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  1. The universe and the ego create each other.
  2. lol are you talking about Neo from the Matrix?
  3. The dude is not even a scientist, he's just a representative for science just like a pharmaceutical rep.
  4. Much better interview and content than the one with the Chrisma dude.
  5. It would be nice to have Leo on his show but I don't see him doing it frankly speaking. Unless somehow him and Leo come in contact in person by chance and talk, then get invited by him personally. I think you guys are expecting too much from Joe. He's just a regular dude trying his best in life. He's not spiritually inclined because he doesn't feel like he needs it in his life. He's not into the spiritual part of yoga even though he does it often for its physical benefits. He calls the other part woo woo.
  6. fake news listen to her speak The research you looked into is funded by the same people such as bill gates that invest in impossible meat. Animals that feed off the plants give back more than they take. Fungi grow from their feces and their dead carcasses, circle of life
  7. @PurpleTree she definitely would have done a better job than Biden in Afghanistan and would not have left weapons, tanks, and helicopters behind for terrorist to use. She would have beat Trump more easily than Biden because of her cross-appeal and there would not have been the capitol hill incident. Personally, I liked Marianne Williamson the most but she had no chance, Tulsi and Andrew Yang were next on my list. Just because someone goes on fox doesn't make them conservative. She's in support of drones because she was a medic or is medic and saw a lot of soldiers injured from battle... The drones minimize the need for soldiers. The better alternative which is more costly is to spend money and build up these countries where you extract resources from but why would they do that when they can just take it?
  8. Its a matter in which they are farmed. If they were 100% free range they would be carbon positive because they fertilize the soil and eat all the vegetation that would die out and catch on fire which ironically will be far more devastating for the environment. Having them all congested in cages is what's impacting the environment. If any animal including humans were farmed that way it would do the same thing to the environment.
  9. Dying is much easier than really fully living without fear.
  10. Its not true. I live in a place where people are over 80% vaxxed. People are still getting infected and the hospitals are getting filled. The mortality rate is very low but the infected rate is going up. Everyone goes outside wearing mask and only 5 or less people can eat out together in one table. Still infections are raising... Another country that has just about all of its citizens vaxxed is Isreal. Their infected rate is going up
  11. The vaccine works on saving lives but vax or not, you can still spread it to someone who either has the vax or doesn't. I don't believe people should be forced to take it but at the same time, I feel most people should be taking it in America.
  12. haha, America is very slow to learn, apparently, Trump wasn't enough and Biden is doing a terrible job to give the right more fuel to point. Thanks to TV and social media people have been easily manipulated into feeling a disconnect rather than a sense of commonality. With Elder in charge, it will get both sides to realize it's time to create a 3rd party that holds real liberal ideas. Its obvious that Elder has lots of self-hate and anger within him that he projects outward like a Ben Shapiro or Candice Owens. I think the idiots that follow them need to see them for what they really are.
  13. It will be good to see Elder make it so people can see it doesn't matter whos in charge. The problems will still exist and prevail.
  14. Direct experience is the only trustworthy method but that takes a lot of money and time. Matt Taibbi Abby Martin