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  1. What does it really mean to selfless? Does it mean not having a sense of self or does it mean putting others above your human needs? I've heard an enlightened human can still be what people call selfish even though they don't have a sense of self.
  2. https://mywaterfilter.com.au/collections/reverse-osmosis-filters/products/4-stage-reverse-osmosis I saw an Amazon link someone left to a RO filter but it seems unavailable now. Found this one online. It says it filters Lead & Mercury II but not Mercury I? Any opinions on if this is worth buying or any other suggestions would be helpful.
  3. Hey all, I'm preparing a talk about happiness. I'm looking for places to speak. Perhaps spiritual conferences? Anything focused around personal development? I'm in Melbourne, AU. I will note events in other states of Au if suggested. Tim
  4. @Yarco Depth. I feel alot of stuff out there isn't getting to the root of a lot of dissatisfaction and misunderstanding in the world. I would like to focus on raising awareness and increasing holistic understanding of life rather then a focus on fulfilling ones base needs for money, sex or achievement. It could be expressed as moving stage green to yellow or conventional to post conventional. With that comes an increase in wisdom and I think also, a certain increase in wellbeing.
  5. Interested to start a business to help teach many of the great insights I've gathered other the years and to contribute to my life purpose. I am thinking of doing public speaking in venues in my city as well as creating content online for Youtube and the web. Anything to watch out for or consider before jumping in?
  6. Shia Labeouf's character could be considered red with aspects of orange.
  7. By healthy you mean not a psychopath?
  8. I've heard about it from watching Actualized.org and also from the interview with Peter Ralston that Leo did. I'm open to the fact that the absolute truth could be found through another method that is beyond intellectual thinking. Is there anyone that can give me an idea of what dc is? Is it something that can only be understanding through being in the state of dc? Thank you
  9. @Consept Yes it doesn't value all humans equally that was one of the main concerns I had.
  10. Just watched I am Mother on Netflix, the robot in the film is different from your typical nefarious movie cyborg. It helps other humans even though it's primary designed to look after it's own 'special' family of human beings. I saw a lot of stage yellow in the way it behaves and responds. If anyone else has watched or is willing to watch to provide their opinion that would be great.
  11. What's more important to you? Mastering meditation or not lot losing a great idea?