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  1. What do you mean by that? Are you talking about me judging people for judging people asking them not to judge people? lol I'm not doing that. For the most part it's engrained in our culture from young to judge. Our parents do it, our schools do it. I'm aware I do it, such as when I see a fat person or a beautiful woman. I'm trying my best as is everyone else. This includes Joe, Leo, Donald, Dave, Sally, Sara and everyone else. My main point is for all of us to focus more on what we can do rather than what another person is doing or not doing. Sure I'm mad at things like war, inside trading, those profiting off of covid tremendously, politics but swimming in the anger doesn't allow me to transform myself and others.
  2. Its just accepting people for what they are, you need to work on yourself.
  3. Im not talking about his content or his character. I'm speaking from a macro perspective. I can easily interchange Joe Rogan with Trump, Alex Jones, CNN, TYT, Hitler or anyone else. People are the way they are, all we can do is be who we are and find better ways of touching people's lives. If Joe Rogan is something and I have complaints about him then to turn it around back to me, I would ask myself what could I have done in my life to create an audience for the world not to need a Joe Rogan? To make it so you guys can understand if my wife cheats on me, its my fault because I fail to fill her needs so its my fault not hers. If Donald Trump becomes president and I have a problem with it, then its my fault for not becoming actualized and brave enough to become president.
  4. He's not stupid. He's taken plenty of psychedelics and in many ways awaken. I believe it's because he's done some self-help which he has admitted he has done along with the other things he does, he is able to become so successful. Is he the most actualized person there is? Of course not and he has admitted he is not that kind of person. If you guys are so enlightened why not build a podcast like him or do something big enough to influence more people rather than judging him. He has a place in society to fill a void as much as everyone else. The better question for everyone that judges him is, how can you best fill the voids in society that need filling? How do you add value to the things you find important and fill it for others?
  5. They can promise herd immunity when they make another 30+++ billion next year and the following. Capitalism baby ya!
  6. They can promise herd immunity when they make another 30+++ billion next year and the following. Capitalism baby ya!
  7. Exactly, ironically Japan is the best country in the world as far as infected and deaths. They ask people to take it but don't inject people to do things they don't want to... It part of their culture not to inject things onto others because Japanese people avoid conflict and its rude to be direct in their culture. This is a big reason why people all over the world typically like traveling to Japan and have good impression of the people there.
  8. Frank is an awakened person but I don't consider him fully enlightened in the context of historical masters out there. I believe his brain physiology make him makes him naturally gifted in understanding things but at the same time his composition makes him limited to fully grasp the entire spectrum of what it means to be everything Sort of like that gifted guy that can fly in a helicopter around the city and draw the complete landscape with a photographic memory, Frank is like that spiritually. The end game is embodiment plus action = full enlightenment IMHO
  9. They also helped Trump become president the first time and purposefully did experiments on teens to make them depressed to see how they can manipulate young people's emotions. They have done many great things but also bad things.
  10. This is a good video and it is unfair. The people that are vaccinated are upset at those that are not taking it and they feel upset because they arent willing to take the tiny risk while they sacrificed for the "greater good." Freddie is vaccinated but his views on things are balanced and thoughtful. On the topic of planes.... well its their planes, their rules..... We build a longer-term healthier society by not forcing people to do what we want them to do. You can go down another slippery slope in countries that offer universal healthcare and start punishing those that are obese, depressed, smoke for costing the country more money by taking care of them. We don't live in a society like that because forcing people to do things will lead to resentment and division. Its clear by now that the vaccinated only protect themselves because everyone is a spreader according to an Isreal study.
  11. The two people had side effects to the vaccine, its not fair to label them as antivaxxers. They are just some people that share there experience that is all. Honestly people are making such a big deal about it on either side
  12. All billion dollar corporations are IPO. The entire system by default is devilish because the way they extract money by default maximizes exploitation
  13. University kids definitely have an easier time because people are keener to make friends. Also, I think Americans are typically more yes people. Being a lesbian seems easier just like being gay also is easier.
  14. He can win, Biden is no Obama or even Bill Clinton. In fact, if Trump ran right now, he would win in a landslide.
  15. For a change, Bill Mahar makes some great points on how selfish everyone is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYSLyvbR_1w