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  1. I wish you all the best: and a question appeared: you designed it purposely, right. Why do you think you designed it that way that you had to get the shocking experience? just to be clear that you you want to play totally the game of life?
  2. @HypnoticMagician you are again just in black / white mode. whats with in between?
  3. dammmn, this is sick. Go ahead if you have other examples.
  4. I think your perspective is a bit to shallow. Of course there a way more facets about this topic. just giving psychedelics to gneral population would do more harm, of course. because their baseline concioussnes is way to low. So they would need a fundament of basics, meditation etc. and at some point using psychedelics in a careful way could would help them in their spiritual journey. For all? I dont know ? For none ? I also dont know. Thats what I meant: its not black and white.
  5. True I would be also curious to hear all 3 of them seperate and then all together.
  6. Can you eloberate more on this technique with the tongue? (; to the topic: relativism , but if you want to point out that psychedelics are no short cut. I think most of the people here are mature enough to know that. Cheers
  7. Wow, shivers all over my body and some tears. beautiful. thank you.
  8. Firstly I have to say you have a very nice writing style. It literally felt like I am watching a movie. Secondly: Like you described it: I am highly curious about the truth but afraid of taking the responsibility. So it helps me a lot to hear your brutal true experience. It gives me the same effect like ivankiss'es lately Thread: So its amazing that you guys show me this side and prepare me for it. And yeah Leo never said that this was a joke. But its good to hear it from other members too. Also I felt a deep compassion for you. So I wish you all the best and much love.
  9. I see your point, but I know some zen devils who are using that for bad. Like some aleister crowley fan kiddies with the wisdom of "do what you want". I think ultimately there is not a specific masterpiece the ego is the same masterpiece as everything else.
  10. Thanks Ivan, this is a reminder for me to take my time.. do the work as gentle as I can do.. with a lot of love and patience. I have a huge respect and wish you ease
  11. When god is infinity? Why are we so focused to other human dreams and especially dreams that will suffer? there could be infinite of possibilities? A dancing elf? Some alien who can not feel pain?, some cloud? Tons of stuff so why again human dream? We had the human dream once. I get it. I dont need another human dream even if its a more exciting life..
  12. That was basically my underlying question: is being awake superior. Your respond is gold. It gave me a huge insight. Thanks.