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  1. Self-Inquiry is way better if done correctly, this video should show you how to do it properly
  2. Seems like its collective. There's lots of talk on youtube about a shift in consciousness on the whole planet which is happening now. I dont usually buy into this stuff, but I cant deny expreientialy I am feeling it and seeing this change happening
  3. Dont go you will get absolutely nothing out of it
  4. Being aware of being aware by Rupert Spira. Will give you a direct insight into your true nature if read carefully
  5. When you wake up and see that all there is, is consciousness. You see that you and "everyone else" have been awake the whole time. Consciousness claiming it is not free is a cosmic joke. You are already awake you just dont know it yet. "All that is necessary is to get rid of the false notion that we are bound" - (Sri Ramana Maharshi)
  6. This is good it shows you that you are awareness itself no the body/mind. Throughout out the day whenever you remeber try to abide as that open awareness. In time is will become your natural state.
  7. @IAmTheHolySpirit I have a question for you. You seem to have a tendency to belittle I'm curious to why?
  8. I feel I may have fallen into this trap how do I recognize this?
  9. This technique Rupert shows in this video will give you a direct glimpse into you true nature.
  10. It's true it doesnt matter but in this life the body must do something why not help "others".
  11. You will never satisfy egoic survival. This is just the ego doing what is does best postponing it's own inevitable "death". Start now you wont regret it. You can live a balanced life with spirituality and worldly ambitions. Do it while you can you may not have any time or headspace when your supporting a family.
  12. What happened is just what happened. don't attach too much importance to it. id see them as signposts you're going in the right direction. Anyway try focus on that sense of being that's were truth lies