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  1. Thanks for sharing your vulnerable side openly with us. Also I sensed a pretty pure, childhood, loving energy from your being. Wish you all the best, much love and a beautiful journey.
  2. -No one is suffering, bad things that you see are within God and are constructed for you to experience what is within God, but God is so infinitely intelligent that it would never let itself suffer. It only provides balances within this movie, so you will feel immersed. @Leo Gura can you validate the statement above? or anyone else who got some deep insights.
  3. I am doin this lifestyle since 2018 , traveling and working remote. Lately I am going all in on Youtube and I need a camera / video editor , DM me if you would be interested. otherwise: yeah find a remote job
  4. Interesting one, My kambo experiences were also strong and made me always more conscious and able to focus well but this sounds indeed way stronger. When did you do it and for how long are the effects lasting?
  5. I am an IT Guy, and It‘s possible to fine tune chatGPT, I could grab all your videos, all your forum posts and feed him with it. So his responses were pretty similiar to yours. Would be interesting to see how accurate it would be. Should we try to build it?
  6. that‘s all it takes to be the top G 😂
  7. I am sure they both have the same view on reality
  8. It is already regulated and not open, microsoft is owning it basically and it‘s biased towards left: great video about it:
  9. I already senses lots of bs from that guy but after watching this following video I have 0 respect for hin. He is proudly describing how he scammed millions of dollars. That this kind of guy is the male rolemodel nowadays tells a lot about our society and that means for more conscious men a hell of work the tricky thing is tho: my videos which are love based are not that attractive to the kidz, you can reach them with bs.. thats the video I was talkina about :
  10. Check
  11. Hey Martin is cool, he is doin a lot for the psychedelic scene for years now, his podcast is full of juicy interviews. I am wondering why Leo doesn‘t give him more respect, especially of the interview back then.
  12. Beautiful - where r you? I have a calling to join, seems like u are in a great place
  13. Ego goes deeper then most of us think. It‘a not just thoughts it is literally reality.
  14. Ungrounded: in the head/ monkey mind .. literally not aware of the weight and the feets on the ground. Disconnected from the body. what helps me grounding: nature, walking, excercising, dancing, meditation for body awareness, every kind of sport, accepting reality as it is and being in the moment. psychedelics wise: huachuma is grounding me af. I feel more sane and grounded then in a sober state.