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  1. I definitely agree that traveling can help towards enlightenment by exposing yourself to what’s out there in the world and see there are different “truths” from what your taught. That one main reason I want to travel, because I have started to realize how little I know of the world and how much I could really learn. Thank you for your advice! haha I definitely feel like 1 year is not enough time to travel for sure! I might end up traveling for longer than expected too. Thank you for sharing! I still don’t have a concrete list of countries I want to travel, but most of the places I will spend time at will be east Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. I do plan on visiting some countries in Africa and Europe as well, but again I still don’t have a concrete list.
  2. Hello everyone, I’m thinking next year of spending an entire year traveling the world. I have been saving up money for a whole and expect to have quite an amount by the end of the year. I have always wanted to travel and explore the world, especially right now when I’m young and can really learn from it early. I have an idea of how I could use it to grow as a person, but I’m curious for anyone who has traveled for a long time at how I can take advantage of this opportunity the most. I plan not just on visiting tourist sites and eating the food, but in learning about the cultures, talking to people and indulge in activities that will help me grow consciously (like doing yoga while in east Asia or doing 5 Meo while in Mexico). I’m a little nervous and excited of this journey and I definitely want to get the most of it since many never get this opportunity. Leo said in one of his recent videos (expose yourself to more experience) that traveling is one of the ways to grow. So for anyone who had travelled, what are your tips to make the most of out of this trip? Any tips are welcome, especially when it comes to countries I should visit!
  3. @VioletFlame I do play music and can relate to many of the things you said. When I was a teenager, I spend countless hours on the guitar as well. I was known in high school as the weird metal head dude with long hair and band t-shirts. Funny enough, a couple o years ago I had a person I went to school with send me a message on Facebook thanking me for helping him open his eyes to this new type of music. He wasn’t into the same music I was back in high school, but seen how passionate I was open his mind later in life to give it a try and he loved it. always do what you love, no matter what others think as long as your passionate about it. Eventually, some of them might realize there’s something to learn there and give it a try later in life. People who are passionate about something tend to inspire others no matter what that it. Whether it’s a passion for music, bugs or studying rocks, people always notice it and can have an impact on them even if they don’t admit it. Good luck on your journey!