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  1. I guess Immortality was a lie he-he.
  2. Damn, I wonder what happens to those people who commit suicide?
  3. Man if you even get mega super crystalline DNA upgrade etc, but it changes nothing in terms of anything, then what difference does it make? You dont even know if DNA itself exist or not, you make this assumption by putting your trust in human science.
  4. When you say you can feel it, other then you feeling it is there any visual change in your body? Or any new abilities that the body has? If it looks the same, and the body`s abilities are the same how do you assume that it is becoming crystallized?
  5. Right now this sounds like a false belief that was believed to be real, doesn't it? So it is your dream yet you cannot manipulate it like in a lucid dream? Consider the possibility that the dream is not controlled by you, and you are in a ride
  6. What if there is more to life/existence then just living like an ordinary homo-sapien which is an animal species. The things you listed, are animal cravings, meat, sugar, sex etc., these things are craved by the animal body in our cases the animal bodies we have are homo-sapien. However, we have to make a distinction, are we our bodies or are we something else entirely that is connected to the body at this point? Try to ask yourself, who you are? Are you the brain? Where in the brain is YOU? The thing is the brain is made of many-many cells, which of those cells is You? But the cell is made of atoms, so which of those atoms contains You? An atom is made of etc... You see, we cant even locate where "We" actually are in the body, BUT the alternative is that what makes You - you, and what makes Me - me is not the homo-sapien body, even though we have control over our individual bodies. Now please consider this, would You call yourself a Conscious individual? If yes, then do you think it is a conscious existence to live one's life by doing the things which the homo-sapien body craves. The body wants sex and You just follow its orders, it wants sugar You follow its order etc. Don't You see that, it seems then that it is the body that dictates your life and You just obey its command and don't actually take conscious control over your life/existence. Why not start living consciously and see that the fact that you don't enjoy "animalistic-desires" of the body might be a blessing and NOT a curse.
  7. What's the point in putting this effort into turning a human great, if the human dies in the end?
  8. 45- to an hour of concentrated breathing continuously? Wow that's a dedication.
  9. Ivankiss, if I may ask, how long did it take of the diaphragm breathing until you got this effect?
  10. Yes! Letting the human-life/limitation expirience to be one's own limit of expriciening reality and thus just surrender one's own existence to the void seems such a missed on opportunity to go beyond human and expirience even cooler things. Its infinite, remember guys
  11. I'm not taking anybody sides, but for objectivity sake, IamTheHolySpirit aren't You doing the same thing that you point out that traveler does? What are you trying to accomplish?
  12. Guys, I see the same words being repeated around inside the enlightened circles "chop wood" etc,, "self is an illusion", "lol we don't even exist". And on top of that quoting verse from texts that are over a thousand of years old as if their "ancient-ness" gives them a bullet-proof authority. If no one wrote them down, you wouldnt even know they existed in the first place, Ohh, I forgot there wasn't anyone there to write them down...right..hmm? For people who allegedly are about expanding their minds and finding the truth, it seems pretty limited-minded to write same scripted catch phrases, quote texts, to have a couple of laughs and a sense of "eh, we got it all figured out". It seems like by trying to convince yourself that you don't exist, you are trying to cope better with whatever stressors you have in your reality + you are trying to lose the sense of responsibility, etc. Truth is, it takes someone, to write this reply to you, likewise, it takes someone on the other side to read this message and reply back, etc. If the kind of "enlightenment" that you belive in gives you a message of truth being that "you don't even exist man...", yet you still hypocritically put up with chopping your waters and carrying your woods further, you might consider if You really belive in these "truths" yourself. The reason you still doing the mundane-repetitive survival things is that you ARE afraid of ceasing to exist, and there is still somewhere someone inside that knows it exists (because is evident) and doesn't want to die.
  13. If by illusion You mean that these individuals exist for a temporary time, then I don't think calling them "illusionary" would be fitting. Because calling them "illusionary" doesn't change the fact that they still exist during the duration that they exist, until they die of course. So they exist, but their existence is relatively short.
  14. Meta-Man, please put your attention to the fact that it still takes someone for there to be killed by truth, therefore as we can see there is still someone.
  15. With all respect, but why would I want to accept the belief that at the moment of death of the body - I will cease to exist too?