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  1. I think people should not call consciousness nothing. By being existence itself, that inherently gives it a single quality at the very least: existence or thingness (BEING, PRESENCE). I understand what we mean by calling it nothing because it is devoid of all other qualities on its own but i still dont agree with this terminology. Nothing is nothing as in nonexistence as in there would be no consciousness, no anything. People know what conscious awareness means, theres no need to give a lable to it, espessially a confusing one. Conventionally speaking something and existence mean the same thing as do nothing and nonexistence. To recontextualize this word to another definition isnt the way to go about this because it is just another word for the same thing (nonexistence) which is not existence, just use formlessness if u need to use a word to describe the difference between formed objects or things versus consciousness. You cant make nothing and nonexistence different things when they are literally talking about the same "thing" or "not thing" which means we should not use "nothing" to describe this "something"(consciousness). People will still get it because we all know what consciousness is inherently. To answer the question why something exists rather than nothing is because nonexistence literally does not exist which means existence has to exist. My whole reason for starting this thread was because i dont think we should use that term as it is not a correct term for this and can cause confusion because of how its evolved as a word in society. I dont mean to sound condescending or anything like that, this is just my opinion.
  2. This is what i think too.
  3. @Hulia I think i understand. However when you say no spectator, do u mean no physical, separate entity? If thats what u mean, then i get it. As far as i can tell, the awareness that observes the appearences exists. Though they are more one in the same, the same process i guess.
  4. @OctagonOctopus Thank you for clarifying. I think i understand now. People sometimes use the terms nothing and nonexistence interchangably and that was confusing me.
  5. So i have been asking this question recently but i dont know if anyones on the same page here when it comes to terminology. I keep asking if consciousness is something or nothing out of confusion. Because what i think of when hearing the word nothing is that consciousness doesnt exist. But clearly, since it is happening, it exists. I dont think nothing and nonexistence are the same thing (in this context) and that people need to clarify what they mean by this. Yes it may not be a physical thing, anywhere at any time, but it still EXISTS correct? Its existence itself. So why are people calling it nothing? Do you mean it does not exist? Because that does not make any sense.
  6. Is consciousness something or nothing though? Like is this now moment and experiance existence itself or nonexistence?
  7. Those words were comforting, thank you. ? Yes, it definently seems like im nowhere but in a place at the same time.
  8. If you only love doing something "bad", your just missing out on getting enjoyment from "good" things, simple. Your not experiancing infinite love because your only attached to one form of it. You could love both, your just too attached to this ego that identifies with being "bad". "Good" and "bad" are just concepts. Because either way, you are loving something. And when you love anything, whether thats harming yourself or not, you care about it, you dont want that thing to stop existing obviously. When you apply that to just loving a person, its the same feeling but greater due to feelings another provocs in you. Theoretically, you could love anything, even the idea that you will die but it takes simple logic to tell you, "thats probably not a good thing to pursue". Id like to add empathy is just a higher form of feeling, and the realization that just like you, another person has feelings and that their experiance is as important as your own (because between u and me, they are you anyway, just a different form :P).
  9. Hey there everyone. Been a while since ive been on here last. Hope u all are doing well. Recently ive been having nonstop realizations of the depth of infinity. Its kinda really scary. Things are so infinite, its almost like a single object gets lost or that it didnt really exist in the first place, its so weird, like where does anything begin or end? This started when i started thinking about how small things could be. Like atoms. Then theres these qwark things that are even smaller. But how small can something be before it doesnt exist? I began thinking size must be infinitly small. And infinity big. It kinda freaks me out because i have no idea how big anything actually is in that or where tf i even am in the universe if it just reaches out forever. Its a mind **** for sure.
  10. @Carl-Richard that makes sense. I thought it was probably due to conditioning. Its just now im wondering how i can trust my own preferences. Doesnt that mean its all kinda of an illusion?
  11. This just opened the door to another question regarding the same thing. And its really bothering me. But how can someone mentally like or enjoy something physically painful or uncomfortable? Like a masochist?
  12. Been thinking about this almost obsessively today. How is it we enjoy or like things more than others? It cant be cause a feeling simply just feels better than another because everyone feels differently about the same feelings. For instance, someone could like romance more than anything else. Someone else could enjoy their work more than anything else. Hell, someone could even enjoy doing nothing at all as their favorite feeling. Its weird that preference even exists? Im questioning my own likes and dislikes? Like, where does it come from? Is this even worth wondering about?
  13. She may be saying u stalk her so that you keep your distance so she can continue breaking in to your mothers house. Only question i have is WHY is she constantly doing so? Is she stealing? Is she just trying to visit your mom or has any ties with people in that house? Either way, you should build up the evidence shes been breaking into the house uninvited and request for a restraining order against her. And if shes stealing, then bring her ass to jail.
  14. Im also curious but you say your schizophrenic but havent been diagnosed. Only want to help you clarify things so i must ask: 1: What mental symptoms makes you think you are schizophenic? 2: Are you going to try to get a real diagnosis? Sometimes symptoms of schizophrenia can be present in other mental illnesses like major depressive order and bi polar which can sometimes cause you to hallucinate and think delusionally (i know cause i deal with severe enough depression) and i only say this because it seems you have jumped the gun saying it is schizophrenia when you havent had a proper dianosis yet. Those things you asked about, like if others do the same are pretty "normal" too btw. My advice is to get set up with a psychotherapist.
  15. It doesnt matter why. Shes just an irrational person. People can be like that. Go to the police. Honestly and i dont mean to sound rude but if anyones ever broken into your house and phyically or sexually assaulted you, why wouldnt your first instinct be to call the police? And if this lady is breaking into your mothers house unannounced, you have every right to report her to the police. She doesnt want you in her life obviously and you shouldnt want her in yours if she acts like that.