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  1. I work in a Personal Training-Studio. I was lucky to get hired by a self-employed Personal Trainer who got too many clients to handle them all alone. He is one of the most successful Personal Trainers in Germany. His secret to get so many clients is just social skills. My boss radiates such a positive energy outwards that attracts many local clients. I would say 60% of clients come from personal recommendations and 40% from online marketing through Facebook. Facebook is the number 1 platform for that. For me being a Personal Trainer is just temporary. It's really exhausting as an introvert, and it's too much about social skills than helping others. My recommendation for you: Try to build a more holistic coaching business with the main focus on health and fitness but also include all other areas of personal development, otherwise you will probably get bored by the job.
  2. I'll keep it short: I had a mild trip on mushrooms today but went really deep. Somewhere deep inside me, I found this black hole mixed with the most disgusting cobweb ever. It was sticky. It felt like it was hell inside me. This THING just radiated pure DISGUST. I can't believe I have something like this inside me. I can't even tell rather it's in my mind or my body because everything merged into one. I'm wondering if this was just imagination or if this is really what I'm carrying around with me all the time. It also felt like there is no way to unravel that cobweb by myself, only through loving help from outs. Just some thoughts. Maybe someone can relate
  3. I am kinda clueless what to do with my money. I still live with my parents at the age of 19 so I don't have to pay any rent or food. I earn 1700€/month from a fulltime job. What should I spend my money on? I spent 200€/month on life coaching and probably 100€ on extra stuff like books and entertainment. I also donate some money every month. I'm still left with 1400€/month. What the fuck to do with that? Just save?
  4. For all who are truly interested in their health, go read: Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body's Radical Resilience Through The New Biology by Sayer Ji. This guy understands health on such a deep and holistic level. Don't underestimate this book! Go read it. It's amazing. This guy is a genius
  5. Hey guys, I'm searching for a video by Leo in which he says something along these lines: Does anyone know from which video this is?
  6. so funny, doctors tell me there is nothing I can do to heal my migraine but medications and pain killers. Did anyone of you successfully cure his migraine through food or other natural stuff? I'm open to everything Any book recommendations for healing with a holistic approach? Doesn't have to be specific to migraine
  7. @Michael569 Thank you, this list definitely helps. A bunch of stuff you mentioned applies to me. Stress, Animals Products, gut problems. Actually, these 3 things are connected. I will try to fix my gut problems and see if that helps with the migraine.
  8. I'm really into binaural beats lately. There are basically frequencies for everything as well as for every Chakra. Do these frequencies really work to open chakras? Is it worth listening to them while sleeping?
  9. @Manusia Thanks for that Information! Helps a lot
  10. I do take notes but still after a few day I forget all the little nuances of the book. Are there any methods for notetaking or studying books that you recommend?
  11. @knakoo How much LSD did you take? I also had crazy experiences with binaural Beats on LSD. Got into a completely other world full of fractals, no self
  12. @GreenWoods Hard to imagine that this works. I gotta make some more research. How can you make sure that these Subliminals are not full of bs messages?
  13. @GreenWoods What is the difference between affirmations and subliminals?
  14. try binaural beats. That got me into a whole new dimension, completely surrounded by fractals (600mcg) or try to work on your chakras through a guided meditation. It should be pretty easy to open at least your heart chakra on LSD
  15. Spirit Science has so much high consciousness - easy to understand - content!
  16. @Lyubov age is in the title18 years. That's why I'm curious. It's not like I can't get it hard. I just don't see the point in it. Seems like time waste to me
  17. I really wonder why I lost interest in sex. It's not like I can't have sex. My dick is working fine when my gf wants it but I just don't care about sex/masturbation anymore. Self Development/Productivity/Spirituality is everything in my mind. The only point I see in sex is to make my girlfriend happy even though it's not that satisfying for me. Any opinions/experiences?
  18. @flowboy Thanks, I'll do that. Shouldn't be a problem though
  19. Yeah, the sex quality might just not be the best. What are some good resources to learn more about sex or should I just practice?
  20. I heard Leo talking about the mind projecting and creating reality. (Timestamp: 17:24 ) I get it to a certain degree. I understand that your unconscious mind is responsible for how others treat you and I understand that you can get wealthy with the right mindset BUT LEO was also talking about manifesting physical objects in a really complex way. What did he mean by that? Can someone explain it to me?