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  1. Last Tuesday I had a God realization were I realized that I was love and that love ( me) was the only thing that existed. There are no other minds. I did this by taking LSD Now, post trip I feel kind of depressed about that. Nothing seems real. I am really attatched to my family, pets and friends being real and that I can help other people but now its kind of pointless to do any of that. Everything that I wanted before, now seems less enjoyable. Life itself feels kind of empty. Note, while I feel bummed out about that I at the same time feel more love to everyone and everything and my social anxiety is pretty much obliterated so I am happy... I just want to get over the bump where solpsism bother me, cause ive gotten over similar bumps before and I think I will again. Any pointers? Any advice? Does the uneasy feeling of being alone settle in time, lol. @Leo Gura
  2. You're completely right. You die every day. In fact you die every second. When you blink, that is death - that is THE BLANK. You're the one that choses to come back.. so if that's the case, you will only " die" when you want to die.
  3. Don't expect yourself to be able to handle insanity. It's not something you handle, it's something you accept and let go into when you have had enough of trying to fight the insanity. So if you feel the sensation - let yourself feel it. If you're running around your apartment back and forth for 5 hours strait trying to calm yourself down - let yourself do that too.. Try to remain some level of awareness and see it as a life PROCCESS that you are witnessing. When you go insane for the first time.. it will not be pretty, but it will be worth it - Consider yourself very normal if you lose yourself in the process. It's insanity to not become insane by insanity - So become so insane you become normal.
  4. Yes, but it's your self awareness. Imagine if you become them - what do they then become? You!! Notice how you becoming them allows both consciousness to merge and become one. They switch places! One could say that all the others on one dimension is your shadow which is your "Subconcious" mind getting projected outwards. If they become truly you - then they will cease to exist - yet they will still BE because they are you!! I am you, I have thoughts, I have consciousness - I exist but I am you!! There is no contradiction here because neither of us exists. It's all a game we play. It's like we have attatched ourselves to one perspective and think " oh, this is me and I only exsist"! No, you are not the perspecitve - you are the one that experiences all the perspectives and everyone else you see represent that freedoom. We, you, me Its all relative to what you define it as - its all imaginary. Own all your perspectives - and now that whatever you feel right now is just a perspective and that it is RELATIVE - not ABSOLUTE!
  5. @Vlad_ I exist as both the message and as the human being because as God I am everything. Don't limit as to what God can do. Everything is consciousness fundamentaly. You are the very eccsense itself - and that eccsence is what we all are and that is God. If others exist or not is irrelevant because you are pure imagination itself. You both exist and don't exist at the same time - and so does everything else. To belive that you are the only consciousness in that sense is still holding on to the belief of an other because you belive you are it and that the other is not you. If you are it, then they are whatever you are. Everyone is you - but that doesn't mean you are alone. It means that you have never been alone because you are it. You are the ocean in a drop, meaning you have access to all the consciousness that exists because you are IT - switcing back and forth between an infinite amount of perspectives..
  6. There is only you, but you is me. It's not that you are all alone, it's that you are all together.
  7. When you accept nonsense, you will transcend your need to understand.
  8. What is the role of spirituallity then if it's about finding a way to relate to the outside world? Does this mean we should neglect spirituallity? Or maybe that we need to let it go to become it? ( to embody it)
  9. There are no paradoxes, yet they are which is the paradox
  10. From the ego-self point of view, God - which is itself is scared of being alone. But how can God be scared of being alone when it's complete? Right.. it can't be scared of it's self because it's everything and hence it can't be lacking. Don't be tricked by the ego's interpertation of God.
  11. Both. Why not do poetry that's connected to enlightement?
  12. I've said this before and I will say it again. Masculinity is femeninty on steroids. When you fully integrate your femenine is when you awaken to true Masculinity which is Self love.
  13. It's metaphyscialy true aswell but thats hilarious
  14. Masculininity is femeninty on steroids
  15. They revire your brain and helps you work thorugh stuff that you've been thorugh. Studies have shown that pcilioibin are very effective at treating substance abuse and alcoholism, for example... Dude, you don't know what you're talking about This is a fair criticism but to say that they don't work and don't heal people is conplete BS. Will psychedelics permently enlighten you. Nope, they won't but they can be used as a tool for you to realize how to get there permanently and how to trancend your fears and limitations. Psychadelics also definitely raises your baseline. Psychedelics give you deep insights.. but they don't help you embody it which is why they don't " work". Enlightment is embodiment of it, in the flesh
  16. Deep healing, consciousness work and non duality. They are not recogniced as much as they should not because they do not work.. They are demonized because they work to well.
  17. I agree. I am a huge advocate for psychadelics and have around 12-15 trips under my belt.. but they are still very dangerous in the wrong hands, because you're basically creating a higher logic that you can get in tangled with and if you take your thoughts to seriously, you might just listen when God or jesus tells you to kill yourself. Most people are not ready for psychadecs which is why they are illegal. They are radical hard-core tools.
  18. Because they are dangerous for most people. Most people take their mind way to seriously to be able to deal with psychedelics.
  19. Choose her, that will be your awakening