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  1. Yesterday I wanted to watch the Dpt video again, was also missing
  2. I did it. The trip was next level. Well, the acid was completely off. I used to have about 750 mics in my bottle. I first drank a quarter, then another quarter after 45 minutes, then the rest after another 45. As I still didnt feel anything after another 45, I used my 4-ho. That was very powerful, I started it coming on after less than 20 minutes. By the way - pro tip: if you have any psychedelics that you want to take orally and want to avoid the disgusting taste, mix them into a spoonful of yoghurt and just gulp it down. About an hour later, I smoked some 5-meo. First time I took 5 while already tripping. I just had a few grains, probably less than one milligram, but that was all I needed for that day. A whole new dimension opened up to me. To say the trip was life changing would be an understatement. 5/7 would recommend. But be warned, its nothing for a weak heart or stomach
  3. Haha Ive been nonstop travelling for the last 9 months. I have a small bottle stored in my backpack in which Ive dissolved some acid. So inadvertantly, I, my backpack, and consequsntly my acid was exposed a lot to the sun
  4. Who knows for certain? Most psychedelics are serotonine analogs. I know nothing of neurobiology, but it seems getting the wrong combination might trigger a Serotonin Syndrom https://m.psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Serotonin_syndrome
  5. Thanks! Did you test it on yourself if its not harmful in any way?
  6. Does anybody has reliable experience in combining different psychedelics and can share their results? I am particularly interested in the combinations of: LSD, DPT, 5-meo-MiPT (Moxy), 4-ho-MiPT, DPT and 5-Meo-DMT. To specify: I plan on doing some LSD soon, but my batch has lost a lot of its potency. I used to have 750 micrograms of acid, but now its probably more like 50 mics. So if I wont be properly tripping from that, I plan to substitute with either 4-ho, DPT or Moxy. Does anybody know, or has any experience of combining any of those substances? Furthermore, I consider smoking some 5-meo-dmt while already tripping (small dose of course, maybe 5 - 10 mg). I am however concerned with frying my brain too much by combining 5-meo woth other psychedelics. So, has anybody tried this and can verify if it is safe?
  7. Isnt that going to make him feel very.. butthurt?
  8. Thats actually quite simple. It takes some time and commitment though. It will be difficult and very painful for you. Are you ready? Everytime you notice yourself fighting with reality, wether it is something outside yourself or something that happens only in your head or emotions - you drop all your resistence, and make the conscious choice to accept and embrace reality completely as it is. That also means - when you have any intrusive recurring thoughts, let them happen. Just watch them and dont attach - when you have painful emotions, feel them fully without any resistance, and dont create stories around them. That does NOT mean, that you should stop acting when it is in alignment. You just want to stop the egos shortsighted reactivity in survival mode, not your ability for action. So before you do any actions, you stop yourself for some moments, feel everything there is to feel, consciously accept and embrace this moment just as it is - and THEN assess if it feels true for you to act or not. Do this practice, and eventually you will transcwnd your ego. It will still be there, but completely transformed. It will be turned from coal to diamond. Important note: this technique will only bring you so far. There will be a point down the road when this will not take you any further. You dont need to concern yourself with this right now. Just remember, when you eventually do reach that point, stop this practice and go looking for the next chunk of wisdom to lead you deeper into truth. But for.the time being, if you just do what I described, you will have enough work for the next 2-3 years
  9. Self awareness is key. Seriously ask yourself - WHY do you want to be successful? I will make an educated guess: you feel inadequate and unhappy, and project the fulfillment of those psychological lacks into being successful. This is not going to work. You got things backwards. You are not unhappy because you are unsuccessful. Its actually thd other way around. Even if you pull your self up by your bootstraps and become a millionare in the next 2 years, you will still be unhappy and unfulfilled, and probably by then be neurotically chasing more and more money because you think this will make you happy. No. Turn around and start looking at yourself. You will never find fulfillment outside of you. Work on your psyche and your emotions. Get into spirituality. Learn how to create happiness within yourself, instead making it dependant on what your life looks like on the outside. Go into this direction long enough and eventually success might evsn find you.
  10. Drop the guilt trip. What you experience is called decompression. There are stored up emotions in your system that are getting releases. Subconscious feelings of angery rage, sadness, frustration etc. This is very normal, and is actually a sign that you are making progress on yoir spiritual path. They say the body is the temple of the soul. Emotions are part of the body. You are cleaning your temple of all the skelletons you habe been hiding in your basement. If you want to be more effocient doing this, then allow those thoughts and feelings fully. Allow them to flow through you. Embody them. Scream. Cry. Punch a pillow. Whatever helps you to release the energy without harming any living beings. You got this bro!
  11. Why do you care? What you are writing about is also just the ego playing a game with itself, is it not? Yeahyeah, you are the Infinte I AM, the alpha and the omega, Light Love and Truth, bla bla bla. Been there, done that. Now what? How about... living life? Maybe going after the things you desire. Maybe deepen your self love. Maybe spread love outside. Maybe forming your individual self into the best, most virtuous thing it could possibly be. But isnt all of this ego? Yes! Your ego is what makes YOU unique. It is what differentiates yourself from everyone else. We are all god. We are all infinite. In that way, we are all the same. Dont try to transcend your ego too much. Just see it as what it is - a character, a role that you are playing - see the unreality of it and break free from your addiction to playing this character - and then embrace it, that ego, embrace its uniqueness, its quirks and everything about it, and slowly turn it from a chunk of coal into a perfect shimmering diamond
  12. Well man, Im sorry to be the one to deliver the message, but I have to crack some news to you: You may have experienced some very profound and liberating awakenings, but don't you think you are free yet. Don't think that you are enlightened yet. You have just scratched the very surface of the Truth! I can really relate to your story, a couple of years back I was very similar. Keep going deeper, and eventually you will also be free of the binding chains that you are right now unaware of, the same as you have been unaware of your ego-chains before you have experienced your awakenings. I do not want to devalue your experiences in any way. You have made some very important steps, but those have only been the very first ones of a very long journey. Don't stop there. Keep digging and going deeper. To give you some direction for you to consider, I tell you this: Ask yourself - WHY do YOU want to bring forth this global enlightenment? Why is it important for you? Really take this question seriously. Go to the root of your WHY. WHY do you CARE? Is it really out of compassion? Is it unconditional love for all beings that is pouring out of your heart, and thus wanting to bless all of your fellow humans with the experience of enlightenment? If you go deep enough, you will figure out that this is not the case. If you take a good look at yourself, and if you are really honest with yourself, you will figure out quickly that your ambitions actually roots from subconscious pain and suffering you feel inside. You feel a restlessness, an uneasiness, you feel conflicted in yourself, you feel anger, sadness, fear, pain... and furthermore, you project the end of your own suffering, your personal salvation onto the possibility of you helping to bring forth global enlightenment. I have lived for several years in the illusion, that if I teach about enlightenment and "help the world" in that way, that eventually I may be free from my own inner pain. Don't repeat my mistake. Be smart. Think about it this way: Your body, your mind, your emotional system are a very very complex and sophisticated machine. Throughout your whole life up to this point, you have experienced pain and suffering coming your way from outside, which have progressively damaged you more and more as you lived your life. To protect yourself from further damage, you have created the ego, like a wall around you. But this wall was not only protecting you, but also locking you in a cage. Now you have started to see through the ego, and started to dismantle this wall. But think about it - you have been under the influence of very damaging influences for many years and decades. Do you think, this highly complex mechanism that your physical self is becomes a clean slate, just because you have recognized oneness? No, obviously not. Your psyche, your mind, your emotional system, they are all deeply damaged, and require a lot of healing for you to function properly as a human. If you want to create global enlightenment, start there. Before you try to teach anybody or start a movement or whatever, start by first creating perfect peace and health in yourself. If you try to skip that step, you will keep looping around between mania and depression.
  13. Thank you, that was helpful
  14. I have tried vaping 5 meo before, and got a nice breakthrough at about 15-20 mg. Now I want to try it rectally, but I wasnt able to find the information that I am looking for. Can anyone give me some concrete advise on what dosage is required for a rectally induced breakthrough, and what trip duration can I expect?