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  1. Pure truth has no appeal to the human mind. Yet in adding sugar and spice and funny hats, it ceases to be pure truth.
  2. The term asexual covers a wide spectrum and does not automatically mean zero attraction to anyone, as the name might imply. There's too much to cover here but there is info out there. Nothing wrong with further experimentation; it will likely happen anyway! No doubt we were interpreting it a little differently. It could go one of either two ways, the first of which you have covered well. If however, someone were asexual, there can be a lot of frustration from not being accepted by society, including he the PUA perspective that it's bad for a man to not be involving in dating, virgin shaming, etc. Sometimes, 'aces' can fall into the trap of making demeaning comments about their 'allosexual' counterparts as an expression of this frustration. Perhaps none of us know where things will go, but so long as we are offering unconditional support, all's well.
  3. 100%. As such, it is important to have alternative viewpoints. Echo chambers are rarely a good thing.
  4. If you can do so safely (with COVID and all), finding meetup groups in your area with spiritually-minded people will likely benefit you. Just be warned that it can be a rocky ride and will test your spirituality. It is a bit complex like that. As with the LGBTQ community, one will find a substantial percentage of people who have experienced sexual abuse, etc., that has obviously distorted their sex drive or created inner blockages. But at the end of the day, people have very limited choice and usually want to be accepted where they are.
  5. Yes of course, though it could also be a case of someone experiencing a non-mainstream sexuality looking for support, and being told by dozens of people that he is wrong and delusional. I think a forum like this should be more educated and more tolerant.
  6. If this were a few decades earlier, we would be bashing gay people in much the same fashion. * How could you not want to fuck a woman? * It must have been some trauma in your past - you must heal now! * Being gay is absurd from an evolutionary/biological/reproductive perspective - it's just wrong * At least try fucking 10 women before calling yourself gay * Eww, you're attracted to other men? * You're in denial. Women are sooo awesome. * etc. Sorry to break it to you, but asexuality is a thing. People have a right to it. It's OK for people to have a different sexuality than you. They also have a right to change at a later date if they wish to. Learn something before gang-bashing this poor guy.
  7. From a nondual perspective, almost all of humanity is mentally ill. Given its genocidal treatment of the animal kingdom, and its grandiose sense of self, would humanity not meet the criterial for narcissistic personality disorder? Given its crimes against humanity, do we not have conduct disorder/antisocial personality disorder? We could go on... Without the sense of separation (us vs. them), this illness would not manifest. Individuals with particularly acute symptoms will be labelled as mentally ill, but we dare not diagnose the majority.
  8. Yes, it can be trusted to be full of crap.
  9. The problem is that every single historical story becomes more complex the more one looks into it. Lest we expect every person to become a scholar in every historical event, gross oversimplification is inevitable. This will of course lead to certain individuals being glorified as great, others defamed as terrible and everyone in between forgotten. You may find that you do this even with stories of people from your own past. A poor quality education system will actively perpetuate this by discouraging any sort of studies that question the default narrative; sadly, the US is such a system, which explains the insane psychology behind the Trump phenomenon. Having said that, edgy internet users who want to get into Holocaust denial just to be anti-Normie are the worst morons of all. They are only displaying their own lack of critical thinking skills regarding conspiracy theories, or their miserable ego's desire to feel special. Being able to empathise with a wide range of people and see them all as parts of ourselves - whether nice or not - is the highest purpose of history or geography. I got a lot out of John Green's history and can recommend it to anyone interested.
  10. There's truth to that, but it seems to have gotten better. If the narrative were, "We kicked their ass and it was awesome!" then that's a likely sign of a whitewash. My main problem with history is a lack of emphasis of cultures that were exterminated by the Christian empires. We could learn a thing or two from 'nature worshipping' native American, Aboriginal Australian, etc. societies given the problems we face today.
  11. @Heart of Space It is worth being mindful of such things, as we have a tendency to subconsciously use the same 'future salvation' framework in many of our own undertakings.
  12. As others have said... no, it's not OK to be alone. You must be constantly horny, sexually frustrated, scheming, predatory and run entirely by your nether regions. EDIT: sarcasm aside, check out
  13. There's definitely something to that. Hope is the fuel that helps people tolerate suffering. It overlays a story, a definitive meaning, a cosmic significance and of course a sense of exclusivity. Whether they know it or not, everyone is surely seeking realisation of the Self. It is the only thing big enough to be a genuine 'salvation'. It just seems that the religious approach manipulates this drive for enlightenment and uses it to control people.
  14. The biggest factor as far as the wellbeing of the children go is having parents who are reasonably involved and engaged when challenges arise. Single-sex schools are unnatural and harmful in my experience. There are a variety of alternative school systems and research is warranted - it's worth keeping in mind the temperaments and personalities of the children as well. I went to an all-boys Catholic school and there were far too many serious abuse issues, including a couple of cases of pedophilia, affecting the boys there. Everything was covered up as they are obsessed with their public image. It amazes me that the Catholics never lose credibility no matter what they do.
  15. This is starting to turn into Scientology's Xenu. I'll leave it at that.
  16. There's no evidence that video games cause violent behaviour. And there is a ratings system which warns of violent content in movies. And he has condoned violence against his political opponents on numerous occasions. The only common theme is that Donald Trump is never to blame for anything bad that happens.
  17. Hi there, I'm trying to understand what you are referring to here. The Catholic Church didn't exist until hundreds of years after cuneiform was extinct as a form of writing. The Bible did attempt its own historical narrative, albeit one that is deeply flawed to any educated person. What have you found mind-blowing about the cuneiform scriptures? Any more background for novices?
  18. Based on some anecdotes, people who have had run-ins with authorities are more likely to resonate with the anti-authority cynicism inherent to most conspiracy theories. I have an aunty who was forced to spend time in a psych ward some decades back. No doubt it was an awful experience. She has bipolar. She's become a prolific spreader of bogus New Age medicine and an opponent of all mainstream approaches with a fervent zeal. Anyone who questions her in any way is automatically a closed-minded ignoramus. Another friend grew up amongst the civil war of 1980s El Salvador, where corruption and violence reigned. Also had Catholicism literally beaten into her as a child. Seems to have a strong attraction to cults of any type, as they seem to give a feeling of "protection" from the wicked outside world? Also, believing in one conspiracy theory gives rise to progressing to believe in more. Combined with the nature of social media algorithms promoting progressively more extreme content and it's easy to see why the audience ends up in the millions.
  19. Of course it is entirely reasonable to stem the flow of misinformation, but if we are not conscious of the 'slippery slope' it will backfire. How long until some of Leo's videos are banned? Perhaps we will change our tune? I had a video about giving my 10 year old niece a driving lesson, off public roads, and explaining the importance of teaching children about responsibility and risk from a young age. I was a professional early childhood educator and my teachings were in line with modern industry norms. But some Karen found it offensive and the video was taken down by YouTube. I have no sympathy for the right-wing fake news ecosystem, and ideally it should have been prevented from being established as an alternative universe for so many millions. But censorship is a far more nuanced and complex issue than most people here are making out.
  20. It's a sad situation and I'm unable to take either side.
  21. Sorry to hear you went through this. This is a milder version of a syndrome called PTSD flashbacks that affects people who witness war atrocities, automobile accidents and so on.
  22. The key with intrusive thoughts is that they derive their toxicity from the fear of actually acting on them. Everybody gets them and they are perfectly normal (or perhaps a reflection of the sickness of the human condition?). There's a profound teaching, as this also applies to ordinary, mosquito-buzzing-near-your-ear type thoughts. Without the error of identification, they are harmless and meaningless.