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  1. @hoodrow trillson good it’s American Made? Although American spies on people but mostly just it’s citizens haha
  2. However toxic it is to moralize to people about your vegan diet and how you shouldn’t eat meat and use the correct pronouns for a trans person and be inclusive, it’s far more toxic to rape the economy (toxic Orange) Lynch and segregate people create hate groups (toxic blue) and start wars and genocides (toxic red) people need to realize that overreaction is probably better than apathy. An sjw at the worst might threaten your free speech and maybe even the worst like antifa could beat you up being racist, but that’s far less toxic than the excess of orange blue and red and it’s not even close. We won’t see yellow in our life times so we gotta cherish the best we’ve got. we can aim for solid green before we die(In USA) and that would be a great and average world citizen healthy orange. Would be a great accomplishment! people need to get over themselves and realize how far we’ve come.
  3. what ever happened to vine? That was a nice American made company I think that was pretty funny and not privacy compromising. trust me there will be another tik tok after it’s banned.
  4. @UDT idk man i dont think factions are organized enough to have a civil war in this day in age. we are definitely in a cultural cold civil war as we always have been. maybe 30% of the population is willing to die to keep trump in power but thats not enough, plus the military certainly is no fan of trump and will most likely not let him deny the results.
  5. Seems like most homogenous countries are doing well, not a big surprise.
  6. I believe how “god” maximizes love is sometimes ending lives short of the expected lifespan and tragic deaths like mike brooks may have been the best way to order everything perfectly. I don’t Deify god but infinite intelligence is Beyond human understanding, there’s really no way to tell if things are working perfectly from your or my perspective ( maybe if you’ve had awkenings, I haven’t yet) which is where you need optimistic faith if you choose to believe that path, if not, “god” won’t care. Conversations with god is a great book and very similar to the notion of god which is spoken about on this forum, every time I listen to It, I find something new. No doubt mike brooks read that book.
  7. @Parththakkar12 it can, it’s more economic than cultural.
  8. @Nak Khid not that I agree completely because culturally we weren’t very fair or equal but he did say Eisenhower taxed people at 91% marginal rate.
  9. Well if landlords add value we have to incentivize that. Or even make standards or best practices or education courses on what loving landlords and tenants can do. Honestly there’s no reason they couldn’t teach this at a college or university and people could not take classes in real estate and being a good tenant/landlord. I think it’s too easy to be a devil landlord and it seems as though the average anecdote is bad tenants/bad landlords. i think Airbnb is is helping with people becoming more conscious of this dynamic even though it’s not really the same. I think it’s probably the best it’s ever been but yea taxes is a good idea and passive income is great but only when it’s kept in check cause usually people who have vast passive incomes don’t like to pay taxes.
  10. It isn't any fun if they come to you IMO even though i wouldn't pass it up. you do gain a lot of experience by approaching girls even if it doesn't pan out. and you need to build up your confidence as well, that's a great way. i used to be very afraid to talk to women, as many guys are when they are younger, now i just do it for fun, to make them laugh or just to express myself, treat it like a game!
  11. This is a topic I’ve thought about. I’m not a communist but I don’t like the idea of private property that can be passed down through generations. I just think it creates an unfair system. I like public housing a lot and I was trying to imagine a system where over time your tenants that make a certain amount of payments also get equity or something of that sort but obviously that has its own problems. Basically I don’t like the idea of just owning a bunch of property and collecting rent and contributing nothing to society. leo said as much in his conscious politics video, there needs to be unique and new regulations that try to keep that in check and maybe incentivize tenants with consistent payments or a lot of total payments with tax incentives or equity or something besides an endless wheel of monthly payments. I know very little about real estate. Anyone could get into it and I know it’s pretty much the best form of passive income but I just think in its current orange blue iteration system needs updating. definitely wouldn’t tear it down but it definitely needs to be improved upon. I think landlords needs to be contributing more to society than simply owning a property and letting people live in it.
  12. Great post man, in many ways I think coronavirus was a earthly intervention and yet thousands and thousands of suffered and died by its force. It pretty much has ruined trumps chances of re-election and sparked the beginning of a more inclusive healthy green society. We were getting there before GF but now his face is everywhere and it’ll go down in the history books for sure.
  13. Wearing a mask means that you support robbing a bank .
  14. New Zealand is the lowest on the corruption list which I believe leo said was a good sign of SD development. look at their covid response. Fantastic and their culture integrated the healthy purple/blue of the maori people. The PM speaks the native language as well as English, could you imagine trump speaking a native language lol. id say they are about 60-70% green, they might have a hard time transitioning to yellow personally I think the US will get to yellow first since all of the different perspectives but certainly countries like Australia, Northern Europe, New Zealand, and Canada have outpaced us to green.
  15. I don’t know what to say man. Forcing schools to open up is just crazy. If I were a parent or a kid I would straight up refuse to go.
  16. Some parts of the US, for example my state, Maine are doing tremendously well. Our governor gets it even though Trump called her a dictator... (projection). But yea people don’t care it seems I rarely see anyone with a mask anywhere. ( and we are probably the lowest infection rate state in the country.)
  17. Rip man i think it’s possible that Mike had a beginner yellow understanding about politics, definitely the most developed person I’ve heard talk about them since leo and maybe a bit of ken Wilber. i think he wanted to emulate and look up to Lula from Brazil which may be the most developed politician in the world. Not surprise. we need more people like mike brooks in the world. loved his bit on the majority report when he was talking about the Bernie rally at the church with killer mike. I’ll link the video. rest in power ??
  18. Haha thanks guys. might have to hit the streets Yea you’re right @Leo Gura it’s more about the photos and less about the content, I’d say chances are most right swipes and sex I’ve ever got is because they liked the photos and the face not the content. such is life haha
  19. This topic has probably been posted before but wanted to see what has been working best for people, doesn’t even have to be a tinder line but that is what I Would prefer. I feel like throughout my tinder life 5+ years it’s always worked better when I have a preplanned line. “Hey” just doesn’t cut it based on my experience. Also side note, my intention is to establish a fwb, casual dating, or hook-up and not a long term relationship. thanks
  20. “You don’t owe this world anything and this world doesn’t owe you anything. “ That sounds nice to say but as Sadhguru would say half of your lungs are up in the trees. We actually need bees and other species of animals and plants to exist to survive, we do at least owe them proliferation. the fuck everyone but myself attitude has been tried by every 16 year old ever and it usually fails.
  21. Conscious sports coaching regimens and dieting programs which also acknowledge pranic foods like sadhgurus cookbook and Ayurvedic medicine and trying to make meditation and lung wim hof method exercises as essential as stretching prior to a workout and after
  22. Designing programs and courses based on current social issues like income inequality or systemic racism or predictable ones. integral education(teaching or contracting yoga and meditation to schools or at least exposing them to it in American public schools) conscious and mindful children’s books creating sound boards of 444hz tones for ringtones and text tones. education and destigmatization of psychedelics through schools and non profits/ tv. WE NEED MORE TIER 2 news and independent media which won’t judge and shame people and just report the story from a spiral dynamics perspective like Gaia news network or something haha.