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  1. Meditation might happen here, but the message resonates still and I don’t know why but it’s one of the best messages I’ve ever heard. @Consilience having said the above^ I still used to be quite the meditator and would often drive 30mins to an hour to meet with a meditation group, there was time the message of non duality resonated with me and now I’m going back to my roots of meditation again to see what happens if anything, I think the uncompromising message is a phase we all gotta go through or realize. Just wanted to say I respect your path and I hope in the dream or story or whatever that it’s a pleasant one
  2. You could meditate for 40 years and nothing could happen, that seems like a trap to me too. The perspective I enjoy is just that whatever is happening is happening and it’s all divine will so in that there is peace no need to listen to teacher or not listen to them
  3. Thanks for your post but joe Rogan drama ain’t that interesting to this body.
  4. I’d say I’m miserable because what is, is not satisfying and I don’t know if it ever will be no matter what “work” gets done or material I acquire. there are a few things in life that could make me enjoy it, but for now they seem far away. And maintaining said things seems even harder than getting them.
  5. Just gotta say love the idea of having to make your meaning and value and a society that doesn’t impose one upon you. I never put any value into value and it’s going to be interesting to see what’s valuable when there’s no labor economy.
  6. @mandyjw if you can fart in front of someone and feel no shame about it then this is someone who you should keep around.
  7. I would suggest that there is just what is. and it’s unknowable you can’t call it a conceptual framework cause that’s not what it is it’s not god, consciousness, and no self it’s just whatever is appearing to happen and that even isn’t it it’s just unspeakable I mean in the story you can try and understand it but for what end? You’ll get no closer or farther from what is. To me it seems like there only is apparent stories but no reality to them, they a seeing can arise that they never happened just like the past or future, where is it? You can only tell a story about it
  8. @VeganAwake @ADD you can’t know that either it’s just whatever is apparently happening
  9. Whatever this is can’t be explained and There doesn’t seem to be a way to get any closer or further away from it; no matter what practices happen or substances consumed. no need to seek or not seek. It is what it is
  10. Seems like there is just a sensation of being localized inside a body but beyond that it seems like everything is happening automatically without a doer, the heart beats itself thoughts appear randomly, muscles twitch there is no centralized force doing this. To me the bullshit is claiming there is an individual in charge of all of that stuff just because there is a seeming feeling of separation, just a conspiracy cooked up. dont stop seeking, dont start seeking, i mean from what i just said there is no person that could help your situation anyway. whats happening is whats happening and definitely agree here
  11. Buddhist teachers, Gurdjeff, Osho, Jim Newman, Tony Parson, Sadhguru, Leo.
  12. @Leo Gura sounds great but seems like a lot of pressure I hope I get there and it’s meaningful for me but if not I’m okay with it too
  13. @Wilhelm44 amen brother
  14. I’m quite skeptical of someone saying there is a goal I mean I used to think there was one and maybe there is but it’s not like once you reach it you die and there applause waiting for you, I mean shit maybe there is I don’t know according to Sadhguru when you get enlightened you leave the body but I’d just say let life happen and if you don’t that’s just what’s happening, you got to take all this personal development stuff with a grain of salt, it’s important but it’s also a never ending hamster wheel or at least it can be
  15. Some people say god realization is the goal of life but to me it just seems that means no more intrinsically than taking a shit or stubbing your toe. It’s an experience or sensation yes and potentially a good one maybe an aha moment but you cant tell me it means anything more than anything else in this
  16. @VeganAwake in a sense it’s just such a mindfuck cause it truly does seem like there are higher and higher states of consciousness and that you can progress but then you have to ask “to where”? And that’s when I think the bullshitting starts cause how could an apparent person outline for someone a point when they are enlightened I mean you can’t know if you’re enlightened cause there’s no one and there never was and even I don’t know how that can be said definitively. It just seems to be like beyond whatever this is anything and everything is bullshit language concepts stories etc and the sense of self for sure but again no one can know it. like I feel that there is an apparent path to walk and practices to do but I also don’t think they mean anything just like it doesn’t mean anything intrinsically to go to the gym you just have apparent benefits from and it alters the appearance but I’m probably preaching to the choir here.
  17. Great thread, ultimately it doesn’t matter but if I could choose to make reality it would be much better with no goal or apparent purpose or meaning, it would be total freedom. It sounds nice here. I still feel like a person but I don’t know if that means anything. I can’t stop seeking or doing practices and watching spiritual vids even if I assume they go nowhere, and I am bi polar and mystical stuff has happened to me but again I don’t know if that means anything.
  18. Ultimately I have no idea what path is right or what to follow, it’s just what resonates I guess. For a while Leo’s teachings resonated and they hit but now it’s advaita. I don’t know what’s true in experience there’s a order to everything and things happen mystically. However I cant say that any of that means more than anything else or that enlightenment or realization is more important than taking a shit. it seems like effort and laziness achieve the exact same which is not getting you farther or closer to what already is, but hey if you feel like meditation will get you there it’s not wrong, neo advaita could be bullshit so could Buddhism or any other religion how can one know ultimately
  19. Neo advaita takes the wind out of my sails. and yet something resonates with that message more than any other message I’ve heard.