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  1. what if I told u that u aready had and have and ever will have just conversations with god?
  2. beautiful to hear, that's some true love - most of the "problematic" children are just screaming for love. I guess in 1n1 session it's easier but when they are in bulk it can get difficult, I used to teach theatre for 1 month, before meeting the whole class I met everyone face to face in a 1n1 session and establish a respectful, loving relationship. That worked wonders
  3. one simple thing is establishing sexual tension.. for example touching her.. of course, you have to make her feel comfortable with you on the first place..
  4. I don‘t have fun, I am fun. Be careful with your assumptions about my believes cause they might be totttaallly wrong.
  5. if awake = no desire = no fun = just being serious = hermit lifestyle. hope now you get my dry humour..
  6. pretty disappointed actually that Leo has fun...
  7. when was ur 5meo experience? Normally with time we start to sleep anyways again..
  8. Also had never visuals, just these geometrical layer, which looks like mosque art.. beautiful actually
  9. be careful for your future trips, you seem also to be pretty sensitive. Less is more
  10. My first mushroom trip was quite the ride. It took me a few years to really wrap my head around it - Also the same realizations u got. After that, I went through this phase where I thought "everything is a joke." Eventually, it hit me that life is here to be enjoyed and to help us become more accepting and loving. I would have never expected it to be so strong, it was just 1.2g Cubensis
  11. Nr 1. was so beautiful. i got it thanks for sharing. to Nr 3: indeed there seems like a higher resonation if someone speaks the „same language“
  12. You are tooo deep, whats up with physical intimacy? so just masturbating? ?
  13. Yo fam! Been wondering... for those who consider themselves 'awake', how's that playing out in your "love life"? Awake & Attached: If you're awakened and in a relationship, does it feel like an attachment? Or more like a deeper connection? Love for All: And with this whole 'unconditional love' vibe, does being awake make you more open to things like polyamory? ?‍♂️ Riding Solo: Any awakened peeps choosing the single life? Was that a choice post-awakening? Super curious about your takes! Shoot! ??