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  1. I never liked this "left-right" duality as understood in the US. To me everyone is both - and the application of either is a matter of your personal development. In such you could measure "a level of one's consciousness". I'm most "conservative" when I'm "integrating" (e.g. after psychedelic trips). In fact, the whole idea of "integration" is by definition conservative. This is where I literally "retract", "organise", "assign meaning", "figure out", "sit on it", "think it through", "consider/re-consider", "slow down", "reground", "find back my comfort zone", "understand my past/history"; etc. When I need to "move fast", "change paradigms", "gain new knowledge", "explore", "solve big problems", "improve in a big way", "get out of my comfort zone", "cover new grounds", "go with my intuition", "grow and develop", etc. then I'm a "progressive". So "integration" is... an integral part of the "progress". Politics is a balancing game where one is always in excess. So if you self-label some rigid and false notions of "conservative/progressive" you're just misapplying yourself and show you've understood nothing that was rambled about for 8+ years on Actualized. And that is pathetic. Start looking at the politics holistically and then you'll start understanding the duality of left-right. And then go beyond that. --- There is a useful book about it by Johnathan Haidt called "The Righteous Mind". I found it very helpful in observing my mind reasoning when conversations lean left/right - it's also good to have that habit formed to work on your biases.
  2. The guy is a clown (both of them tbh...). However, tying libertarianism with Hobbes's state of nature is the same as tying the "green" community with ZSSR communists. This is the same blatant mistake I've seen you making in your "Libertarianism is nonsense..." wikipedia readout - some valid points, and the gist / the end conclusion is correct (in my opinion). But the analysis is surface level and can easily be picked apart by vapid followers of that religion - it is unnecessarily biased and poorly thought out. And rather than uniting and having libertarians see the pitfalls of their dogma, you've brought division and backlash. And you just keep gaslighting that topic - no idea why?
  3. Mckenna is known for getting extremely high before each session and then he would talk fluently for like 6+ hours non-stop using the most beautiful language. That just shows you how differently people react to certain chemicals. You can learn to use cannabis to tap into special kind of creativity sources, normally not accessible to you. You can also fuck off and waste your opportunity. This is down to how discipline you are. And the same goes to any psychedelics. Therefore, saying "definitely do/not do XYZ" is extremely ignorant and close-minded. Each to their own.
  4. McKenna enters the room...
  5. A great clip - thank you for sharing @krockerman I have a different critique of spiral dynamics so the video was a great addition to my bias ? I have to agree with the argument that spiral dynamics being framed as a linear evolution falls victim to deterministic meandering about the "inevitable destination" one is hurling into. In my view, the SD model is a perfect sandbox for creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that has a self-destroying "feature" built into it. In the best case scenario, "spiral dynamics" is just a fancy term for saying "I'm on the path of getting better". And you often talk about SD when "actualising self" is not good enough term to impress your peers. However in the worst case scenario, it is an invitation to a "spiral competition" with your fellow human beings. Namely, "who wears better colours" - a true recipe for a disaster. The SD model can also hand you this "deterministic map" that your ego immediately latches on to and gives you a false reassurance that "everything will be alright as long as I quickly claim Tier 2". Hopefully you will quickly realise that the map is incorrect and brings more confusion disguised in another fancy and egotistical term: "a high-level systems thinking" (as oppose to what? a "low-level thinking" pleb?) - there is almost a rudimentary casting system built into that way of thinking... Take note: by the time you reach something akin to "the Yellow Stage" in SD's own definition of that stage, the whole thing falls apart under the pressure of your growing understanding of relativity and non-linear, fractal and infinite nature of consciousness. And the "growing complexity" (as oppose to "trimming the fat..."? ?) is a big problem not just with the SD model but, more importantly with the Actualized.org core content: - for example, just because you took 16 hours to ramble about one subject in 4 part series, and each one started with a mandatory disclaimer about how "extremely advanced and unique these ramblings are"... doesn't make the whole video "an extremely advanced and unique" for these hacky reasons alone. [given the sheet volume of otherwise fantastic Actualized library of wisdom, this is rarely the case, mind you - but I have super high standards for Leo clips so I have to call that out...] Although, I must say the Actualized Clips are a great turn into the right direction on that end ~ happy to see them coming! Thanks again for the share!
  6. It really broke my heart when Brian kicked Nic from LR. Especially painful as it happened right AFTER the ayahuasca trip that Nic had around their friendship: https://youtu.be/_UoPMxeup8I This and how Brian handled the Joey Diaz fiasco: https://youtu.be/1XixwFGE-80 made me actively avoid anything from this scammer. Just the body language alone mimicking Pena with this overextended shoulders looking at you from the top - this is what a fucking sociopath looks like Despite some of the great guests he sometimes has on the platform.
  7. It's pretty basic imo. They cover the same key points that you'll find in the Actualized series but in less detail. They also didn't address non-linear spiral progress problem, the illusion of "predicting the future" and how relativity breaks the spiral model both in micro and macro view. (I've yet to see someone talking about those issues in depth...) It's a good summary if you're into the SD and need a refresher from someone other than Leo. However I'd recommend you moving on to Cook-Greuter Ego Development model instead - you'll get more out of it and you won't risk the trap of becoming one of the Six Crayons Gang members here that will dwarf your development.
  8. Ok, please, if you don't mind me asking: how long have you been on this journey? Who introduced you to it? Most importantly, at what stage of conscious development would you say you were when your worldviews or paradigm changed for the first time? (you can point me to a post where you've covered that if you have already) And if I may, here's mine in a nutshell (and also so that you better understand where "this noob with 7 posts" is coming from): 1. in 2008/9, I was heavy into Sam Harris, Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchens - mostly debates as they were translated or easier with my early stages of English language (this was my "atheist era" lol) 3. 2010/12 - I'm balls deep into self-help and personal development - and had the usual run of top 200 books that I found on Amazon and various book clubs on the Internet (most of them you can find in Leo's book club nowadays) - I was also a little bit into PUA stuff (met my wife that way), diet + gym + daily intermittent fasting (still doing it), cold showers every morning thanks to this guy and, thanks to Rogan that I also found at that time, I introduced saunas 3x week (COVID stopped it for the first time for me - 13 months now and counting...) 4. 2013 - I came across one of the early Leo's videos (with Red Canyon or similar in the background if I remember correctly...) - I stuck ever since watching every video (8 years now, wow...) 5. Same year (2013), I also came across Terence McKenna on YT and Harris's blog post about LSD - end of the year, I had my first heavy shroom trip and one of the most important trips in my life. I also did DMT (nn) for the first time and had my "atheist-world" turned upside down. At that point, I was all into Sheldrake, Tolle, Monroe and Watts. This would be my early "spiritual stage". 6. 2014/15 - I've stumbled upon Sedona Method here on Leo's blog in one of the material references (before there was ever any Forum open). This was my first successful introduction to daily meditation that further helped with deepening LSD and shroom trips. And general wellbeing (I've been a daily meditator for over 6 years now). I also started harping underneath each Actualized video for Leo to take psychedelics - which he eventually did mids 2016. 7. In 2015, I took my first 5MEO and got my first deep awakening. 8. 2016 - I left my 9-5 and built my own company rapidly growing till now. My point is that my journey started based on the debates and people questioning the mainstream dogma. People talking, arguing, interviewing each other back and forth, endlessly as they should. It will hopefully continue until my body falls apart. This has nothing to do with "convincing nay-sayers" or what "Leo's job is" - who are we to say who is a nay-sayer or what Leo's job is, anyway? I wonder how many wasted years I would have if all these people never argued the dogma publicly, got challenged on their meek shit and came back with refined and more enlightened answers to help us get where we are right now. So, yes, I'm over-reacting slightly on the "because he's above it all", "his job is talking to Turquise people only", and "the lesser stage people wouldn't understand him anyway" boo-fucking-hoo reactionary defence-mode I spotted cancering some time ago here for whatever reason. Therefore, I'm coming out of the woodwork to harp on that, same as I did years ago, insisting on Leo taking psychedelics. I hope I'm wrong this time (but I don't think so...). P.s. I had this powerful trip about the Language once - a feeling of total understanding of the Language as a kind of conscious "technology" or "tools" that we humans use to assemble a conscious message (Love) in a particular way that materialises in a flow of ideas. Nothing I ever heard about language coming from anyone has even slightly touched that understanding (though I got to a point where you can’t explain the Language using a language, so I won't hold my breath...). Anyway, during that trip, I also understood that the "tools" (the Language) aren't getting used most creatively unless people continue talking and arguing WITH each other. If you insist on silence only or improper/unconscious use of "the tools" (like endlessly rambling to a camera alone in your man cave), the infinite river of creativity is then funnelled elsewhere. And in that analogy, you stand alone as this dried shell of a tree on the side of an empty riverbank of creativity that moves past you. That experience of a "dead tree" (or "no language" or "the silence" or "empty words") is always there accessible for you if you wish - it's beautiful in its own right. However, my ego calls it "a missed opportunity" to bring more Love to the world.
  9. Producing new content in the darkness of your studio is one thing. Producing new content based on the experience of the whole enterprise of idea generation that - yes, inevitably includes the 1-on-1 and public conversation - is a whole new ballgame. Irrespective of one's "comfort zones" and "preferences", you can't tell me there is no benefit to ironing out your ideas while having high-level public conversations, "notes comparisons", bouncing back ideas and picking one's brain. All this is so much different than dropping essays on a blog or some forums - that I see very ineffective. (Just look at the @fridjonk response above - even after reading my long post (or not?) he still thinks I didn't watch the video which my entire post was based on...) Here's the funny thing: you have this "High Consciousness Resources" thread here - how many of those are videos of people talking to each other and exchanging ideas? In fact, Leo drops a video on why he wouldn't do interviews on a blog, and then he posts an ->interview<- about "The Insane Benefits Of Fasting" that I guess he learned a lot from... Do you see what I'm saying here?
  10. I'm not sure about that "debates don't work" thing. If we're talking about some 240-char back-n-forth face-farting in the comments between "satan666" vs "v3ganpumpkin", then I guess you're right. Personally, I even extend that to most of the long-form forums, including this very one, as a waste of my time (but not always - just looking at my "diarrhoea" below... lol ). Of course, the bulk of the work and the biggest progress is never verbalised - at least from my experience. I get all that. I also get that you'll choose what is the most comfortable medium to communicate your ideas. But just to reduce a human conversation to verbal fights and rebuttals for the sake of ego and survival seems like such a caricature of how great and full of love human communication can be. It's like saying there are no levels to consciousness - just a binary "on/off" switch. I get the complexity and subtle nature of many of the ideas that require a long preamble to roll the argument in full. However, the argument that this can only be done while rambling into the camera lens? This is such a false belief to me. And also, a mighty "un-holistic" take on the whole subject. As if you've never witnessed any great conversation that you've learned from, clear some of your doubts, or even made you change your entire worldview. Same as flawlessly talking to a camera for 4 hours without blinking and making "yhmm" and "ekhem" noises, debating and interview require skill and experience. Currently, Leo has almost zero public experience in interviews. Except for the two with Rawlston and Ball that many people (myself included) found incredibly valuable. Worth noting that Rawlston videos are essentially a debate where Leo throws objections, and Rawlston expertly tackles and disarms them. The benefit is not just for Leo but also for millions of people now and in the future, watching the video. And by the way, the bulk of the "debates don't work" argument seems to be about "me not getting anything from it" or "not being able to convince the other person". Well, you don't really debate for yourself or to change your interlocutor's mind. Debates are mostly made for the silent majority at least as "food for thought" if not to educate them more interestingly and engagingly. It also helps you become a better teacher as it can give you a high-level insight into how the other person is receiving your words. There is a great value in going through the process of concept verbalisations and becoming a better, more eloquent communicator of ideas. It's like I often hear this "pointing finger to the moon" analogy - well, being a great communicator that has experience in "getting through to a thick skull" is like pulling out a telescope and pointing... You're just much more effective at it than waving your little finger at the dark sky and mumbling something about "the moon and shit...". The point is that thousands (millions?) of people can have a life-changing experience while listening to a highly conscious and informative interview - so just to dismiss it as "a publicity stunt" feels to me like such a blind spot and poorly thought out argument. Also, some of the YouTubers' tendency to read thousands of comments under any given video may give you a false idea that channels are essentially built of closed-minded hordes of accolades and any idea-based conversation is futile. While this might be true to some groups, you don't just go to Professor Dave's channel talking about "being God". Picking the right person to talk to is key to having a great conversation/debate that benefits you and the majority of listeners. So I wouldn't whine about Richard Dawkins and his friends not wanting to listen to me talking about God and consciousness - I pick a better person/audience to talk to or modify my language and words to convey at least some of the truth, so I can help them progress or question the dogma (and, btw, isn't that skill and approach-flexibility a part of "yellow stage" package here...?). Human communication has many various forms - some work only for basic subjects, others are better suited for more complex ideas. It's an art and is made from love. So don't shit on it because you're bad at it or seen some people doing a mockery of it. Go out of your comfort zone, experience it, and get better at communicating - for your and others benefit. P.s. Who are we debating here, anyway? ... "But, Leo...!" - Leo Gura
  11. Not sure really... maybe you turn into a demented guru
  12. @Leo Gura If I get my facts right, you were born around '84-86-ish in Central Europe (Belarus, right?). I hear you and (your mum) got the Hashimoto-thyroid issues / auto-immune issues / weird unexplained allergies / unknown diseases. Well, I'm also from that region (southern Poland), and I'm '86. Everyone here has the same shit: bone cancer, thyroid issues/cancers, elevated Alzheimers (5x more often in that region), or other weird and unexplained diseases that modern medicine doesn't really know how to deal with. Personally, I struggled for over a decade with terrible digestive problems, including bad adult acne and disturbing food intolerances. Still, I dealt with it using some obscure (expensive!) and outside of the mainstream healthcare methods. Looking at the data, I've concluded that people from that specific region - Central Europe close to Ukraine - got fucked by the Chernobyl explosion in 80's. Like 70% of the nuclear fallout dropped on Belarus and the rest on Ukraine/Russia(or former ZSRR), Czechoslovakia and Poland (Southern regions), Eastern block (Chroatia+Serbia+Macedonia, etc.), but also down south to Austria, Swiss, or even Italy. Similarly, comparable "issues" happen to people from the other regions in the world where there was a "nuclear spill". Check "What were the main public health consequences of the disaster?" And various reports on Fukushimians health issues that will likely continue unfolding over the decades. For anyone affected by the Chernobyl tragedy, I found this excellent material that helped me to start my healing process.
  13. Dr Carl Hart on: - drugs overdose the "opioid crisis in this country." - on closeted drug users, - drugs in academia and environments requiring high-performance - what's wrong in mainstream media's approach to the drug problem - how the general culture portrayal of the "hard drug" use is damaging to us all - why high consciousness materials - [such as this one ;-] - should be the prerequisite for taking drugs safely https://open.spotify.com/episode/4xMbq7gLEjFioOQ5gpSw2l?si=iwcrN7ERSIKPciHKOrCpiA Takeaway: As I listened, I realised I was locked in the closed-minded paradigm about "hard drugs" and war on drugs. Worst, I was using scapegoating "thought templates" to navigate that space, contributing to the mountains of bullshit about the issue. All that despite being a long-term, and an avid psychedelic user. This pod was long-time coming for me - a profound paradigm shift.
  14. sure "they" are no match to our "norms" obviously... come on...
  15. "5g deployment exacerbate COVID-19" - case closed Bonus: "Glyphosate (Monsanto) is linked to COVID-19" - guess what: there is no Monstanto in Iran (and no 5G). Also, there is no advance health care in Iran either. However, what they do have is a lot of mass burials due to COVID-19. Go figure... P.S. "The horrible mass of books that keeps growing might lead to a fall back into barbarism.” - Gottfried Wilhelm, a prominent philosopher and mathematician of 17th century P.S.2 "Vaccines weaken our immune system" - Dr. Andrew Kaufman (or whoever this "Dr." person is - I couldn't find any info about him anywhere on the Internet) yeah, "the terrible vaccines" - they're literally killing us...