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  1. He has a place in the world and people that would not be that interested in personal growth wouldnt improve their lives without Jordan Peterson. As for the fat girl on the cover. They are just trying to get attention rather than being enlightened
  2. Its a very smart buy from him and he will make even more money. Im doubtful that society will improve in any significant way because he owns it though.
  3. Its hard to know what his intention is but the default of becoming an idol is the people that greatly admire them are cult-like. We see this happen in sports to a lesser degree, such as a figure like Michael Jordon. We see it happening with Elon Musk, among living people today, Musk is probably indirectly created the largest cult in the world if you take out a religious figure like Jesus. He's become the richest man in the world selling 936,222 Tesla's in 2021. Of course, that is a simplification because he made money in many other things but for the most part, the stock market is speculation and most of his money is from the printed money from the Fed. Just for context, Mercades sold 2,427,686, and Toyota sold 10,495,548! Both companies are worth less than Tesla lol Bentinho is a good teacher and most of what he says I agree with but I suppose when thinking about the word cult, I would personally define it as when the extreme idolization of an individual happens to the extent that their followers will never be able to discover their own greatness. Even someone like Sadhguru whom I admire is also guilty of this.
  4. Thich Nhat Hanh, he was still, humble, really showed no signs of craving, lust, yearning, superiority complex. The outpouring of gratitude after his passing was inspiring and touching. Sure there are teachers that represent infinity and maybe more in touch with it but Thich's ability to exhibit human compassion gave people the warm fuzzy kind of feeling.
  5. They should allow her content to be posted. She should not be punished because of her father. The world can be so intolerant. They are becoming the monster they judge. Her talk was about how she suffered from her health issues, which is worth talking about because other people may be suffering has she did.
  6. I don't recommend him to do a video. It was nothing to do with actualization, why the hell would be posting a video talking about Putin? In fact doing a video would be against the message of his platform.
  7. Money and science are the most successful religions out there which birthed technology which is also a form of religion.
  8. I was being sarcastic. I think we are at a time when we do not need to use animals to do our research at the velocity that we are using them, even if it cost us 5% of our population in a pandemic. Our technologies have increased infertility rates in our species so in that way we are paying our own tax. Covid 19 hasn't even killed 1% of our population and people are going crazy. This virus is meant to upgrade our DNA but we treat it like a threat just like everything else. Animals in nature take only what they need but we are the only ones that feel like we deserve more and more. Greed was a necessary aspect of our evolution but I think it's time we need to abandon greed and transcend to compassion and harmony.
  9. No, because everything goes on forever and even if you hit the peak you will start over and birth it all over again and again and again
  10. I generally support the right for anyone to protest and I am hearing all sorts of perspectives. From what it looks like its peaceful and that is the most important thing. The best way for us to know the truth is physically going there to see how it's like and talk to the people. Most of us either don't have the time, patients, money and probably do not care enough to go there.
  11. Well, vaccines, medicine, equally abuse animals in the same way... the excuse is better them and us. We are doing it for the sake of humanity. Many people here support the use of vaccines but do not think of the cost it takes to save human lives or enhance it by way of different medications. Its difficult to be karma-free in the world we live in.
  12. I prefer silence when doing anything including meditating. Music and sound distort the experience but for many it's useful to help them get into a state.
  13. Its a smart poltical move. With everything he's done or not done he would get booted out or not re-elected. Since he lifted things, he may win over some people, especially if the numbers stay the same or get better. If he continues to be strict or stricter he has no chance at all.
  14. Am I using my self-image to fill an unfillable void? Is that why mirroring my self-image in my actions is leading me on an unending hamster wheel of impermanent psychological healing? Am I even really healing any of these wounds if the healing never lasts? We work so hard to construct our reality that the thought of letting go of the self its scarier than accepting things. Is the ultimate form of healing from one's psychological wounds healing now, for no reason at all, and with no actions needed to heal further or remain healed? If not, what is it, and could you describe a little as to how you managed it? Its cliche but deep self love is the answer for all the questions. Things exist together perfectly as they are, wrapping your head around deep acceptance that the present state of the world that exist around you was created for you to find LOVE. If I don't try to fill my inner void with anything anymore, will it lead to long lasting psychological healing, or further damage? There was never a void to begin with, the ego created it for you to feel what lacking feels like Is the end result of 'feeling good without any reason to' spiritual enlightenment (no self image)? The end result is to destroy the self then reconstruct it in every way your imagination seems fit on all spectrums Do you have any ideas with regard to what could be going on with me, that you'd like to share? I don't think anyone can answer that question other than yourself. Generally I ask people to start with the wounds their parents imprinted on them because their egos didn't know what to do with it. The Godhead created another version of itself through you.
  15. Australia is a shining example of toxic green ideology. Their intentions are good but the manner of how it's being done is extreme.