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  1. I agree 100% my bad, I misinterpreted your original statement
  2. C'mon man that's just spiritual bypassing
  3. I was wondering if you guys have found the more you awake you become, that thoughts appear less and/or even completely stop and are only used when necessary thanks
  4. Its mean your actually dealing with your repressed emotions. That's what meditation really is dealing with your shit, not trying to attain some peaceful state. Take is easy but it can be overwhelming so be careful
  5. I heard stories of advanced yogi manifesting things into existence but even they say in the end its pointless and your energy should be directed towards realization not powers
  6. Just keep resting in it, its takes time for the joy and fulfilment to come out. At the moment there is a subtle resistance from the ego to it. You may even notice negative emotions appear but this is just energy being cleared keep going until you completely dissolve into it.
  7. You will find that the benfits from semen retention arnt so obvious or noticable but over time they build up, it's like when your young and you start to grow it happens so slow you hardly notice but after 5 years you check you hight and you've grown a few inches. Dont ever go back to porn its will slowly over time fuck you over. Keep going. Also you cant just do semen retention I expect yourself to be pussy magnet you gota put the work in career, health and self development.
  8. Keep resting in the Self, the boredom or discontentment you feel with that realization is the ego's resistance to it. As you keep resting in the Self slowly you ego starts to dissolve into it and more peace with start to come.
  9. It was a great documentary till at the end he pretty much said Sri Ramana Maharshi's and Swami vivekanandas new age teaching where insufficient and that Shankaracharyas teaching was the only way so everyone should follow him. Which is a bullshit tactic to gain followers
  10. Try not to strive to be anything but present, it's all you need and all you have
  11. Just keep going back to the experience of being aware of awareness. Also check out Rupert Spiras yoga meditations on youtube they will help resolve alot of doubt and also help remove contracted energy in the body.