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  1. There has not been an official study done in a lab to test this. They have done social experiments way before covid where they found if you put hand sanitizer at a workers desk, that they have an increased likelihood of voting conservative. If people perceive a threat they are going to vote for someone safe compared to choosing a radical alternative. Bush won the second election because America was in the middle of a war. Many people question the government when they are asking people to be considerate to other people while most of their actions in the past and present show they are considerate to often the wealthy and powerful. Covid has been one of the largest if not the largest transfer of wealth in history, so its easy for someone to be conspiratorial. Its like a father that is beating a mother all the time while asking his son to be nice and kind to his sister. Vaccines, heard immunity even without vaccines, we will all be fine given time. Our species is too clever and selfish to lose to nature. Our biggest threat is and has been ourselves. Personally, I wear a mask outside, not because I am scared of spreading the virus or getting covid, but because it just makes people around me feel safe. Its better to entertain a hysterical person than to create a confrontation with them or challenge them in any way. The authorities arent giving us useful data like the average age of mortality and underlying conditions with those that died, more information would be a way to develop trust and reduce any anxiety or increase caution if there is any.
  2. If you treat your body like shit get the vaccine. If you are old get the vaccine. If you are scared of dying from covid get the vaccine. There have been people I know of that took it can still got tested positive with covid with mild symptoms, there are people I know of that had covid and never had symptoms at all and were okie and didn't take the vaccine. Theoretically, you can still spread covid after getting the vaccine, especially if it's a new variant in which the vaccines were designed for the older one. Forget about conspiracy theories, the fact of the matter is humans adapt and within 2 years this virus is going to be less and less lethal. Doctors have a good treatment protocol by now and people are dying less compared when it was new. You can always do an antibody test to see if you already have natural immunity.
  3. The drug has very few side effects, so even if it can help you 1% it doesn't hurt to take it if you have been tested positive for covid
  4. @Opo the people that make the most money, sellout to large wealth funding them. The last honest person that I know of on mainstream was Anthony Bourdain but he spent his time talking about corruption in other countries not his own. Primarily because CNN was funding his work. Abby Martin, Matt Taibbi are the independent people I have in mind that do investigation... He was saying how much early on. Trump had a real shot seeing the rallies.. Personally I don't think anyone can meet your ideals and standards. The website you posted is busy and I didn't spend the time going through everything but based on what I see. A site like that would cost a lot of money to build up and maintain
  5. @John Paul Centralized power creates a lot of problems. Right now China is buying over lots of places and big tech controls many elements in peoples lives. America interjects a lot of its views on the world culturally, and politically. The people given power will cause more corruption. If you are talking about creating a world democracy that would work out but more people around the world need to be educated and close to the same level intellectually. What do you mean when you say one-world government?
  6. @Opo He probably is pandering to his audience to some degree, but I hardly think he's making a lot of money. He's been wearing Macys suits for a long time. The only alternative to get unbias news is someone that is well educated enough that wants to stay poor or someone from a well-to-do background that is willing to call out the very system that they benefited from and somehow they got enlightened during the process.
  7. if the governments around the world were more transparent and honest about what they don't know, it would have allowed more inquiry from the start but dismissing legitimate scientist saying through their educated opinion that there is a strong likelihood it was man-made undermined the scientific way if thinking. this makes it a huge problem. Their hatred for Trump overshadowed their responsibility to the public which killed many people. This makes them just as bad as him and even worst depending on how you look at it. Now, these idiots gave him some fuel to run for office again because he's going to use this mistake to push him back in the spotlight.
  8. You gotta look at their history. The continent of Africa has been done wrong by western countries for centuries so its easy for them to be paranoid. Blood Diamonds, Slave trade, lithium mines, and other minerals, old white men hunting lions and rhino's for sport.
  9. He's a great teacher and a true embodiment of compassion
  10. lol im well aware at the end of the day they are just news people that do research on the internet which doesn't mean very much. What I should have said was these people seem to have their own minds and way of thinking on what they think is right and not what other tell them...There are arent any news people that travel independently and spend the time getting multiple perspectives because they would have to be rich to do that. The people that can travel are paid by people that have a perspective and agenda they want to inject into others.
  11. It's completely understandable and normal for people to be suspicious of power and authority. Especially when there is a history of corruption with government. If we lived in a more conscious, selfless society there would be less or no anti vax people. Greed powers a culture like America and the system incentives that behavior. The financial system. Lobbyists in government makes people paranoid when they look at the unfair optics of life. A narrative and conspiracy spins from that. The solution for antivax people would be to correct those incidous things and create universal healthcare and a society that can profit and benifit having healthy people. Cancer and heart disease makes a fuck load of money. And as long as people are profiting out of human suffering, there will be a spectrum of people that are conspiracy theorist
  12. Kim Iverson, Kyle Kulinski seem to be the most honest and well-thought-out people. David Pakman reminds me of the news version of Sam Harris and he was a conservative in his past life and in this life a newly reformed liberal
  13. im a fan of Aaron Mate and his father and TYT attack I'm Aaron isn't well grounded. TYT channel has eroded because there are better channels that cover liberal media but they were the first. Jimmy is a negative guy and its not healthy to watch any of these channels but his attacks on TYT don't come from lies.
  14. I don't feel safe letting a child molester out of prison as much as letting a serial killer out of prison. It's better to keep them locked up on an island like in the vice video piece and give them as many drugs as they want. The possible damage they can do to a child and their families is too great. To make them useful creating jobs for them to contribute to society economically can offset some of the cost it will take to feed them and give them proper medical care.
  15. Are you talking about Seeds that are used to grow plants? Seems multiply through time, more than humans can print money