15. @Magnanimous Raising your Conciousness = becoming more unbiased. Reprograming your mind = practicing thinking more positively thorugh different techniques. You are asking, should I do this and that. There really isn't any answer. It depends on where you are at. If you are trying to learn " positive thinking" you are from what I understand wanting to use affirmations, vizualisation and stuff like that to become more positive in your everyday life. All those things work, but realize that they in a sense are done through habits and repetition. You are trying to change one program ( your currant mind) into a more positive program ( your desired mind) so that you subconsciously start to think more positively. This approach works very well but what I am trying to tell you is that you are right in that it can create a bias.. but here is the thing. There isn't anything wrong with bias either - it's neutral. If you think it will be helpful for you, go for it. That's true unbias. The bottom line is this, you can use positive thinking techniques but just be aware of what you're doing. They help and can be very beneficial.. but you don't HAVE TO. Another way to go about becoming more positive is thorugh becoming more concious or as you say, seeing the world in a more unbiased way.. they will lead you there aswell but it's more of an indirect way.. yet at the same time the most direct way because you then don't have to create another identity ( becoming more positive) and push your other identity away. Choose what speaks to you. Both ways are right!
  16. See, If you want to look at it ( positive thinking) in an unbiased way, what's then wrong with doing positive thinking? There isn't anything bad with wanting to think positivly. That's what true unbias is - that you realize you could.. or you could not. It doesn't really matter, yet at the same time it's relative to where you are at and what your goals are. There are benefits to reprogram your subconscious mind. Is it the only way? Is it the ultimate way? It really depends on where you are at and how you want to proceed. Conciousness is and will forever be curative alone, but meanwhile - it's not bad to use other techniques ( habits, programming your subconscious mind, e.ct to your advantage). They work! The only question is if you want solace or a solution. If you want to go all the way, or solve one issue. If you do enough conciousness work - your mind will be reprogramed. In a sense there really is no distinction, it's just that one is more direct while the other one is taking you there one step at a time. What's confusing here though is that, raising your conciousness won't necessarily be a direct path to solve your specific issue ( thinking more positively) , while it is at the same time becasue it will solve the root issue. So in other words - what's the difference really (; They are two different paths to the same destination. Choose which one you like the most! Or do both...
  17. Psychadelics are just a tool. The real work is questioning every belief you hold, facing your fears and daring to let go ect. For this requires huge trust, awarness and lots of trial and error. Psychadleics have completely changed my life, but they have only accelerated my growth, they haven't really changed anything in how I live life. I still everyday do the work, learn and grow even after around 15 trips. Keep going and follow your intuition - you always know what's best for you. Follow that. You gain the whole world and through that you lose everything and then you're back exactly where you were. Continue doing the work!
  18. I have answered almost all of my questions. I know I one day will answer this one as well. That said, there is still an intuition within me, that tells me I really haven´t grasped anything at all.. because what is there to grasp? What is moksha and how is it different from enlightenment? I have verified from direct experience that we all are enlightened - it´s just a matter of degree. The question that therefore continues to arise within me is - if we all are enlightened, what is then the liberation? Is it flipping off the switch completely and stopping dreaming, is that how we end it all? What happens then to the " others" - will they go with me? These are my questions. I would love to hear your thoughts. @Leo Gura
  19. @Leo Gura Your femenine inside got hurt by this