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  1. Yean, ifs this true why not break this cycle with assisted suicide, srs question´?
  2. (Self-Love) Is there any scenario that which You could NOT forgive yourself for?
  3. Usually humanity has default/pre-established "beliefs" what God is and supposed to be. One of which is this : Default assumption 1.) God has no needs: If God has no "needs" why did God create our world and us then? As we can see it seems/looks-like that God "HAS" "needs". if God didnt, why would God create a world such as ours and us and keep it running? Also, as humans we have most of the time a "positive-bias" when we choose our "beliefs", for example, we like to think that life-destiny-God etc. is on OUR side; look at when two sides go to war against each other and both of the sides is convinced that God is on THEIR side. I call it "wishful-thinking", we like to believe in things which makes our hearts to be at peace and happy. Therefore, to be objective in our thinking we have to DROP all of this default-wishful thinking about God all-together. It is logical to assume that "infinity"- a state which has no beginning and end, existed and will exist forever. It is that constant variable which is before our world because contrary to our world it always IS. If anything, our world of entropy, of beginnings and ends, might be the "illogical" thing. Things in our of world of entropy "appear" to "be", they come and go, they pop into existence and vanish, so ask yourself are the things in this world really "being" or are they "appearing" to "being"? At the same time we need to first realize what we are, we are conscious Beings, everyone to different extent. And we as individual points of consciousness are experiencing "reality" - a projection which is projected onto our senses. Now lets ask ourselves further, where from is the reality our senses "sense" is projected from? Then we can assume that there is "third" person/party/consciousness/Being(s) which projects this particular earth reality onto our senses. Now, we have many different questions, such as , WHO, HOW, WHY? Who? We dont know. How? We dont know either. Why? Now this is very interesting. Why would we be created and put into such an imperfect world as earth-realm? Why is it so important that whoever is projecting this realm onto us, is ok with going into such extreme inhumane experiments? Therefore I think the assumption that "God" has no needs is kind of not true. If God had no needs, why would God bother letting so many Beings on earth though so much pain and suffering? Therefore I have to ask myself, what is this Huge-Need, that God have to get and goes though such extreme ways to get it? Doesnt it make God look "desperate"?
  4. Yes, God has no needs... hmm(in yoda voice)... yes.. I see, of course, AND yet we are here.
  5. So how is it different when schizophrenics have all kinds of out-of-the-ordinary direct experiences? So in their case, we say insane-crazy, but in the case of psychedelics whatever we experience we deem that it must be all true. Hmm.........
  6. If this would happen, then it would be 100% PROOF, that the experiences on psychedelics are as real as the physical reality. Like, for example, you experience 10 witches giving you a kiss, and then you have 10 lipstick marks left after the psychedelic wore off, then it would mean that whatever you experienced while you were on psychedelic is part of "reality". If not, then... you know what that would mean There IS something special about the reality we when we are sober, that's for sure.
  7. It seems to me, that when someone is stuck in a life/scenario/existence that gives too much suffering to handle for the person to face the suffering face-value, the person starts to believe that he/she/it himself/herself/itself doesn't exist, in order to cope better and further with the situation. Do you think people who enjoy their existence/life think that they don't exist? The fact is thinking/philosophizing won't make you stop existing. Because, Being comes before thinking. To think, implies that there is someone who is doing it.
  8. Allright, awakening seems to be a high level of truth. Could you tell me why do we exist right now, exactly on earth as an animal-homo-sapien species?
  9. When its not separate form you then what it becomes? And, if (god forbid) you get a nail in your foot, will you feel pain? So we can at least start with that there is a self aware/conscious seperate observer of sensation, who happens to be You. The thing is, I wont feel the pain, nor other person.
  10. But the consciousness/mind is not the body. Mind over matter, and the stronger the mind the less the body has its influence/bias on it.
  11. It's like people are ashamed of Being, as if their existence is something that should be relinquished. Remember, God/Reality/Consiosusnes is too intelligent to make "mistakes", our existence as a separate Indiviusdals/Beings is also not in vain and not for some silly amusement, so that we just get to exist in the end to die.
  12. Because, you believe that there is no one, doesn't mean that there is no one. When do you feel pain, you feel pain right? if there was no you, "pain" wouldn't even be a possible phenomenon. The reality of there existing "pain" means that there is someone there who feels it.
  13. So, even higher levels of consciousness, and one would eat the dog shit as much with the same level of satisfaction as eating an ice-cream for example?
  14. But yet, there is someone there who still "cares" to a certain level to give body food/water etc. Still cares, to go the toilet when the want comes. Lets be honest, those here who really-really buy into their own ideas of there being no person, would just stop any "doing" and just lay/sit there until the non-existing body(according to them) and non-existing person(according to them) dies.
  15. Let us try to stop imagening our world... we can see that we cant, why? Because it is not us who are imagining/projecting the world/reality to be the way it is.
  16. The one that leads to attaining immortality, immortal life so to speak. Because right now, our status is pretty lame, we have to think about survival at all times, because we are in these homo-sapien bodies, which are very fragile creatures, who require so many things/conditions just to be able to exist for one more day. If we are our bodies, body dies we die. Which would mean that, we have a chance of immortal existence, IF only we are NOT our bodies.
  17. Yet, you, me and others in this forum, stuck in this "physical" world. Look if this world is imagined by consciousness, and consciousness is the real-thing, then this world is as real as it gets.
  18. Yeah the self is an illusion... yeah... So who is typing this on the computer/smartphone keyboard?
  19. Good idea Could you please give a deep question that we could discuss/contemplate?
  20. So it means that humans are programmed to find certain things beututiful/attractive and others ugly/repulsive for survival bias. Which would mean that humanity is living their existence unconsciously no? So a fully conscious person, would be able to see beauty in a vomit as much as in a sunset?
  21. Should life be taken seriously or not? What's the consensus here? ? Is life this = ?? Or is this = LOL ?
  22. And how does one become energy-power generators? THIS is much more attractive for me, then creating extension cords, children. I take life more seriously than not seriously.
  23. God doesn't give a penny about such minuscule things as virus/sufferings of illusionnary humans/egos. Every Joe thinks God has a special plan for him and cares about everything. Its like, do You care what is happening right now in a ant-colony in the nearby park? Yeah, same way is for God caring about humans. Humans are too weak-stupid and unimportant for God to care. Truth doesn't care about anybodies feelings. But humanity likes to believe in things that makes them feel better, I guess, lol.
  24. You are SPOT-ON Camerong. And I bet there are many other people on earth who are suffering right now too, even worse than I do for sure. Thats why I am saying that God doesnt care about us really, at least he doesnt care our POV. It sucks man, there is no mental-thinking that can make the pain not-real, because it is real. Having health problems, especially those that limit your life, what things you could do and so on, sucks, because it DEFEATS the purpose of existing as here. Why exist as a human-body when I cannot use it properly? Its a sick joke, but its not joke from my POV for sure. Thats the problem. People here would say well ,God must be everything thus he cannot have no-illnesses in reality. Well he can actually. You know why? Because there are many other possibilities that can be but is not part of our reality, like humans having wings and being able to fly. But we cant. So as You can see God is picky what he choose to be a part of reality and what is not part of reality, and not because God must have all possibilities in reality, THERE ARE many-many possibilities I can name from my own imagination but that are not part of this reality. Its like God : "Wow, look at this world , you have free-will enjoy and live" and then "Oops, you have a health issue that limits your free-will and enjoyment compared to other healthy people, so I guess you cant really enjoy, but well... try to cope eh?" Thats very higher-consciousness move by God... yeah
  25. Just got from another 5-meo expirience, wtih a new insight. NOBODY is in Control. You heard, me not you , not anybody. And that biggest mindfuck is that.... And that NOBODY is God. Boom!