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  1. 23k+ posts are hard to ignore when half of the page is your stuff with your long footer after each reply. Do the work instead of posting endlessly. You have some good and valuable thoughts but your attitude is something you have to keep in check. This is actualized forum, not some subreddit.
  2. I wonder why Leo haven't banned you already for saying incredible amount of foolish stuff. Get off the forum and get a life. You lack a lot of diverse perspectives and life experience. You won't get it here by spending way too much time on this forum. Besides that, stop acting like a child please. People are getting tired of your comments...
  3. I never kiss on first date unless she comes up to my place. She coming up to me is consent, having second date is consent. You may not be attracted to masculine dominant men like most women are. It's fine.
  4. Nooooo, don't tell her. Rather act like you have 10 other women fcking you and for that day you were just not feeling it. This is the attraction phase, you don't have to be super honest with her. Women hate excuses like this. Explaining yourself to her will just lower your value in her eyes. You didn't kiss her because you haven't decided if you like her enough. Accept that you didn't kiss her and just be fine with it, don't make a big deal out of it. Next time you'll go for it. You'll be fine!
  5. She has good intentions but don't listen to her, terrible advice for most guys. If you insist on kissing her: Don't ask, just go for it. She rejects you? Don't act butthurt, make fun of it, or just continue the conversation. Try it 10-15 minutes later, more than likely she won't reject you again, why? Because now you've grown some balls in her eyes.
  6. Hey, to give your support. I was on my third date with a really hot, clever feminine 23 yo girl. I still didn't kiss her. Why? I didn't feel like it. Otherwise I was keeping it light and fun, she was initiating touch. We were laughing the whole date with a genuine connection. After the date she texted me, she was glad to meet me. Why not kissing works on really hot women? I guess it gets to their head, everyone wants to try to kiss them and see if she likes them. I just know she's wet because the way I act. I show that I have balls in a lot of different ways but kissing her. This is advanced "tactics", you can only pull it off if you truly don't give a fck what she thinks. For me it wasn't really tactics, I'm after a breakup so I don't feel like kissing other girls yet too much. Other reason I didn't go for a kiss is that I just finished uni, moved back to my parents house temporarily and there is no place to fck her. I only kiss a girl if she comes up to me after a date, not on the streets where it cannot lead to sex. Again, this might be bad advice for you, going for the kiss has cetainly its advantages. I just wanted to show you that it might not be over, it's all about how you frame and handle things.
  7. Dude, wtf is earth angel and starseed hybrid
  8. I'll have to check out Mantaks, but I was like this since the beginning of my masturbation journey, now I'm only 22.
  9. While I agree that semen should not be conserved religously, however, I cannot nor lust to ejaculate more than once in a row (it hurts) and 70% of the time I become tired too. I observed myself for years, it's just how it is. I guess our bodies are just simply differernt
  10. That explains a lot. This is just misunderstanding of spirituality. The mind played him, lost in concepts. Sorry for your loss.
  11. I can second this, it's the exact same advice I always give to my male friends
  12. I'm sorry, you did absolutely the worst thing. The same way you get better at videogames, the same way you have to learn and get better at attracting girls. Go to Youtube and learn female nature: Todd V, RSD, Alexander Grace I learned a lot from them, now I can easily attract 20-25 yr old beatiful smart women who are at least stage green. Good luck buddy, you'll get there one day too. Just keep learning and practicing
  13. is this thread for real? Who the fuck cares? As long as he is being authentic and by teaching millions of people he is changing the world for the better, I don't give a damn. He is being one of the most valuable people on Earth by providing all those incredible deep videos on YouTube. And all you can criticize is his manners? Give me a fucking break. I thought this forum is full of higher consciousness people, not some pussies... Fake growth at its finest I advise you to stop using the forum and get to work on yourselves, forget enlightenment and pursue common sense first
  14. Yep, be strong mentally, emotionally and preferably physically while being masculine. Only after that comes your and her inner values which can enhance your relationship into something deeper. Think like a women, act like a man. Studying female nature is all you need if you wanna attract them.
  15. Is this some kind of trolling thread? Your skill with girls is like 1/10 based on what you wrote. Forget for now, you need to get your shit together first. To not leave you without helping, start here: Then type in: "Alexander Grace" to Youtube. Subscribe to both channels with bell on and binge watch all their videos. But don't you dare become a sad, depressed, egoistic "red pill" guy Learn female nature, that's the key You'll be suprised how logical actually women are Then you'll get high quality women from left and right... Good luck buddy