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  1. Need to calibrate your microspoons with a mg scale , i.e. weigh 5-10 microspoons and get an average, then you know how much you're using. For plugging, 25mg would be lowest you may get some effects, increase in 5mg increments after that. Don't smke HCL, it will poison you ! You need freebase for smoking! As an alternative to plugging, try snorting, either the powder after cutting it for a few minutes with a classic shaving blade, or dissolved in 0.2-0.3ml water in a syringe.
  2. There's a "VR" missing from that quote somewhere ... for maximum impact
  3. Surrender fully, every moment, to what is... Realizing there's no one that surrenders, there's just surrendering happening...
  4. The one who 'decided' to stay with her is not in charge of anything. It's all fun, games and empty promises until no one appears Which is not to say you won't stay together, but not because of this 'decision'. I guess there's no point talking about it, it has to be experienced...
  5. One man's kundalini is another's premature ejaculation 😢
  6. When you make love to someone, you're just masturbating. W*nker! 😅
  7. If you don't perceive the tree, not only it doesn't make a sound if it falls, but it doesn't even exist...
  8. Care to go in a bit more detail, what's the problem with it? Too high a temperature, too low, or what?
  9. Do you have to make your own 5meo liquid for that? What about something like the yocan evolve plus xl with ceramic coil? Much simpler
  10. Freedom or liberation is available right here and now, it will never be found in 'what ifs', in thinking, in the past or future. Recognize that it's only thoughts that create your suffering, and tackle the problem head on. Thoughts are never true, so why do you act like they show you some truth? they don't. Realize who you truly are and treat thoughts as the empty distraction they are.
  11. It WAS a subjective experience, experienced by the Ultimate Subject, God/Reality/Consciousness/Awareness, which is prior to language, logic and reason, so cannot be 'understood' or 'known' using them. It's like the characters in a TV show trying to understand the TV screen they are projected on.
  12. 'Who' cares? Spiritual ego. 'Of course', you say. BUT!!!! It actually points to what needs work... in 'you' 'Yeah I know that' So... are you going to again distract yourself with spiritual concepts? You know what to focus on....
  13. You're imagining Teal Swan to keep you from awakening. Awakening is not at some point in the future, once your 'shadow' is 'worked on'. Awakening is now. The mind's nature is to solve problems, real or invented. It'll keep you busy for decades if you allow it to work on/dig up whatever it thinks it can prolong its existence, to keep the illusion of separation. Pay less attention to your mind trying to find intellectual and logical answers to questions you didn't even ask. You're saying you're not resonating with Teal's message, but still the mind is slowly but surely convincing you that there's more work to do before you're "allowed" to realize who you truly are. Your true nature is always and already here and now, there's no process to go through before you're "worthy" to realize it.