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  1. Ex Israel army soldier exposing the practices that the Israelian army done to Palestinians. Very insightful into hearing how their inner thoughts are made to justify their behavior. And I like his reflection regarding respecting sovereignty, as he states: "If you will not respect existence, then you can expect resistance".
  2. Gabor Maté who has jewish descent and is a Holocaust survivor shares his stance of the zionist oppression of the Palestinian people.
  3. Hi there, I thought this post goes in 'health' as vacations are helping in your overall well-being. I remember Leo posted a video suggesting vacation durations for over a year as a creative / knowledge worker. I can't find the video, could anyone send me the video or tell me the numbers? :-) I thought it would be a good starting point as I will plan my vacations as I enter the work field soon.
  4. I rarely smoke weed but when I do, it is just as trippy as being on mushrooms or similar to when I tried Ayahuasca. I think it is because of my experience from Ayahuasca that has made me sensitive to smoking weed. Adam here also explains his experience with it.
  5. I bet so. I would say it was a mix of both - waking up to no-mind state and suddenly acknowledging it through sex.
  6. I have just been on a vacation with my girlfriend on beautiful Madeira Island. On the very first day, we went out the whole day walking around the city where we stayed at and went out to eat at restaurant and got highly stimulated by the sight of the new environment and the scenic view that surrounded the place. It is such an experience when you go to a new place on vacation that you get bombarded with impressions that the perceived time seems to be slower than usual. When we got back to the hotel we made out and fell asleep. Suddently I woke up from my sleep in a state of no-mind and instantly felt horny and made out with my girlfriend and had sex - this is where it gets interesting. I did not perceive my girlfriend as someone. I perceived it as myself which I was making intensely out with and had sex with myself. I talked to myself and there where no distinction between "Me" and "You" (her). I told myself I was pure perfection and the right person for me. Pure Oneness. That experience has stayed between us since then. It is an experience I can re-call to have similar experience under influence on mushroom or LSD. Just felt like sharing it to tell the possibility to get mystic experience from sleep. Cheers!
  7. @Realms of Wonder Well, regarding the drone project it would be that both of my partners are intending to move to another country eventually. One wants to move to Asia and another one to Iceland while we are all staying in Denmark right now. It would make it a bit difficult to run a business like that.
  8. Hey guys, I am notoriously bad at decisions and after I have watched the latest video "How to be Decisive" multiple times I still cannot make this decision. So, I cannot make a decision regarding what I find to be the two roads to take. Should I pursue a Ph.D. in Mechcanical Engineering or pursue a startup? Basically, I am at the final stages in my MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and about to write my final thesis and I am about to decide between two subjects. Each subjects could lead to different career paths. Ph.d. Essentially, if I choose write my MSc thesis in developing a 3D printer which prints fibre-reinforced plastic (composite material), I could continue in academia with would very high likelihood lead to a paid ph.d. programme of around 4K USD/month scholarship for 3 years. I would be focusing on developing the 3D printer and combine it with topology optimization and generation of G-Codes to optimally lay the fiber direction of the printed CAD parts. This advancements leads to a huge potential in manufacturing ultra lightweight components which can be used in aviation, drones, marine, automotive industry, etc. In aviation/aerospace context, this means, reducing the weight would mean lower power consumption / increased flight time as well as reduction of material processes in manufacturing - leading up a more sustainable development of components compared to manufacturing of fibre reinforced plastics done today. Startup Another route to take is development of a fixed-wing VTOL drone drone for data collection in meteorological studies. Basically utilizing the knowledge I have within CAD modelling, aerodynamics, topology optimization, 3D printing to write my MSc thesis in which would be a springboard to create a solid business startup within this field. Basically, I cannot get too much in details with this, since my partners agreed not to share it publicly, but basically, it would impact positively a lot of people economically. Pros & Cons The pros of deciding on a ph.d. would be to develop and hone my skills in a field I would anyway want to develop my skills in and get more technically advanced to commit to a ph.d. programme. The cons would be to be locking myself for this field for three years in academia with a fixed salary cap. I am not intending to do stay in academia and I would exit as I finish it. The pros of deciding to go the entrepreneurial route, would be to have more autonomy of the direction of the company (along with two of my engineer partners) and earn a decent salary once the company starts taking off or even secure a salary through funding. Cons would be that our young technical competences are still at an early stage and would require more expertise to carry the project to a mature stage. I am sincerely not boasting or anything, please don't take it as that, but I am just assessing my situation, and I wish for your input to which direction would be the best to take!
  9. That's beautiful, I root for you! It is such a great thing to embrace yourself as opposed to deny it.
  10. Hmmm, I can send mine to your inbox for inspiration. I still don't know if such things are confidential or not?
  11. I'll be following this too. So far, I can recommend the book "How to think like Leonardo Da vinci" by Michael Gelb. It's packed will lots of ways to increase your creativity and envisioning stuff.
  12. @The0Self Great point, I agree. It may also be, that I am a newbie at shadow work and starting to get to know what shadow work entails. However, I see, the most common repressed emotions, according to Scott Jeffreys website (Great source!) is: https://scottjeffrey.com/repressed-emotions/ 1. Repressed Anger and Rage 2. Repressed Grief and Sadness 3. Repressed Shame and Guilt 4. Repressed Hatred 5. Repressed Fear 6. Repressed Desire 7. Repressed Envy And below, he gives out way to examples of how to externalize and transmute the emotion through various processes, but no psychedelics are mentioned, so, I think there are great potential.
  13. Hi guys, I have thought about starting to do shadow work and I can read through the forum here that psychedelics in general are great for working with repressed emotions. Therefore, I have tried to google how to go about how to use magic mushrooms to overcome repressed sadness, but I don't see much information about how to do methodically go about it. Does anyone have experience using psychedelics for such purpose? I would love to hear more about it and eventually name resources, i.e. books, links, etc. You can send me a private message or just in the comment below which ever you prefer giving input. Cheers
  14. @Leo Gura That is interesting! I am specializing in Engineering Design and Product Development in Mechanical Engineering, and I intently direct myself into the vision, creative direction and away from the technical details of engineering. In my view, the technical details are the hardest part, but you say it is the creative direction it is? Can you elaborate why that is? Because when you say creative direction is hard, it just motivates me, because it comes quite natural or easy for me.