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  1. @Swarnim Animals killed in the name of science is tremendous, too in regards to medicine is concerned. In some cases life-saving for humans, in other cases, it's used to give a man a boner. Even if you become a vegan you can not escape this unless you decide not to take any medicine at all and completely live off the land to lower your foot print.
  2. The number of weapons they will have on the streets post-war and the devastation to their infrastructure will take them decades to build back. The best thing that can happen to the local people is they become part of NATO and then part of the EU so that the young people can get out of their countries and work in western Europe. If that does happen, many of the local people of countries like Italy, Germany, France, and any other country in the EU will be upset when Ukrainians take their jobs away. If Ukraine doesn't become part of the EU, there isn't any way they can rebuild their country on their own; this is why Zelensky wants America to send their soldiers to fight so badly to improve the odds of aid to build their country back. Europe can hardly hold up countries like Greece and the inclusion of a new country will cause more tension socially. If these things don't happen, it's almost better to let Russia win because Ukraine will become an unstable country run by gangsters/warlords like Iraq and Afghanistan. Tactically there hasn't been a country since South Korea that the allies successfully rebuilt. Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were all failures for those countries where the battlefield was located in. I don't think the world really knows how screwed Ukraine is in every scenario that can happen.
  3. It's hard to determine if a protest work or not because it is easy for the opposing side to create people to cause chaos. A lot like how some assholes left piles of bricks in Southern California and New York during protests on both the left and right sides. I think with the age of the internet, not protesting in person might be a better option. How is that going to be achieved, not exactly sure, but it's clear the media does not cover protests as they are intended rather giving the public what they want them to see. Whether it's true or not this "shaman guy" is part of the government or not shows how hard it is to make a change and how easy it is for things to go the opposite as it is intended. America does not have a good history of "peaceful protest" ever. Usually violent and bloody to various degrees. If people were not so easily swayed and fooled, that shaman dude would have never gotten inside. The hundreds of other idiots were regular people that foolishly thought they can just march inside and do whatever the wanted to do.
  4. @Leo Gura Michael Malice doesn't seem to have the right answers but he's onto something in regards to people governing themselves. I have to admit people are far from being organized but a lot can change in a decade time frame. Such as if small communities grow food and share with one another and create an alternative way of exchanging without government oversight. There are wealthy to upper middleclass neighborhoods in California that do not recieve funding at all from the government allowing them to choose which subjects and topics the kids can learn. Intelligently the ultra wealthy have figured it out such as SVB. The minute they fail the government bails them out over a weekend. REAL swift and fast. Malice has mentioned in a podcast some commentary on the right bitching and complaining why the left control tech and media. He mentioned that the right needs to do the same rather than complaining. He did mention something along the lines of them being more organized and intelligent. We can have the same train in thought to any problem. And the answer is going to be revolved around education and personal action. Something at this moment in time does feel distant in our lifetime. The masses indeed are selfish and lazy but a big part of me has to believe in tomorrow's children. A huge change in consciousness willl be required but can happen swiftly if people get desperate enough or if psychedelics become as readily available as weed.
  5. lol I don't listen to all his podcasts, all I am saying is I can see he is trying his best to his ability. Ivermectin was rumored to be a treatment, but its effectiveness is still unclear; some studies say it works, and some don't. The vaccine acts as a preventative tool so if a person has a covid infection, getting the vaccine won't help. The idea of a vaccine is to get the vaccine before you get sick. People like Wim Hoff make claims that cold baths boost your immune system. Someone like Wim never took the vaccine and has lived a lifestyle where he's earned the right to take a drug or not. When it comes to these things, there is more than one way to approach getting an infection; for the sake of simplicity, it's wiser for an entire population to take the vaccine, but that doesn't mean people can do additional things; it also means they should be giving a choice of taking the vaccine or not. The craziest thing is WHO never recommended doing healthy things to prevent serious illness during covid. Sure its wise to take the vaccine but why not ask people to get sun light, exercise, eat well, supplements? https://www.who.int/news-room/feature-stories/detail/who-can-take-the-pfizer-biontech-covid-19--vaccine-what-you-need-to-know Good luck with that, be sure to share the link once its up I'm aware of those people; I don't just watch any podcast because I am a fanboy of theirs unless it's on an interesting topic. I didn't even finish Kayne's interview, but I watched it long enough rather than take people's word for it about him. Even watching the podcast partly gave me a glimpse of what kind of person he is. If I had the opportunity and the time to talk to him in person without a camera, I would do so for a few hours. In my free time, I try to talk to people with opposing views and try to understand them in the real world. I don't like guns, so I decided to take a class on them and talk to the people that do them as a hobby; I also meditate, do retreats, and get to know people. I talk to monks and ask them how they got interested in what they are doing. I'm not saying this is your problem, but I think because the information is out there so easily, people think getting information from a "reliable" source or reading it on the internet is the same as actually spending physical time experiencing the subject matter you are trying to understand. I try to take things with a grain of salt and focus on direct experience
  6. Pfizer made an excuse if they released the patent, they would give up the technology, which can lead to the cure for any other diseases in the future, which would cost them more potential money in the future. I think that if they just open source such technology, it would create more net positive for humanity if they created a cure for cancer with mRNA technology. Part of me understands the need to protect corporate interests, but the technology was publicly funded and passed over to Pfizer. If I were in charge of healthcare, I would like to create a cap limit on how much individuals can profit from people's suffering. Bill Gates could have just said, I will talk to them and see what we can do. I don't think his motives are to make money but to protect his tribe. He's either too powerful and arrogant to listen to his PR team or they are just yes-men and don't really speak up against him to help him out. They don't make people the complete package, and I don't expect Gates to be crafty like Obama in his communication ability. Gates needs to either work on it or not appear publicly and focus on his charity. The problem is he wouldn't do that because a part of him wants to be recognized for his humanitarianism. I think it fair to say that most billionaires are wired in a way where they have an overwhelming belief that they deserve it more than everyone else. When a man has everything, the only thing left is he wants to be remembered.
  7. He's pretty much pulling out the script of how he is against establishment and "they" are all after him. Its part of his marketing for his base in order for them to worship him as a "christ-like" figure
  8. People love to hate CNN because their expectations are higher than something trashy like Fox. We can say the same for Gates; IF he adamantly urged Pfizer to release the patent on the vaccine after making billions on it already then people would sense he cares about doing the right thing more than making millions. He panders to wealth and power because he recognizes them as "his own". I know it's not his style to call out anyone but when I reporter asks you on national news it's easy to be a politician without being excessive instead, he quickly says strongly no to moralistic questions. lol that is a good point but I was just using an example. His popularity would increase if he was someone that is like Leonardo Dicaprio who womanizes and doesn't hide that he prefers younger women. Granted, women are more likely to jump at Dicaprio naked rather than Gates but there is a science to how people carry themselves, Gates doesn't happen to be one that knows how to do that well; that's kind of my point rather than saying he's a terrible person. Im not employing people to Bill Gates's level nor doing anything for society at scale, at the very least even if he has insidious intentions he's doing far more for people than the average person. As is any billionaire including Musk whom the left is attacking.
  9. lol im not whining about that, I am making a point of how socially retarded he is writing an email to ask someone out leaves a digital trail. If he is as intelligent in human nature as he is in business and lobbying, he would have asked to her to have a coffee with him to discuss something related to work. Spend time getting to know them, and if he felt anything, go further. Heck, if he wanted a good fuck he would spend a few hundred thousand dollars on a party, hire a super hot escort to the party to raise his status and then girls would be more interested in him. There are so many ways for the dude to get laid in much easier ways than an awkward email from your boss. Dude could even spend money and hire Tony Robbins to coach him on how to develop himself in communicating and getting girls but Billy isn't the type to do that. They just don't build people with everything; Bill Gates has a few screws loose, is what I am trying to say. I'm not insisting he is inauthentic I am just making a point that people perceive him that way.
  10. @Danioover9000 I don't think you will ever meet anyone who shares all of your worldviews. Just because you disagree with one thing a person says or thinks doesn't mean you have nothing else in common. To Lex and Rogan's credit, they communicate this in their podcast. Lex took the vaccine, Joe didn't, yet they remain good friends. I think we need to be more like this in our society because it's hard to change people's minds, and forcing people into submission to think like us is a more dangerous thing than the thing we often disagree about. Kanye's interview with Lex, if anything, showed more to the world that his views aren't grounded in reality. I don't think anyone else in the media would have given Kanye time to explain himself over several minutes to hours. Lex giving a platform for Kanye to speak didn't change anyone's mind on the opposing side; if anything, anyone who was on the side of Kayne probably switched over and realized he's delusional. In fact, if you listen to their conversation, you'll be surprised at how much you agree with Kayne until you realize 70-90% of his thought process is flawed. In other words, what he was saying wasn't entirely false. I won't review which points because they will be pointless. I have been watching Lex casually from the start; he has many intelligent guests who would never get exposure because they are so grounded in their science or work. His podcast is a net positive, and there isn't any podcast with the type of guest he has on. If you make people out with a guilty-by-association mindset and lean too hard on that, you'd be surprised when you look in the mirror and realize how much you become the people you judge. If the world were to judge Americans by their government's past actions, everyone would hate Americans.
  11. @Danioover9000 Lex is trying to get people to love and understand eachother. His interview with Kayne was to actually to try to help him out by helping him recover his image. The fact that he is friends with Joe Rogan should not discount him as a human being. Lex is the type of person that just wants to be friends with anyone he can so he can learn. You may not agree with him but I can say his heart is in the right place and the ironic thing with Sam is he's a so called meditator but ideas like compassion and love are not on his highest of values in regard to thinking. It doesn't mean he's not a nice or kind person in fact he can see maybe being friends with Sam very easily. It's just science and rationality are Sam's highest values in forming idea's.
  12. Every time Bill Gates opens his mouth, he doesn't sound authentic because he doesn't have the emotional intelligence to understand people. He's been living from the outside so much that I don't think he can communicate with his heart. This makes him hard to trust, which is why he was such a retard talking to people such as asking girls out. He was reported several times for sending weird emails asking his female employees out for dinner. I don't think he can ever fix himself because he's living in such a bubble being so rich. Even if his intentions are good he would not know how to get it out that way
  13. Sam Harris is a pseudo-intellectual, its amazing how he has stayed relevant for so long being famous for pointing out obvious ridiculous religious ideology.
  14. The airline industry and airports are good examples of how unionization can be negative. Workers abuse power as much as bosses do.