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  1. The recognition of the light, right here for you to take in
    The recognition of the light, right here for you to take in
    I felt the nudge to channel something for everyone to stop identifying with the patterns of darkness they carry in their nervous system and become more aware of the light that they are, that is simultaneously the light of all that transmutes the darkness into its original form, which is the light.
    You can see it as the darkness being a lost sibling, where its older sibling - the light - rescues the darkness and takes it back home to source, because that is how healing happens.

    The light is in all things, this means that the light is even within the darkness. So why do patterns of darkness perpetuate themselves in cycles of denial and abuse when they in fact are the light?
    It is simply because the only activity through which the light can expand is through remembering itself. This means that at a certain level of development, the light needs to condense itself into patterns of darkness, only to build up the necessary pressure to explode into the expansion it has always desired. This means that every pattern of darkness plays a necessary role (be it a cycle of addiction, abuse, manipulation or victimhood), that over time creates enough momentum for the light to expand into greater capacity than ever before.

    Every moment of darkness is only a preparation for the expansion of the light. This gives us a greater opportunity never to blame ourselves for moments of anger, frustration, confusion, loneliness, sadness, abandonment, betrayal and pain. If we can shift our perspective and look at those patterns as necessary catalysts for the light's most miraculous expansion, we are honoring the light within each pattern of darkness, and allowing it to transform and transmute in the quickest possible way.

    And so please say these words out loud in order to transmute patterns of darkness back into the radiance of your most luminous light.


    Please comment bellow with anything that arises within you, whether they are points of clarification, emotional responses or thoughts, just share what you feel and think and I will respond to anchor more of the healing for you specifically, just so we can take this to a whole new level.

    Thank you for taking this in. Light be with you! <3