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  1. I need to delete this thread. Mods please help me. Seriously.
  2. What is the "FINAL" step of Love? Imagine that EVERYBODY is awakened. Imagine EVERYBODY lives in Love in this planet. Imagine that all people have REACHED MAXIMUM Love embodiment capacity. Where do we go from here? Where??? WHERE? Only down.... down to suffering again... At one point, love would want to become pain again. Because it MUST. Change is inevitable.
  3. Guys be careful with this LOVE stuff. Truth have NO obligations and no attributes. YES, Truth is Love, But Love is Suffering as well. Truth is Loving Itself even through Suffering and making no distinctions. Suffering is made of LOVE "material". Murder is Love, his Victim is Love. In the ultimate level, Truth, Love, Suffering, Ego, are the same thing. But I agree with you - YES, there are SUBJECTIVE preferences and expectations YOU project to Truth and many of them are helpful to humanity! I am with you! ... But still... There are SOME people who actually enjoy suffering and enjoy pain. You want to teach them LOVE. They want to teach you HATE. Who is right? BOTH of you. BOTH OF YOU ARE MADE OF THIS "TRUTH-LOVE" substance
  4. EXACTLY. I can't live life by living, and I can't live life by not living. What does that mean? It means, that "I", that is said to do that, is an illusion
  5. Yes I am fucked No way back... And yes, I have NO morality. But I know that nobody on Earth wants to suffer. That puts us on the same boat.
  6. man... total meaninglessness means TOTAL meaninglessness ... That means that: - Its meaningless to use muscles and leave your bed in the morning - Its meaningless to open eyes in the morning - Its meaningless to breathe
  7. Yes, because there is no better place to be. Every life has some pros and cons. But ultimately everything is equal, because everything is One. Being limited human is not worse than being limited alien with 10 dicks and 30 hands . Or being Angel is not better than being Human.
  8. guys .... Life is inherently meaningless. And that is TOTAL. Are you really sure what life after total meaninglessness realization means? After that, you basically have to DECEIVE yourself again to be able to slap NEW meanings to meaningless colorful shapes and to motivate yourself to get out of your bed again. But in practice it's a lot harder than it sounds because now you have seen too much. For example: It's like you are a gynecologist who have seen so many pussies that he is no longer aroused by them.
  9. Of course. I wrote earlier that I want to forget meaninglessness of enlightenment and create some meaningful life consciously.
  10. @noselfnofun Life on this planet Earth is made for unconscious people who live in their conceptual world full of meanings, values, hierarchies, opinions. But that is just my opinion.
  11. @zeroISinfinity Man, I don't know anything now... I feel more lost than ever... @Consilience I have experienced being Love many times, yet it's not part of my day-to-day life. Yes it's next step maybe
  12. Saving other people from sweetness of delusion may get counter-productive in the end. Many of them live pretty normal ordinary life at the moment. Do you really want to wake them up?? Are you really sure? Are you really REALLY sure it is the right thing for them to wake up from their sweet dream to meaninglessness?
  13. @MuddyBoots And that's the problem. Being "enlightened" is actually being more lost than being unconscious. You'll comprehend that sentence AFTER your 387th insight . The world around you, society, money system, jobs etc are not made for awakened people... I have been searching for happiness, but found Truth instead ...Truth does not mean happiness. Many teachers said Don't confuse Truth for happiness. And I did that very thing and than I was disappointed after. Awakened, but still in limited human form, feels like being an alien in today's world, where 99,999 people around you are unconscious. Helping others may be a Trap. It's a paradox. many times by helping others you are preventing them to learn their lesson from their suffering. Being "healer" is in many cases a trap in my opinion. I need ordinary people to put me back on track being normal human again.
  14. @TrynaBeTurquoise After many 5-MeO-DMT and DPT trips, any other psychedelic will bring you to whatever dimensions you want. There are dimensions that are so different that words are incapable of describing them. There are many forms of "psychedelics" or practices for raising consciousness in every specific dimension. JUST BE CAREFUL. There is "limit" of "raising your consciousness" in every dimension. The more insights or "secrets" you uncover, the more meaningless the rest of your life becomes. "Insight hunting" is fun!... First 386 insights are great! Until you uncover your 387th insight. After that, you're fucked and stuck in meaninglessness for rest of that life.