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  1. Better yet,where is the I am that is no one. Can't find it is the not the answer.
  2. Truth, is not an "ism", ideology, philosophy, religion, belief system. Do you want Truth or a philosophy of Truth. If you want a philosophy of Truth, Take your pick, there's more than plenty to go around.
  3. Incorrect perception. False seeing. "To see it as it is", is to see it as it is, and not what it appears to be. Seeing it as it is, is to perceive it without "coloring","distortion"" "uncluttered" . Without labeling, judgement, belief, opinion, memory. Seeing in this instance doesn't mean through the eyes of the mind, but as in perception of a higher order.
  4. "You can't have fucking nothing isn't".. Guru Louis CK
  5. This. True awakening is never a state of suffering.
  6. Duly noted.? But, this is not new information that hasn't already been seen through. The only "apparent" difference is "I" do not have an obsessive problem with using such terms as "I" "self","you" or even "no self" non-self, God, Brahman, Reality or any of the other countless conceptual names given to "That" or "This" etc., etc., , to communicate. Some are sensitive to these linguistic matters, and that is acknowledged. It is also recognized that not "everyone" can be pleased all the time. It is what it is and wasting time debating such irrelevant matters is, well, a waste of time. To each their own.?
  7. You do exist. In fact, it's the one thing you can know with absolute certainty. Just look at the simple fact that you have to exist in the first place in order to say "I do not exist". It's fucking madness. The only "mistake" is that you have identified yourself to be something you're not. The other mistake is watching a couple of non duality YT vids of some people who should absolutely not be teaching anything, have little to no understanding themselves, may have had a couple of spiritual "experiences", and then believing what they say is true. If their "highest so called "teaching" is "there's nothing to realize and no one to realize it" then you can pretty much bet they're not what they say they are. At best,"no self" or "no you/I" only means what has already been said. And that is, you are not what you have mistakenly taken yourself to be. The whole spiritual endeavor is to realize, not speculate or simply believe, not only what you are not, but what you or what you refer to as "I" really is. If you're going to read and watch vids of spiritual teachers/teachings, make sure you're accessing legitimately recognized texts and teachers. They will have extensive wisdom and knowledge of the subject matter and practices, and also be able to point you to what you are. Well beyond simply "there's no you","you don't exist" and no one to do anything". A six-year-old could watch a vid on that, and then go around preaching their new found "knowledge" to their little kindergarten friends all day long, lol. Ridiculous. So there you go. You do exist, you are responsible, and there is something to experientially (not believe) , realize.
  8. How to prove a non-existent problem with no reality? Is it the witnessing awareness that desires to prove this conceptualized theoretical idea, or a desire arising on behalf of a theoretical "separate self" identity? I'm betting it's the latter.
  9. How would you know that if you were'nt the awareness that isn't moved? You are that immovable, impersonal, unaffected awareness.
  10. Is the subject that is experiencing, aware that it is experiencing?
  11. Just note that,that is a very brief example of the inquiry. The actual inquiry, if taken on, will take some time.
  12. To get a basic idea of it,just refer to deep sleep. In deep sleep, there is no experience of anything that is experienced in the waking and dream states. There is complete absence of all objective experience, leaving only the Reality. This is another form of self inquiry, which is investigating one's experience of the 3 states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. Deep sleep is the closest to that Reality. Absent of all objective experience, Reality stands alone in itself. If looked at from the waking state, it is commonly said that "I had no experience of anything,not even myself.A complete blank." That proves to be false when investigated. One, it proves that the self or "I" you take yourself to be in the waking state, is absent in both dream and deep sleep. If that were your true nature, it would carry over with you. The moment you leave the waking state,you find yourself with a new body,in a new world, interacting with completely new objects in the dream state. Then, in deep sleep there is the complete absence of all objective experience (mind,body,world etc.,) yet what is really "you",Consciousness/Awareness remains,standing as that alone. If it is still said that "I" wasn't conscious/aware,then what was it that knows "there was no experience of anything,a complete blank". If what is ultimately "you" wasn't there, then that would not be known. You come back into the waking state,and again identify as the body/mind/person which wasn't there, The inquiry is not needed if one directly experiences being aware while in deep sleep. This is a common experience after awakening. Called Turiya (or the 4th) in Yoga. The inquiry can be a useful tool for those who have not had the realization of true nature. It's the body that needs rest. You, in your real nature, never sleep.
  13. Well, what is present, is not an object. It doesn't have any particular form,shape or qualities other than it is just is always present and aware. It is that, and only that, which is, and is always present and aware. What is being referred to as "you" or "I" is not an object. It is never,and can never be, an objective experience,or an object of knowledge which the mind can know. The question "who or what am I" is only a tool, that removes all seeming objectivity or objective experience,from the only subject there is, and is referred to as "I" . "I" is not a self, a person, concept,idea or experience of the mind or body. It is the ground knowledge from which all other knowledge comes. The mind goes "blank" because it's ability to know anything is limited to only objective knowledge or knowledge that is gathered from outside. The "blank" is the end of its knowledge and what it can know. It can't go any further. So,"I", is not a blank,it only shows that what is referred to as "I" is not in the mind, or, an object known by the mind.
  14. Similarly, what does it feel like to just be aware? Not "aware of " anything in particular, but Just the simple experience of being aware. You don't have to do anything, or be aware of anything in particular.
  15. What does it feel like to just relax and be? You don't have to think about anything in order to just be. You don't have to try to be. Just be. It's a letting go of all effort and/or trying to be something. Instead of wondering what it feels like to be "awareness" or anything else that may seem "special" or different,just feel what it's like to just be. One thing you'll notice is a great relaxation. Like a great weight has been lifted. Like "ahhh,finally, I don't have to do anything or think anything, or be anything. I can just be." Relax deeper and deeper into the feeling of just being. Nothing else. If thoughts come, just come back to the feeling of just simply being. The mind always wants to do,do do, or wonder "how do I do it" ,or "am I doing right." Ignore all of that and just be.
  16. Right now, If someone were to walk up to you and ask the question "are you present" or "is it your direct experience that you are present right now"?, What would you say? Check your experience. Btw, "direct experience" means, the direct knowledge of , and/or, the direct awareness of. You dont have to go through a second medium such as the mind,body,senses etc.,
  17. Being bored, or the experience of being bored,is something that can only be experienced or happen in time. But time, is only a concept, and not a reality. We never actually have the direct experience of time. If you remove time from the experience of being bored, what's left?
  18. I know SRF offers initiation into Kriya after a trial period (8 months) of preliminary exercises if you want to look into it.
  19. Several steps and methods are given, from beginner to advanced. Clear and precise Instruction is given by Swami Tadatmananda , an ordained monk in the Advaita tradition. Highly recommended if you are new to meditation, or are looking to expand into more advanced practices. Posted a few examples below. Here's Link to full playlist Chapter 2: Turning Within Pranayama: Breath Control Calming the Nerves Nadi Shodhana Ujjayi Pranayama Chapter 3: Concentration Trataka Gazing Bhramari Pranayama Developing Your Concentration Overcoming Associative Thinking Chapter 4: Mantra Japa Advanced Meditation