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  1. Although it may seem clear that Russia blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, this is still very much an assumption.
  2. Exactly what I was thinking. 80-90 mg On an e-mesh 😳
  3. Another good example for studying some cult dynamics.
  4. ? It wouldn't make a blind bit of difference. The working class would only go and spend it all on Amazon and then you'd be complaining that Jeff Bezos got too much money.
  5. I’ve purchased from in the UK. But only for DMT / 5-MeO. Maybe get in touch and ask them the best test for psyilocybin?
  6. ? ok I’m already doing that. I was thinking you had some highly technical lab way of doing this. It’s actually a reasonably accurate way of measuring.
  7. Just out of interest, do you have any links/literature to do this? I don't want to come across as lazy, I have had a search around, but it's tricky to find any information. Don't worry if not; I'll need to get a bit more creative with my searching.
  8. Exactly what I read into that statement.
  9. @Leo Gura Thank you for the pointers. I’ll try 10mg a few times first to get a general feel of how I feel before ramping up a little. I was expecting it to be totally alien, I guess just surrender to it. Nausea is something I’d heard was pretty common with 5–MeO so I’ll get a bucket ready and make sure a don’t eat for a good 6 hours beforehand. At this point I’m so used to puking when taking psychedelics that it is worth the slight inconvenience of it. Do you use microscoops instead of a scale? I hear what your are saying about the 2mg incremental differences. Without spending $1000+ on an analytical laboratory scale, Amazon type milligram scales seem a waste of time. @Yali I was thinking the same. But I guess once you’ve got to the point of breaking through the ego. There isn't any need to keep ramping up the dosage?
  10. I've got myself 1g of 5-MeO-DMT Freebase. I don't fancy vaping it, so I'll convert it to salt and plug it. I've read so much and watched so many videos related to 5-MeO-DMT (But still have questions). I guess my main questions are related to dosage and a rough idea of what to expect at each dosage ramp up. I believe it's very powerful stuff, so I want to take this nice and slowly. Am I best starting at 10mg (or less, maybe 5mg?) and ramping up in + 2mg amounts? I'd like to start with a little tastier (if that is possible), rather than getting blasted to infinity from the get-go. I'm sure it's a difficult question to answer but what can I roughly expect at 10mg? e.g. body load, I generally get a very heavy body on psychedelics and feel nauseous. Even on 2g of mushrooms (lemon tek), I can't move a great deal. What about headspace? and then the same when I ramp it up. From what I've read there can be great differences between very small amounts. e.g. 10mg - 15mg. I've had mushrooms / nn DMT / LSD (although a long time ago), so I'm not new to psychedelics. But again I'm sure 5-MeO is a different animal altogether. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. These might help: The Gordo Tek is a relatively common extraction method.
  12. These might be helpful.
  13. Most defiantly cost effective from the get go. But in the long run you’ll burn away so much gear. I use a Geekvape Aegis Solo with a Vandy Vape Mesh RDA.
  14. I guess maybe try and find out if Germany do a blanket ban on controlled substances from a particular class? In this case it will be ‘tryptamines’. Trying to find details on individual substances might be tricky, especially with lesser know ones.
  15. This is an old school method these days. Much more efficient ways of doing. Let technology be the magic pill?