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  1. We humans think we are so clever with our theories of value and money systems but how come nature doesn’t struggle with making a living and greed? If this money system is so perfect how is there a possibility of inflation and recessions shortages and debt wage slavery, I don’t think there is a good answer. But I would suggest maybe a system which makes it illegal to save too much money if there is a limited amount oin circulation. That’s a start, and also getting rid of cash altogether. Fuck social credits, give people there basic needs if you can and then allocate resources based on conscious thought and creativity. Take the game out of money, make it more neutral, less of a symbol of power status and intelligence and more of a symbol of a resource. But hey I don’t know shit I’m just a useless hippy with no real world value and mad at the system because I can’t make money doing what I enjoy, so I’m doomed to die. Great system eh?
  2. A society that doesn’t let people do what they want and enjoy (as long as they aren’t hurting or exploiting people), is no free society. And if they want the right to vote, and a say in who runs a country they have a stake in, who’s to take it away from them, have these leaders demonstrated that they are so high and might and right to govern, I certainly don’t think so. The average commoner isn’t as conscious as an elite but that doesn’t mean the elite has the right to rule over them, that’s called tyranny. At least democracy is trying something that a restricted or unelected government can’t and that is giving a voice to those who have to deal with the consequences of whatever happens. It may be corrupted but I just don’t see how giving power to “experts” will save us. The logical solution isn’t always the right one having said that I’d prefer those with knowledge and consciousness and compassion vote and to have conscious leaders in positions of power, but to take someone’s vote away is to render him powerless. You have to take the bad with the good. There’s no such thing as a perfect democracy, because if it was perfect everyone would agree, there’s only a functioning one or a non functioning one. Unfortunately many people just want to be ruled because it’s easy for them to be a slave, well I say I don’t want to be live in society as a slave and maybe I will leave society because like you said, if the only thing motivating people to do “hard dirty work” is material goods and wages to survive even though they hate it, and they aren’t paid well or ensured survival for helping society then we truly live in the dark ages. It’s a bleak world and from my perspective it’s hard to feel like you’re succeeding in this world even if your party wins, but I would feel even worse with an appointed council or restricted vote
  3. useless is a very relative term - some of the greatest things in life are useless
  4. Ashtavakra Gita is a great part of this dream, I listen to it a lot. Love that recording too
  5. It’s hard to care about politics but at the same time I’m lying if I say I don’t want a better “future”, it’s like I’ll play the game to win but if I lose it’s okay, maybe that’s copium but I just want to be able to say I did my part and I don’t want to feel like people are directly making decisions about what I can do with my life, ultimately it’s all meaningless so it doesn’t matter but I guess democracy just feels better, of course if someone like Jesus could be the king of the world that would be great but there is a certain beauty in giving people autonomy even if they suck, which they do, and yes it’s scary that maga idiots and religious fundamentalists and really any type of ideologue can vote and have a say in society, but it’s kind of par for the course, it’s like a compromise really, it’s saying hey, it’s not as bad as if we have an evil dictator, but it’s also not as good as if we have a benevolent monarch, it’s a compromise and it’s mediocre but I’ll take it because I think works for where we are at, ideally everyone would just agree on everything and their would be no need need to vote at all and no government, I’m sort of an anarchist in spirit, I think it’s the ideal, but until people are singing kumbaya and living in peace with one another there needs to be control and order because of selfishness and devilry, you might have a point, if the vast majority of a population of people aren’t educated or care it’s not right for them to rule themselves and give them a vote it’s like giving someone who’s suicidal a gun, but if you always are relying on a monarch it’s not very empowering and it just kind of is a dead end because there is no accountability, whatever the person does is right and they have absolute authority, that seems like a bigger problem to me than just uneducated people potentially being manipulated, I’m open minded so maybe the us could try a monarch, but like aurum said I’m quite sure people would get fed up with it. “No king can rule forever” is a good line it it basically means that there will never be a guarantee that you’ll have a good king forever, so why not be able to vote for your king or president or whatever haha I think a benevolent monarch beats a country where 30% of the people will vote for a demagogue, but I think if even like 50-60% of the people of a country in a democracy were conscious and gave a shit about society and human compassion then that would be better than a monarchy.
  6. @amanen well said, I think neo advaita gets a lot of shit here but one thing they say right is that everything is just an appearance, nothing more nothing less
  7. Porn is just a form of sexual expression theirs more conscious and less conscious porn and so you can’t generalize it as all good or bad, but Generally I’d say most porn is very uninteresting and boring just from experience. You really have to look for the gems but it can be consumed at a high level. I’m not ready to say real sex is better for everyone because I don’t think that, I think for some people they need porn. Or at least masturbation, there’s been too much demonization, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with virginity and abstinence either, if you’re not hurting anyone I don’t see a problem with it
  8. Hope it works out for you bro, it’s all love and I respect your path and callling, I tend to trend towards surrender than effort and so that’s what I try to embody but I think effort and practice works too. Good luck
  9. This is where “I” am at too. Developing a purpose just isn’t clicking right now. I’d much rather just go with the flow, seems like we need a purpose but I’d rather not have one honestly. Maybe you’re different
  10. Honestly dude, I dig your political analysis but I’ve told you and Leo told you that you are worrying too much. I don’t think social security will be taken away, it’ll be as popular as repealing roe vs wade
  11. Eminem may be the goat, but I don’t think I’ll like any other rap album as much as Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. My beautiful dark twisted fantasy is a close second,
  12. @something_else they are what they are. It’s as simple as that, it achieves nothing but to call out idiotic behavior is a fun part of the dream
  13. There’s a good quote by a guy named Chris Williams, “there’s two types of people in this world, the rich and the fucked”
  14. I think that is what I need. I notice whenever I type or open my mouth, all that comes out is bullshit
  15. I can’t stand 90% of the people on this planet, they are so barbaric. Yes I sound like a dick but I really do think I’m more compassionate than 90% of people but on the flip side I don’t really give a shit about their opinions and it’s not a competition in my eyes, nor do I expect them to be act or do any certain way or thing, unfortunately it’s just how people are. Dumb chimps. And while we are posting in the “real life” forum let’s not forget there’s a high likelihood it’s all dreamt up to show us duality to transcend but that’s just my frustrated two cents
  16. Maybe why is asked by god so it can create a backstory to anything and everything and entertain itself some more
  17. If there is no ground to being how could you assert you exist. “Here I am” yea but “I” isnt permanent and neither is here. Where is here? It’s all a mind game. Zoom out far enough and eventually there is no ground of “here”. Seems like an appearance to me
  18. It’s a good question you raise… if everything is gods will, then people who commit suicide are too. Suicide feels wrong to me that’s why “I” wouldn’t do it but I’m curious as to what will happen if there was no longer a feeling of being in a body. It’s said that it’ll be this and that after death but I haven’t had the consciousness to be certain of it yet. Way too many concepts
  19. Guilt is probably worse than the perceived pain of hurting someone’s feelings. The world has enough people pleasers, not enough authentic beings. Just my take