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  1. This is because knowledge originates from perception.
  2. There is a beautiful Star Trek episode from the original series related to this topic, called Metamorphosis.
  3. It will if you eat God directly and not the corporate stuff.
  4. Thanks for the article @Leo Gura An interesting film I remember watching about AI was Demon Seed.
  5. @Leo Gura you don't need me to remind you how fragile egos are, haha. Problems will stem from the sheer mental courage and bravery you've demonstrated with your unique experiments with psychedelics, in the educational realm. The willingness to explore consciousness with the amount and diversity of relatively unknown substances is as astonishing as the results and 99% of people will never dare to come anywhere close, they won't even puff on a joint. They are too frightened. I don't think people appreciate that. The toll on the mind and body, I can't even imagine. It takes a special kind of bravery to do that, nobody is willing to do that and when combined with your intentions and your ability and desire to teach, you have found yourself in a very unique place and other egos cannot handle that. They cannot handle the fact that you possess and speak from these experience and that they cannot, even though you share and illuminate on such a broad range of topics in the ways that you do. Isn't ego a bitch.
  6. I've only watched a couple, but this looks like a good channel. I searched to see if it had been mentioned before, apologies if it has.
  7. I remember reading a message on PostSecret back in the day which was astonishing to me. I vaguley remember it went along the lines of; when you visit your boring elderly relatives/parents etc. imagine that you have travelled back in time to be able to spend a few more precious moments with your loved ones, before they are gone again.
  8. I haven't read it all yet, this article was on the front pagge of the Guardian's UK website last week.
  10. There is a chapter from Arthur Schopenhauer that is relevant to this question. It is Chapter VII and is found in The World As Will And Idea, Volume II. It's available online as a PDF, without cost. It contains a simple yet powerful distinction that Leo has alluded to above.
  11. These are not stupid ass games. Nothing could be more serious. The survival of the human race is at stake.
  12. I’m fascinated by the natural processes that would kerb mans proliferation as he disturbs too much of earths nature. Covid-19 could be an intriguing example, if it is a result of humans and animals living in too close a proximity in markets that are as concentrated and confined as they are due to the demand for resources as a consequence of overpopulation, then that could serve as an example of man’s encroachment on nature resulting in a return to equilibrium.
  13. Knowledge originates from perception.
  14. Sometimes cultural artefacts surpass the boundry lines of nation states in importance.