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  1. Sounds like datura breaks the consistency of this dream and adds its flavor to it
  2. @Gianna funny i had the same realization as i was walking in the city while listening to leo on that episode and i felt like the earth and the whole reality coming my way like im standing at the same place. Like i never moved ever. just like if i was walking on treadmill because my body built to walk and i as i walk my Counsciousness interact with it's parts As reality. And it changes and projects diffrent light inside me as i move inside reality which felt like I'm inside my body or my Counsciousness or my dream or my self. Also felt like I'm hugged by existance. And I'm home and I'm always home.
  3. -Wim hoff method -intermitentfasting + detox juices
  4. 1-Flying saucers. 2-first meeting with aliens. 3- a big big orgy with aliens.
  5. Deep Contemplation or investigation + direct experience verification. Other wise you not gonna trust your self with the answers.
  6. Also in my teenage years when i smoke weed i feel connected to earth and nature. I dont feel like seperate self doing any effort. I feel my body energy like smoke. If I'm walking uphill for example i feel like the hill taking me up.
  7. For me as kid i knew that we are not the masks we wear. And that we are gods, And the source. And when we die everything die with us. Later told about after life. I was indoctrinated since i was 9 but i knew it was all bullshit And not tuned with the joy of being alive.
  8. You don't want to think. You want to be told all the answers. Which is the whole problem. "All of mankind's problems stem from an inability to sit alone in a room and contemplate."
  9. you need to get independent through your plan, and bite the bullet on your family situation. you might be scared if your plan fail you will end up with nothing. so i think you need a solid plan. and if your plan is not solid enough and you're forced to keep living with your family and their plans start to effect your plan. then adjust your plan till you override their plans.
  10. Create new one with Love, And if you afraid that you might sometimes in the future relapse to your old one. Worry not. LOVE will always lead you to your loved self.