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  1. Yes, most internal day-to-day mail is delivered by Royal Mail (there are separate delivery companies, UPS / DPD / FedEx, etc). Royal Mail handles letters / small and medium-sized parcels. They are delivered to the door. Some services are tracked so the receiver can follow the parcel online. Some services are recorded, so a signature is needed on delivery. I have taken orders off the dark web, and these are generally sent just first class, meaning they are not tracked or signed for and will typically take 1 to 2 days and posted directly through a letter box at the receiver's address. From what I know, internal mail is not checked by any sniffer dogs, etc (but please do a little more reading elsewhere online to be 100% sure). I don’t recall having the give a phone number for a service, unless it’s to get text alerts.
  2. @Hardkill Having grown up through the 80s / 90s, Things happening now are nothing new. I remember in the 80s; there was the Iran–Iraq War, Lebanese Civil War (Beirut was like Gaza is now), Soviet–Afghan War (almost a decade long), Troubles between UK and Ireland (bombs going off in the UK). There were serious labor disputes and strikes, Health, Education, and Cities in Crisis, AIDS Crisis, mass unemployment (in the UK). Then, in the 90s, there was the Croatian War of Independence, the Somali Civil War, and more fighting in the Middle East. I could go on and on. There is not much difference. As Leo pointed out, it's just business as usual. Someone else also pointed out that consuming all this content is much easier. Try to become aware of how much of these things are happening in your direct experience (I suspect very little). It is easy to go online or switch on the TV and immerse yourself in the suffering of others. Try focusing this energy into your own life purpose.
  3. You don't understand what ethnic cleansing is. Go and read about the Khmer Rouge, the War in Bosnia, Sudan in the late 80s, the Hutu in Rwanda, Congo Civil War. This will give you a much deeper insight into what ethnic cleansing looks like.
  4. @SQAAD Like you said testing your substances is the best way to go. Unless of course you like playing Russian roulette.
  5. You are being very short-sighted here if you think the Israelis are deliberately using violence toward civilians. Yes, there are many civilian casualties (it's war), but there could be 100-fold more if Israelis took the don't give a fuck about anyone approach here. I get your point about the term terrorist. It's very much open to interpretation. You could say the UK/US/Russian/Chinese governments are all terrorists.
  6. Just e-mesh it? What’s the problem with that. No need to over complicate this. One rip blast off and no nasty burning or coughing.
  7. You can't judge a degree/PhD in psychology based on one person. And against what/who's spiritual knowledge are you making this distinction?
  8. I guess the same could be said for many of the now defunct islamic militant organisations.
  9. I've been hearing a lot of talk about the history of this conflict and the Israelis' land grabbing from the Palestinians. It was interesting to listen to the history side of things from an Israeli perspective.
  10. Be careful you'll lose your life to this debating shit.
  11. I had to question it. It sounded that ridiculous. It's like, let us think of the worst thing we can. It's one step short of raping them before beheading them. On the other hand, I've been around long enough to realise there are some brutal fuckers in the world.
  12. This whole beheading of babies. Has this actually been confirmed? or is this some media made-up nonsense?
  13. In psychology they call this repetition compulsion.