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  1. @Alexop some people on onlyfans literally meet people in person for a fee.
  2. Daily cold plunges and breathe work would be the best way to deal with mitigating panic attacks.
  3. Its already legal. It's called onlyfans. When it's publicly listed it's A-ok 😉
  4. @Leo Gura I don't think he needed to wack the guy. Generally at a time of war, countries don't like to change leaders. That's why George W got a second term dispite of the hate he was getting within the country and around the world. Those were good times when the left was anti war and united. That guy that spoke against the war in Ukraine also got whacked. It seems these eastern European countries don't like dessent and like to ignore the wellbeing and treatment of jailed individuals.
  5. America and UK are blocked inside the Eqaudorian embassy and imprisoned Julian Assange since 2012. They also mishandled Epstein and allowed him to kill himself or so they say. All powerful governments have their dark-side and none of them are willing to admit it. Shamelessly Trump has admitted outloud on a press conference "we are all killers" in a way that is one of the reasons a majority of the politicians hate him. They cant forgive him for being honest on certain things.
  6. Open speech and dialog is important even if you don't like Tucker. I don't think any mainstream journalist has the desire to interview him. The people in Hawaii refer them more Hawaiian than American and more or less their land was and is taken over. I don't think America has as much grounds to critique Russia for wanting to take over Ukraine. The average Ukrainian wants to be part of the EU because of the opportunities they will get which is why they want independence and to move towards democracy of the west. When people in power want something nice, they have the power to take it so they try. Unfortunately all nations that have power think like this. The west already has taken they they can in the past which is why they can afford the higher moral compass. There really is no absolute wrong or right in these situations as any.
  7. @Devin Boulder is very affluent and also a terrible place to be homeless in the winter lol
  8. Being homeless in warm places make the most sense so California is a sensible choice. Most people are trying to live their own lives in the best way they can which makes them busy, this hardly give them space to consider others. When they do become considerate, it is because they can gain something from doing so. This was very apparent during the pandemic when many individuals made more money than they ever have. Liberals maybe more aware of problems but there is a difference between being aware and taking things into action. Most liberals are often unaware that they are part of the problem, in some cases more responsible without even knowing it.
  9. Baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more.
  10. The really advanced ones can transmit their consciousness from their toilet to anywhere they want interdimensionally without any machine or device.
  11. Sad maybe, he's certainly getting a lot of money from the government doing so, syphoning money out of American hands but we can say the same goes to military spending.
  12. They don't travel by ships from X light years away. That would be absurd. They travel by quicker means most likely that use less energy
  13. He seems like the typical healthy guy his age. Time gets us all
  14. @Felinez The suspicion come from situations where a small part of the population does get side effects from vaccines in general, not just the covid vaccine but all of them. These companies have to deny because they don't want to get sued more then they already have. If they admit to such things then it would cost them more money, imho they should be admitting to such things and work on a test along side withj governments to properly measure vaccine injuries. The issue in this case is capitalism because if health care was universal the government the corporations would do what they can to solve a problem because it would cost them more. People don't trust authority because deep down inside they are self serving and protect their own interest. On the inverse side, we get the leadership we deserve, this is more of a we or us problem then THEM.
  15. We havent heard anything from them directly very much like how Osama Bin Liden voice was censored in his open letter that social media banned.