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  1. @Yarco i already do that, got lucky on investing last year on June and not so lucky this May on tradings, you know how it goes but this topic was more on these kind of games and how self sufficient they might be.
  2. @impulse9 ye, basically all the crypto world is but at least it 'has a meaning' like more privacy and freedom but games like this don't do nothing other than taking money from late investors to older and experienced ones. Also when the playerbase will stop growing I don't know how it all will stick together.
  3. So some of my friends invited my to try this game Axie thing which is a play-to-earn game based on the Etherium network blockchain. Basically you have to buy 3 characters (for around 1.5k$) and then you can start playing and by doing on average some games versus other players and daily missions you can earn like 170 credits (in game currency) per day in about 1-2 hours, with the current value of the game currency being a crypto in itself of aprox. 0.2$ you can make 34$ a day or around 1k$ a months just by playing 2 hours a day. I went a bit deep into this because it looked like a scam and indeed most of the game economy was based on new accounts being created. I started to play mostly cuz my friends do and because of fear of missing out but deep down I don't feel "proud" since it looks like a ponzi scheme. Also isn't something that is contributing for anything good in the society and pretty much is Orange leveled. I like the idea of my digital wallet fattening but also don't feel any joy when it does. Should I quit altogether or just see where it goes and if it pays dividend I can use it for spiritual growth and financial freedom?
  4. Hello, I did the same when I was 25 and until 27-28 I didn't go out much and lost contact with most of my friends. First I reopened my instagram account (I use no other socials). Instagram it's pretty simple, you have pics comments and chats that's all. I followed a bunch of my childhood and midschool friends with many new ones from time to time then we settled coffee appointments with some. Coffees became dinners, dinners parties, cinema appointments and other events where I i was introduced to more and more people. I also reconnected with an old crush and we hooked up for a bit. I also joined a gym because my batteries were empty during midday. There is no perfect recipe to it you just have to go out a lot. If I were in this again I would probably do : 1. Go out on walks or runs alone (preferably a park or by the beach). 2. I would recommend to open a social network account (the one that is most used in your country so you will have no troubles finding your friends) but you can skip this entirely if you do not like being on socials. 3. Go out for coffees and dinners with your old friends that share most of your interest and from there you can expand you social circle more and more. (even if you disappeared for years they will be glad to meet you trust me) 4. You work from home but can you actually go to your office? Some firms where I live let people choose where they wanna work from, so if you can try going at your office a couple day a week. 5. Join a sport or art group for beginners. Even going at a gym as a last resort but make sure to follow the classes like trx and so on. 6. Relax You don't have to do it in one day. Start simple but add to it week after week until you have 2-3 steady friends you're comfortable with that would come in the middle of the night for you and you for them (we have to make some targets right). 5-10 people that you like sharing a coffee or a meal at least once a month that invite you in parties etc and there you have it your social circle. From there you can meet new girls so you can begin dating. It depends ofc where you live and how many restrictions will be applied because of COVID (not a very good time for building your social life) but it can be done.
  5. A friend told me that she was doing a visualization meditation that found on youtube and after doing it for like 50 days straight for 20 minutes a day she met the "guy of her dreams". Now I'm a bit skeptical if the visualization had anything to do with her finding love other than a placebo can have, most I can think is that she focused on specific traits of personality that she wants in a man and found it in the guy she knew. Like writing down the type of car you want and noticing that type of car in the city. That guy was always there but she never considered him. She's young and hot and is around people all the time so isn't hard for her to constantly meet new people that have certain qualities. Still want to know more if visualizing bout love gets you anywhere. Have you ever tried visualizing stuff like that? Did it work for you? Is it genuine that "the universe will manisfest your soulmate" or you are listing and noticing the quality you love on people that are around you that you didn't notice before and call it manifestation?
  6. Do you play video games? Those adventure rpg type games like The witcher or zelda etc. If you're like me and enjoy them probably is because there's a certain degree of difficulty in them and i bet you don't like playing the easiest mode when you kill 10 enemies with a swing and the final boss within 10 hours. I bet if you're good you try to finish them at least with normal or even hard difficulty because the challenge holds itself the reward. When I finished a game (hollow knight) i almost cried at the end that's how difficult it was and i felt so good for at least the next 3 to 4 days. What does and RPG has to do with you you say? Well of course you don't like having a final steel sword with 999999 damage at level one i think so you make the most of your rusty sword... well you're the rusty sword, and one that can't be upgraded let me say since its your height. If you had a genie to express a wish to be 190cm can you visualize how you life would be different? I can tell in the beginning you would feel great but later as months go by probably you you would engage in more numbers with low quality woman and would look for more and here's the catch. You will look at other couples and envy the guys with those good quality women and will find that probably you lack humor, leadership, confidence or even a genuine good heart so after a while you will feel the same. Good quality women value personality and charisma which you lack of course because you can't blame your height for your success. I live in europe too and had kinda mild success but i can't blame my height, status, income or cars, i blame only myself for not being able to talk too as many girls as i would have liked in the past and now. First rule of personal development is to take 100% responsibility for your situation. At the point you're now no one will want to date you but that's not you height that's your spirit. I think you should be going outside more and stop reading shit on the internet that power you down... try that at least for a week. If you feel better and try not to focus on yourself and getting better every day try to implement some RSD materials form Max. He's 172 cm from Austria where i bet the avarage there is probably like 175 to 180 for males. If you see his videos and look how girls respond to him you'll find there's nothing height or appearance related. Of course it goes deeper than that you have to resolve a lot of issues but that's a start. I think that you know well that height isn't a problem like some crooked teeth arent a problem or to be a fuckin billiard ball shaved head like Leo isn't a problem BUT and a huge but you're afraid and lazy to do the work... Talking bout suicide that's even stupider. let's say you believe in reincarnations. you will keep killing yourself until you are born like brad pit or george clooney? come on man. Don't worry about death because it will come in 20 30 40 years or even tomorrow. just live your life peacefully because even if you mess up big time unless you're hitler or some controversial political figure or artist no one will know you even existed (not even your grand grand childrens) in 100 150 years. there's no pressure.
  7. I was thinking about this topic recently since i had to reject a girl who doesn't ignite anything in me then i stumbled in this video. It seems being single is not that bad (as long as it is your choice).
  8. You should start look at yourself as a complete being, joyful and completely capable of giving love to yourself and not craving it from your partners especially craving relationships which are social commitments. When you feel this way you won't be frightful of sharing yourself intimately with another person because you won't be needing a commitment in return. I usually tend to struggle with this myself and i develop a victim mentality like the one you mention above (why this always happens to me?) but if you take 100% responsibility of your situation you'll get the power back. Even if you look at it in a pragmatist prospective you can't do anything about it unless you don't want to manipulate and control others. It's better to change your view because in this day and age with the actual job market people will move and relocate pretty frequently, you just have to accept it. I don't know how it's going to work out in the current situation with the current guy but if you tell to him what you really want from your partner two things only might happen, he will try to stick in and find a way for you to be together or will leave, you won't be hearing anymore from him but at least will respect you as a person with high integrity and eventually make room for you to find someone better which lives nearby.
  9. Hello math my old enemy... here we cross paths again How do you embody such wisdom tho... On a logical level i guess everyone knows these odds which are quite in favor, but on the emotional plain there's just a single person in every time interval. At least for the most of people which tend to have monogamic relationships.
  10. I've known this girl for more than 3 years now, we dated at that time but i was clingy and needy and she had to go to her hometown so we stopped contacting each other for a few years other than some basic chats in the social media. We both went on with our lives til last year when she wrote me she was living and working near me and wanted to meet me. At the beginning of last year we went out for a coffee which i felt like i was going to meet an old friend at this point but when we were there i was kinda feeling the tension and sexual polarization. I felt the same attraction when i originally meet her for the first time and apparently she felt the same. A week after that coffee Covid restrictions started to apply with the bars being closed, curfews and all so it was a bit hard to "casually" meet for a drink. During summer when things got back to being more normal with lesser restrictions we went out again. She told me she was going to study abroad and i really was happy for her since she always wanted to do so. I knew it wasn't a good idea to get involved more than that since it was hard keeping up during these pandemic times not to mention keeping up a long distance potential relationship but since i was in a self improvement marathon lets say and i decided to live in the "moment" so i continued dating, one thing took to another and we ended up sleeping together. We did that for a month straight, best sex for both of us, she would stay for days, we cooked together, went out, a few beach trips and went to the gym. At the time i had a lot of time to spend with her since i was working from home. She even said she loves me and although i felt the same i didn't say it to her because i knew she eventually had to leave and i was afraid. I was on cloud9. A few weeks went on and we had to part. When she was making the luggage ready both our eyes were full of tears. We never named our relationship or anything it was just a natural escalation of what began a few years ago so lets say i was not pretending to have a longdistance relationship since we didn't even mention we have a relationship. Anyway i felt devastated but she said we would travel a lot toward each other and organize vacations together, so there was the HOPE part. We talked everyday via videochats and audiochats, text etc. She came after a month for a week and we behave the same as she left so i thought even in this struggling time this might work. After she left again i was once again beaten down. We initially talked a lot like before via videochats and text everyday. After that we talked every 2 days then every 3 or 4 days and then once a week. We kept texting a lot during the day tho. After that we didn't chat at all and we only texted and sent a few memes to each other every 3 to 4 days til yesterday. You can call it a normal fading of the love spark but i was hopeful when we'll get back together we would rekindle things once more, but yesterday she told me she went on a date with another local guy and told me she was bored by him. My heart went 140bpm, i was cold sweating, felt realty crumbled down and my biggest fear got materialized. Since we never mentioned we have a relationship i had no rights to feel like i was getting cheated on or something like that but i felt the same anyway. I told her its sad what you're telling me this cause we said we were going to travel towards each other and continue where we left, i can't be her gay friend and i want to be romantic partners so if she wasn't feeling the same and wanted to date other guys she was free to do so but our communication had to stop. I also wrote her if things don't go well with those local guys and you get back home we could get back at dating again and wished all the best to each other. We haven't spoke since. I'm a guy who doesn't do pick-up and cold approaches and have a lot of issues but basically i consider myself funny, good looking, a good friend a lover. I have a deep-feeling that if i want to get with a girl whoever she is i could do so you can call it confidence. The problem is im generally laid back and get too complacent. Leo says that with girls its a numbers game and i'm barely double-digit. I have no desire in dating other girls at this time and i'm getting obsessed with her. Clearly i know i don't deserve to be "treated" this way. I've heard of girls traveling continents to be with her lovers, girls that live with their disabled partners (like the video of the topic from before) and so and so on. At least she had to told me she lost attraction for me and move on with the dates and not "soo i was dating a guy but it didn't work"...what if it would have? to me it doesn't make any sense. Anyway i respect her part of being sincere and telling me everything that basically happens (although she doesn't tell me anything that's goes on her head). After this i wouldn't say i love her but i really really like her. She's funny, smart, has an amazing body and is very on her feminine. When we're together everything goes smoothly, we never fight or have a debate and we generally respect each other. I even considered her to be the mother of my kids. Funny eh. Now i'm deciding to go full no contact on her since she decided unilaterally to go on with her life and date other guys but internally i wanna travel there and kiss her like i don't know what. I'm not asking for advice or anything because i know "i should go on with my life too and if she comes back she comes back" and eventually is what i'm gonna do but the feelings i get from this are tragic. Yesterday i cried for nearly an hour thinking what did i do to deserve being treated this way. I know women are emotional creatures which behave according to what they feel in the moment but can women articulate what they're feeling without pulling out casually "sooo i was dating a guy aaaand", and some questions for the boyzzz, have this ever happened to you? How did you react? She came back? Sorry for the long writing and if you made it to here without getting bored, i am grateful. Love you all.