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  1. thanks guys for all the positive reinforcement
  2. Mainly nervous cuz i was a idiot when i was younger and got fired from my last two jobs and i havent worked in a year so im very anxious ... If anyone can help me with this thank you
  3. I didnt know but yeah it says the same thing leos says in his what is god video
  4. check out this youtube video its like the short version of leos what is god
  5. If anyone has info regrading this .. please let me know .. I tried smoking it and it didnt work
  6. Yeah i used a lighter on top of ash thats why i didnt work but i still got a good amount of smoke
  7. Does anyone know if 5 meo dmt FREEBASE has to be vaped because i smoked some using a lighter and a bong and felt nothing i did maybe 5 mgs and my friend might of done like 1 we didnt feel anything i got a bad headache after and some nausea but thats it
  8. I already have a vape but ive decided im just going to wait till im off anti depressants to do some ... I got a bad headache after doing it and no effects but like a mind cloudiness idk how to describe it
  9. You need a vape ive found out unless you want to do like 60 mgs because the lighter burns to much of the dmt
  10. also it gave me a slight headache and some stomach sickness for a few minutes after using it even though i didnt feel any of the effects
  11. does using a lighter by chance burn the dmt and do how long should you hold it in for
  12. I guess i should save the rest till im off just hoping i didnt get scammed cuz my friend tried maybe a mg or 2 cuz he is scared to do it and didnt really feel much of anything either at all and hes not on any meds
  13. I very dissapointed im hoping i didnt get scammed but the website seems reputable ... has good reviews
  14. I smoked it ontop of bong ash with a lighter