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  1. Even though it feels cheesy and uneasy for me to write about such stuff. Maybe now, is the most loneliest and scary time in my life, I've never felt so insecure about myself. It sucks when you are all on your own and have no one close to you who makes you feel valued and reassures you of your place in this world. And I don't believe in myself yet to do and go after the things I want. I feel very helpless when it comes to doing stuff on my own, like I won't be able to perform up to my standards or what others expect me to do. I wish so much I could be a better friend to the people I feel close to, but I prevent myself in the process because of my own stupid shortcomings. I ruin everything by feeling jealous and not feeling good enough. I know I've found myself in this Victim-mentality and that nothing will ever become better. I believe it so much that it will probably stay like this for a while. Since then I've been afraid of being abandoned by the ones I love, who may not feel the same as me. It's an everyday experience of trying to control others and possessiveness. I've become so overly attached to people, when it's clear that they probably don't even think about me as often as I do about them. I feel like I don't know myself anymore. When I'm by myself I feel so alone, I hate being by myself. I need to get comfortable by myself but nothing helps when you're not feeling loved. I'm so selfish with my relationships that it's become toxic and my ''friends'' I'm sure aren't that willing to be with me anymore. This negativity feeds into everything I wish not to happen. I hate this never-ending Cycle. At this point I'm not sure whether I'm in Love with that Person that I've been obsessing over or just an escape of some sort. Sometimes I really do feel like deep down I do. I only seek my own good, desires. I'm so afraid I might be narcissistic but then again I do feel like I've cared a lot about other people so I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just selfish. So nowadays I've just been thinking about how I could be improving myself and changing my ways, but it's so difficult because I don't yet believe in the cause. I wish I had a purpose.
  2. getting pussy was my purpose of this post anyway :3 Thx bruh
  3. I already have books about bodylanguage so reading ppl really is not a problem for me, ill just jump right on Richard Bandler - Persuasion Engineering. Thx for the suggestion though. Peace !!!
  4. So many good books are recommended here, with which one do I even start
  5. Sounds alot like what derren brown did, could you please go further and teach me NLP techniques.
  6. its good and all but i wanna know how he does it :>( I wanna be like him. just charismatic and manipulative lol. so do u know a book that might help me .
  7. @Eye Thank you for the book recommendation. I actually watched a video on youtube which analysis his tactics, here ill post a link to so you will watch it if you have time.
  8. So, I know that Donald Trump is a master persuader and I actually really wanted to know how he does that. How would one plant an idea into the other person's subcounsciousness without them knowing, or convince them of a cause or something else they would normally oppose. How do you manipulate another being to do what you tell them to do. I know that people are irrational emotional decision makers and that Donald Trump abuses this. But he has alot of other techniques too I want to learn. Is there any book out there that teaches me these things ? Pls, dont ask me any moral questions or if I myself want to abuse it for my own purpose. I'm just a boy who wants to acquire these techniques, because I think its awesome.
  9. Im so fucking tired of those mental illnesses everyone is having and posting on here because they have never gone through real suffering, pain and were so fucking spoiled as kids. FFS if you seek help for something like this then I just know that this person drifts through life like pieces of fuckign shit. Wonder why 3rd World Countries never have these problems? THEY DONT. And they only exist in westerner countries ? Much like cancer and that other shit that came from fast food and various other things. We just get so spoiled that ppl become complete freaking pussys. Every Individual has an ability to restrict his mind and not go further. maybe this person just needs a good fucking beating so she gets her consciousness back and realisez how much of a fuckign kid she is. GROW UP. How the fuck are any of you even taking this serious, its still mindfucking me to this fucking day. Just stop with your neurotic behaviours and stop beign a total cu** mate. thats my advice for this spoiled kid. <------------------ Pls go ahead and hate me all you want now
  10. Ja, es gibt schon einige deutsche hier..
  11. As a devout dotA player, and avid fan of Team Cloud 9 (my favorite team in the LCS), I must say that this behaviour is an absolute disgrace, and must be discouraged and punished. You should abide by the Summoner's Code, whether they play LoL or dota . As Riot Games has said, the LCS players are very close to becoming fully recognised as athletes, and this @Simon Zackrisson player is not helping the cause with this extremely immature behavior.
  12. @Simon Zackrisson Why ? lol
  13. Also Dota player here Whats your steam and your mmr m8 ?^^
  14. First World Problems....Anyone ?
  15. How did you overcome the fear of death ? it would be interesting to hear you out !