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  1. I’m fascinated by the natural processes that would kerb mans proliferation as he disturbs too much of earths nature. Covid-19 could be an intriguing example, if it is a result of humans and animals living in too close a proximity in markets that are as concentrated and confined as they are due to the demand for resources as a consequence of overpopulation, then that could serve as an example of man’s encroachment on nature resulting in a return to equilibrium.
  2. Knowledge originates from perception.
  3. Sometimes cultural artefacts surpass the boundry lines of nation states in importance.
  5. An interesting conversation with Yuval about the current situation.
  6. Overall I would say it is negative. It will dissolve the ego to some degree and increase awareness and also help with reflection and introspection. It can become a habit however and too often will become a source purely of pleasure, hindering development.
  7. What do you mean by superior?
  8. Great post bro
  9. This is an interesting resource from Charles W Anderson: