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  1. I dont know i think it just might be my ocd but before Leo helped me change my whole life and now im thinking am i ... I have followed alot of his teachings and they have actually changed my life ... Now i have this irrational fear that i might be in a cult .. How do I deal with this... Sorry if this seems alittle bit silly
  2. Idk what to do anymore I have never been so defeated in my life ... I think I might just end it all for good
  3. Why do you come to this thread just to troll grow up
  4. Why r u saying that over and over
  5. yeah he should probably put down the lsd for awhile
  6. ... So i have pure obsession disorder and lately ive been ... worrying if im going to hell if i dont listen to everything some priest says and i hate religion and its really bothering me and i realize that there is no evidence of hell besides people fear mongering which isnt evidence and no one has came back from death so how would they know
  7. New age is making me go crazy saying there's demons and crap I know everything vibrates but there is only negative and neutral energy ...they are fear mongering about demons and saying real spirtuality is fake like experience based spirtuality
  8. No one is gonna pick you up but yourself that's the hard truth i tried to kill myself 5 times ...and I know you can do it ... I'm sure your a fantastic person ... accept it love yourself unconditionally and know that I love you as a person
  9. @Preety_India Think of all the things you want and visualize them put your emotion into it and think and then think about what will happen if you dont believe in yourself .Then at the very least try to get them....I'm sure you'll achieve it though ?
  10. Just accept i used to have pedophile ocd and it grossed me out and after awhile I got sick of it and just started imaging even more messed up crap on purpose and like made fun of my ocd your brain doesn't a 180 cuz its like wtf
  11. It does that's what scares me ig but alot of these less spirtuality aware newagers are more interested in believing in imagination(4d consciousness where everything exists/exploration then truth about our own world and themselves/conciousness what's the point of scaring yourself by making what you believe come into reality all it does is destroy/slows down your path of spirtuality with senseless fear
  12. So I was hoping Leo could get back to me I saw his video saying law of attraction wasn't real so I studied both sides the bad and the good and it all makes perfect sense ... and I've had immense life changes ... your programmed from birth to be poor by the schools and society that don't have your interest in mind and destroy critical thinking never teach you about your higher factuallys that's why 1 percent owns most of the world's money your sub concious mind is programed by your environment and interactions so from age 2 to 6 and beyond your brain washed by society... what is wrong what is right what is possible what isn't what you should do always having people telling you what you should do installing paradigms which ultimately limits your ability of realizing that your infinite consciousness searching for self-love and actualiznation having a temporary human experience and no one else creates your own reality but you unless you give them consent when all you want is love deep down and then these billionaires that do this send you into a endless loop of consumerism (aka quick dopamine blasts) to dumb you down when everything is inside you if everyone could love themselves fully we wouldn't need to be dived and ruled aka race another paradigm made to keep you farther apart from people and not to mention time doesn't exist it is quite obvious everything is infinite and all time is .. is change we live in a eternal universe everything is recycled and infinite in nature if you study psychics.... then theres the if something isn't scientific it isn't real paradigm that is made mandatory in school destroying your sub concious and independent thought more...and it has been proven that everything is vibration you can feel yourself...your cells are concious your imagination /memory is qoute on quote time and space and everything that could happen has happened does that mean the law of attraction will work everytime or give you whatever you want you have to act you have to be on a certain vibration as if it already happened I've had miracles happen for me but it correlates with our whole YOUniverse Aswell as almost all religions ancient texts and civilizations reference energy heavily I can go more into detail if you'd like
  13. I have pure Ocd and recently have tried to kill myself now im doing everything in life that i want too do weather I have fucked up thoughts or not ... Love you guys
  14. I keep seeing 11:11 everyday and 3:33 even though I dont try to look at them I just see them everywhere when i look
  15. I think its the spirit world trying to contact me ... it hasn't stopped ever since I tried to kill myself
  16. I just see all the negative in society and have had so many people hurt me i dont know I guess im alil bitter
  17. anyone who would like to talk to me would be greatly appreciated after trying to kill myself going to hospital and spending time in the psyche intensive care unit ... And a lot of weird things happening and I realized once you stop judging things and judging yourself youll be happy and stress free ... I have pure ocd which gives me incredibly terrible thoughts that bother me but I have managed to control my mind ... We are all god we are all born a infinite amount of times you are just the ego you have a higher self if anyone can help me have more insights / support id greatly appreciate it