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  1. @Carl-Richard Society needs psychology, quit acting otherwise... Try to do your own research too sometimes.
  2. @Carl-Richard one can't interrogate them without information into their psychology/pathology
  3. @Carl-Richard got any evidence to prove that? History of psychopathy History of pedophilia
  4. Same reason why mods can lock threads whenever they want Because it can.
  5. @Jodistrict This isn't true, Western psychology is the reason why we nowadays are able to identify predators like psychopaths, pedophiles, and more recently, narcissists.
  6. Putin is a psychopath. Lol
  7. @CBDinfused You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. — Albert Camus I like how he answered that, really beautiful imo. And the whole concept of nihilism coincides with it too.
  8. It's not just a yellow thing. Everyone criticizes everyone, just look at channels like secilar talk... The whole trump era. And sometimes criticism is valid, and necessary.
  9. This is unbelievably complex. But I like the fact that Vedic philosophy, Kant's ideas and Vaknin's current philosophy called 'nothingness' all coincide together in terms of their core concepts. Of course, Leo has his own philosophy and it would be nice to see his answer on this.
  10. Because there'd be no other way to create it. A utopia wouldn't be life, because it would be meaningless (everything's perfect - why wake up in the morning?)
  11. Without a reason, you get either nihilism, or as zigzag's comments- instinctual drives. The latter is a bit more complex but in essence I guess one could put it as our animal essence (i.e human hierarchies comparable to ape hierarchies). I like to adopt my own interpretation, but of course at the same time to be open to others' ideas and insights about the subject.
  12. @Someone here Being God - obviously it has to be related to something beyond daily life, especially the trend (for the lack of a better term) of depression and low self esteem especially in younger generations.. I hate to say this about perhaps it begins with the whole assertiveness thing, making an impact to the world, etc etc. That must be what being God means, if that makes sense. Other people like Carl Jung provided texts that explored the psyche which he said contained the soul, which is in a way related to God. And of course the Neo Advaita people, certain hindu traditions and their many variants.
  13. Awakening - everything that exists either has a reason for existing (or the opposite). I don't know which one is true. My guess is that constant investigation and discovery would eventually lead to an answer (kinda like the invention of penicilin or whatever). People are bound to believe different things based on their own contexts and predilections, I guess.
  14. @Leo Gura Thanks Leo, here you just settled that transwomen are women. Lol
  15. @Leo Gura It's not necessary. It just is.
  16. Its Meghan Just makes me a bit uncomfortable lol
  17. Connectedness Think "divide and conquer" as a strategy- a common tactic of evil that comes from a primitive defense mechanism called splitting When people are connected they're not alienated, so the wonderful human qualities are allowed to shine.
  18. A sex machine that stimulates the prostate
  19. Assertiveness is a part of life, so yea, I can be. I don't like doing it - but when I do it it kinda gets... exciting dare I say. Nervous energy.