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  1. That's beautiful, I root for you! It is such a great thing to embrace yourself as opposed to deny it.
  2. Hmmm, I can send mine to your inbox for inspiration. I still don't know if such things are confidential or not?
  3. I'll be following this too. So far, I can recommend the book "How to think like Leonardo Da vinci" by Michael Gelb. It's packed will lots of ways to increase your creativity and envisioning stuff.
  4. @The0Self Great point, I agree. It may also be, that I am a newbie at shadow work and starting to get to know what shadow work entails. However, I see, the most common repressed emotions, according to Scott Jeffreys website (Great source!) is: https://scottjeffrey.com/repressed-emotions/ 1. Repressed Anger and Rage 2. Repressed Grief and Sadness 3. Repressed Shame and Guilt 4. Repressed Hatred 5. Repressed Fear 6. Repressed Desire 7. Repressed Envy And below, he gives out way to examples of how to externalize and transmute the emotion through various processes, but no psychedelics are mentioned, so, I think there are great potential.
  5. Hi guys, I have thought about starting to do shadow work and I can read through the forum here that psychedelics in general are great for working with repressed emotions. Therefore, I have tried to google how to go about how to use magic mushrooms to overcome repressed sadness, but I don't see much information about how to do methodically go about it. Does anyone have experience using psychedelics for such purpose? I would love to hear more about it and eventually name resources, i.e. books, links, etc. You can send me a private message or just in the comment below which ever you prefer giving input. Cheers
  6. @Leo Gura That is interesting! I am specializing in Engineering Design and Product Development in Mechanical Engineering, and I intently direct myself into the vision, creative direction and away from the technical details of engineering. In my view, the technical details are the hardest part, but you say it is the creative direction it is? Can you elaborate why that is? Because when you say creative direction is hard, it just motivates me, because it comes quite natural or easy for me.
  7. That's a good point @Yarco. I will go through it before jumping to conclusion.
  8. Precious Plastic Stage green and beyond This is Precious Plastic who makes open source machines tutorials - sharing CAD drawings, videos, etc for everyone to build to ultimately fight plastic waste around the world. Definitely worth a watch and all their other videos. And this ambitious self-sustaining living project "Project Kamp"
  9. Professor Alexander Slocum Short video explaining how to design things to small scale by tweaking different parameter of systems of machines Just a fun interview Teaching style
  10. Hi all and @Leo Gura I have some questions while I am going through the Life Purpose Course and I am midway in it and discovered my passion. Through my studies as BEng in Mechanical Engineering I have found an area I want to specialize myself in on my MSc Eng in Mechanical Engineering degree. I have found out I want to go through a mastery process within the domain of: "Product development". I could see myself master every aspect there is to Product Development and Design Engineering and joyfully spend 10,000 Hours within that area to ultimately expand my creativity. The specialization of product development will include: Designing great products in CAD Develop ideas through brainstorming / idea generation Develop hands-on workshop skills, CNC-machining, injection molding, create stuff in 3D printer, prototyping Implement sustainability (Life Cycle Assesment, Responsible Production, designing and producing products which improves human-kind) Moreover, I am also very much into Spiral Dynamics, and I can see myself lie in solid green with hint of orange, and I want to dive deeper and move up to stage yellow. I see that "R&D" is mentioned in Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange Mega-thread- and you could classify which I just mentioned as in the domain of "R&D". Do you think it would be an obstacle to specialize myself in that domain in my career if I want to move myself to a higher stage?