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  1. We see our earlier thread got locked so we have to say SORRY if we offended anyone by the conversation. Sexual issues always seem to get attention by many but those same people are always offended, it seems. BTW, we are not referring to the moderators because they have a tough job to do to keep everyone in line.
  2. Thanks for your support, Lento. Hopefully you will be tuned in.
  3. but wouldn't you agree that a marathon starts with just one single step?? No one has ever accused us as being a couple that does not stand up for our beliefs. maybe it is the fact that people say that nudity is not appropriate, however no one ever explains WHY. I know it is not on the same level, but at one time no one could explain why a black person could not sit wherever they wanted to on a bus, so one day a woman decide that she WAS going to sit anywhere on a bus and history changed. WELL, my husband and I are just now going to announce our "sit anywhere on the bus" moment and go completely naked as a couple (face and all) on the very public site of Craigslist in the Rants and Raves section next Monday night (2-17) at 10:00pm (Chicago) time and post our rant about society not accepting nudity, with no good reason. Just like everyone else on the internet, you will be able to view (or not) public nudity and we will see how the public accepts it. We will also be posting on here to let everyone know the reactions, first hand. Until then, feel free to give your comments or predictions of what we are going to do.
  4. It may not agree with most but we would actualize a world that would accept the nudity of the human body
  5. we are in agreement that only when we expand our view, will we expand our thoughts and beliefs. NO, if we do the CL "experiment" we would not relate it back to this forum in any way. The Craigslist readers/viewers would not be told that is an experiment we are discussing on this forum/thread. Only the readers of this thread would know when and where the Craigslist posting would be taking place. maybe get a "real time" thread going for us to keep everyone informed as to the reactions to the posting.
  6. Serotoninluv, You, Me and husband and probably several others on this forum may agree that there is nothing wrong with nudity however can we also agree that (for some yet unexplained reason) most of society has an issue with it. For my fellow Christians who think nudity is shameful, I remind them that (from the Bible} Jesus allowed himself to be stripped naked to display his naked body on a cross, thinking that he would be ashamed and he made no mention that he was the least bit ashamed (sorry romans). Yet those that say they follow Jesus would have someone arrested for walking into one of their churches naked. THIS MIGHT BE A GOOD TEST TO SEE HOW SOCIETY AXCEPTS NUDITY...since those who are on Craigslist are probably a good cross section of society, it would be interesting to see what the reaction would be if my husband and I posted completely naked pictures of ourselves. I am talking about full body (face and all) pictures and ask people to respond with their acceptance of nudity in public. We would post on here when we are going to do it, so the followers of this thread could follow along with the results. We would even go as far as to post the pictures in the Craigslist for the city in which we live just to prove that we are serious about the issue. After I have typed this, it really does seem like a pretty crazy thing to do (and my husband will think I am completely nuts) however it maybe a good way to go public with the nudity issue and if nothing else, will give us all more to discuss on this thread. I am a woman (so I reserve the right to change my mind on this LOL) but what does everyone out there think? Would it be a good test? What do you think the results would be? Is it worth doing?
  7. it is like anything else that you do, if playing with yourself is causing issues in your life, yes you maybe need to make some adjustments. If you need outside help doing that, fine go get help, if you can cut back on your own, that is fine as well. As a women I can't think of a reason that it would effect me negatively, so reaching down my jeans and fingering myself whenever I have a desire does not have a lot of down side. That is probably not the same for you guys who need to get an erection to preform with your mate. This may not pay that well with some out there, but we women need to do our share in keeping things as exciting as what our mates are watching in the porn movies. I can't think of what it would be like if I was the type to just open my legs and lay there while my husband pumps me until he explodes in me and then roll over and fall asleep. If that is your sex action, you can't blame your husband or boyfriend for jacking his cock to hot porn.
  8. Hi Nahm, your comments are noteworthy and I would invite you to look at it this way....take the relationship that my husband and I have together away....and you have two individual sex addicted people that most likely would be in damaged relationships or no relationships at all and just fucking anyone that happens to walk by. This is a forum and we love the twists and turns that people take the threads, however I really don't think the title of this thread has really been address...for instance, there is a reason why there isn't a row of vibrators and dildos at Walmart and Target however I am sure most of us women have one in one fashion or another.
  9. yes we have been very involved with that life style over the years and found them t be very enjoyable. Yes, you are completely correct that the adult video arcade is very crude and back alley (although this was in the back of a very well run adult products store) but that was the attraction for us at the time. Mainly it was guy that were looking for a place to jack off while watching porn and we gave them the real thing to jack off to. Since we have not been on here that long, I figured that we needed to keep it to the PG13 level however we could get into some real "sexual conversation and experiences and I guess since you are the moderator of this forum you will have to let everyone know where to draw the line. I was amazed since my husband only started this thread a few days ago that it has gotten as many views as it has gotten, however I am not surprised that the people of this forum are interested in reading along with for most is a taboo subject.
  10. because he and I have been together for 25 years and we know each other so well and have made certain agreements such as never turning down our partner when their urge to have sex is pressuring them. Since most of the time it only takes a couple of minutes to also getting "into the mode" it all works out anyway and if, for some reason, we don't have equal interest at the time, it is not the end of the world to "go along with" a hard fucking to help your partner get their release. I am sure there has been 100s of times over the years when I got him hard and mounted him that he may not have been 100% into it. If any issues come up it would have to be when we move our sex action out of just he and myself. For instance, in the video arcade sex that I mentioned earlier, it can be a pretty risky situation. We both got completely naked in one of the video booths and once we got each other aroused, we walked out of the booth and to the end of the small hallway of video booths. it did not take long to catch the attention of the guys walking around and at that point anything could have happened and sometimes you just have to let it happen
  11. if you are using the word addiction as "an almost impossible urge to control a behavior", YES, I know my husband and I would both call it an addiction to achieve the climax "high". Just as drug addicts have use different drugs to achieve their high, we will admit to doing some pretty crazy things (including voyeurism in reverse or being watched). The people we talk to about it (and as you know by now, we will talk to anyone about it) are close friends in (and out of) our Christian community. We do not believe that the Bible looks down upon porn, masturbation or nudity, but it is the interruption by people that is the real issue. Just as those guys stood and watch my husband giving his cock to me from behind, I also believe that those same friends that condemn our actions (if they could do it anonymously) would also stand a watch the same action. Reaching the level for Mindfuck is a level the many (if not most) do not reach during the act of sex. Or maybe a better way to put it would be, they do not allow themselves to reach. It is a level that (I will confess) that is not reached often by my husband and myself either, but when we give it the time, it is truly another level of climax. The best way that I can explain it is, not only my pussy is getting fucked but also my mind and my complete body goes into complete and extended climax.
  12. I am not sure if we described our sex life as Health or Great, however we would consider having uncontrollable sex with your spouse both healthy and great! That being said, I do know what you mean and respect your statement. I know it has been said millions of times by addicted people, "I have control over my addiction, I can stop if I really want to and it is not hurting me or anyone else". Meanwhile, their life is going down the drain and usually taking loved ones with it. In our case however, the previous statement is true, but it is only because we are married to each other. Yes, I would agree that many out there would consider our sex actions to be "weird", but that is probably the only way they are being effected. We recently had sex in a Pure Pleasure Adult Store back in their video arcade area in front of 3 or 4 guys getting live sex show and I don't think anyone was harmed by our actions and it was a pretty wild experience.
  13. HI EVERYONR, this is the wife half of weareacouple and my husband did tell me that he started a thread on here and I have finally had time to check it our and WOW it seems that there is a lot of interested in sex addiction, porn, masturbation, nudity and everything that is associated with them. Not only the number of people brave and open enough to post thoughts and replies, but also the high number of views. I do agree with everything my husband posted concerning our sex life while we are together and also when we are alone. I do think that the use of porn should be used with extreme care because (just like a drug) it can pull you into an addiction that is hard to come back from. There is no question (for myself) that watching porn heightens the climaxing experiences and achieving a squirting climax is much easier when using a powerful vibrator and porn. I know it also helps my husband get those ongoing climaxes when he is alone as well.
  14. with due respect shin, I don't think society looks down on porn and masturbation because the people who are doing them are wasting their time,
  15. We have both said that it would be very difficult to have the addiction that we have without being married to each other. We also agree that it must be very difficult to be married to a sex addicted person if you do not have the same sex attraction. We handle desensitization the same way that other couples should (but usually don't) handle it and that is to continuously keep sex interesting and for us we have agreed that there is nothing that is off the table (as long as it is legal).