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  1. Thank you, that was helpful
  2. I have tried vaping 5 meo before, and got a nice breakthrough at about 15-20 mg. Now I want to try it rectally, but I wasnt able to find the information that I am looking for. Can anyone give me some concrete advise on what dosage is required for a rectally induced breakthrough, and what trip duration can I expect?
  3. I guess the same as 5-meo? stuff it in a pipe, heat it up and inhale the vapor?
  4. @FlyingLotus Ah perfect, thank you I was looking for something like that
  5. Thank you! And I absolutely loved it. Fckn hell, 5-meo is so beautiful! Actually I have had very similar experiences to it before on LSD combined with nitrous but.. If I had to compare those with one another, I would say one was a like a livingroom fireplace-fire, while the other was a blazing bonfire Any particular reason why I should plug it instead of vaping it? I have freebase DPT
  6. What particular aspect of your experience was responsible for making it the "best experience of your life"? Because I for once find that mode of being that you are describing rather unappealing. If I had the choice, I would much rather be a creature thats capable of channeling infinitely increasing orgasmic energy through its body, with seven fractal penises and 7 world consuming vaginas covering my body, rather than being a goofy backflippy mouse. so uh.. asked differently, do you think it is due to Leo's particular personality construct and preferences that you have experienced yourself as this particular creature, rather than one of the other infinite possibilities of how exactly you could have experienced yourself?
  7. So I am always quite timid when trying out a new substance for the first time. While at this point I would be able to fill half a library with my acid and mushroom experiences, and just yesterday I had my first real 5-meo experience which Ive felt quite comfortable trying after years of Leo lecturing about it (and holy shit is that stuff amazing!!) Anyhow, Ive aquired some DPT and I would like to have some preperation before I test it for the first time. Anyone got some solid advice on what I'd have to expect?
  8. Can y'all elaborate on what traps lie in psychedelics, and what false/illusional insights might be derived from them? About 90% of my spiritual growth has been derived from psychedelics. Now after Ive done about 20 trips my experience of life has changed completely. So what psychedelic insights and learnings have you received that turned out to be wrong / harmful?
  9. Dont be afraid of painful emotions. If she rejects you, you will feel painful for a bit. Dont be a pussy and run away from this. Be a man and face the pain head on. Its allright, your feelings are not gonna kill you.
  10. What happens to me quite often is me having a dream about some scene that Im expriencing, and than this exact scene happening at some point later during a trip
  11. No I notice the same thing It gets weirder than this. When I am just casually walking around with no-mind, I notice people being more friendly and smiley when I greet them. Recently, I was with a group of friends. We were all sitting around, chatting with each other, having music playing in the background. After a while I was tired, withdrew from the conversation, and just leaned back listening to the music. As I started to enter a meditative state, I noticed the other people getting more conscious, as I could tell from their conversations. Ive also noticed this effect the other way around, as someone else meditated, and I became more conscious. And even weirder. When you are on LSD, you can take another substance while tripping, which is called nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. Combining these two substances completely blasts you off into infinite god consciousness for a like 10 seconds or so. I have repatedly experienced that when I take it, and other people are around, they also get affected. Like they being in a conversation before, then I take the nitrous oxide, and they lose completely track of their conversation, forgetting what they were talking about etc. That also I have experienced vice versa, someone else taking it, and my mind completely shutting down from one moment to the next, and me forgetting who, what, and where I am. This shit creeps me the fuck out.
  12. @Gesundheit I don't really know what to make out of this. Is there a lot of negativity in your thoughts? Actually, I also do have a problem with doing mental work. Also stuff like planning / strategizing etc.. It feels quite tiresome for me to do this kind of thinking, I get easily bored and distracted while doing this. Probably because this kind of stuff is rather dry, and I no longer have the kind of mind that is interested in this. I'd rather think about metaphysics and spiritual stuff, that's way more interesting, and I don't get bored nearly as easily while doing this. Like I said, I used to work as a software developer back before awakening, and I actually enjoyed it. But afterwards, the job has become just completely unworkable for me. It started to bore the living shit out of me, my mind would wander towards other things constantly, and the quality of my work decreased dramatically therefore.. Was that somehow helpful? @Kiko I did a lot of meditation, psychedelics, and studying spiritual teachers. Alan Watts was a very big influence for me. The way he talks about spirituality was especially helpful for me. The sheer beauty and poesy in hiw words were like medicine to my wounded spirit. I also have put a lot of attention on my thoughts and feelings while living my day to day life, trying to catch myself whenever my mind was coming up with high levels of negativity. Also a lot of rather difficult emotional work. Like I mostly just felt very sad and alone, and I just sat with those feelings, trying to comfort myself. @Kiko I don't know about David Hawkins. I learned this technique from workshops I've been going to.
  13. Nice, lucky you that you found someone like her Also, if anyone is looking for green/yellow folks in Germany let me know, I know like a hundred of them