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  1. Dear Nahm, I try my best to abstain from "bodily" pleasures and instinctive behavior, thus increasing my level of Being and Consciousness. At the same time, I try my best to contemplate things that puzzle me, especially questions which humanity pondered upon for a long time. The question about the origin of evil is an ancient one indeed. I chose to ask this question here because this place has a higher number of open-minded thinkers of which I know of. All things aside, the question asked in this thread stands interesting. If God is Goodness and we clearly see Good and also Evil in this world, then where did evil come from? If we God is Goodness and We are God then shouldn't we be only able to do Good? However, do we only do Good, is that what we observe in the world? Let's stay unbias please
  2. Even if everything is a dream, better make the dream worth dreaming, and not letting the dream turn into a nightmare. And who does really know what/who God is when each one of here is limited thus interpreters things through his/her limited point of view. However, all of this does not detract from if someone is dreaming of a "dream" or a "nightmare". If all things are same for You, please go stop eating your favorite dish and start eating feces for starters as a suggestion. But You won't most probably, and I can surely understand why You wouldn't because at the end of the day some things are more enjoyable to experience than other things. Most people probably don't have feces as their favorite dish, wonder why
  3. Well at the end of the day, being beautiful feels better than being ugly, being loved feels better than being hated etc...
  4. How does Good and Evil exist, when God is only The Good, then where did Evil came from?
  5. Why cant We as God just imagine and turn our bodies into jocks? Just a suggestion guys. The way reality is being projected is through imagination that we know already.
  6. I do not promote any death-cult like mindset so keep your bodies healthy good people 🙂 However, knowing how backwards human thinking mainly is due to all kinds fears. I've been think inking what if physical death of the body which most people run away from, what if it is actually a positive expirience? Like as an allegory I could make a similarity to a situation a baby is in while it is in its mothers womb, because the parameters of its mothers womb is all it ever knows for around 9 months of its "womb" existence. For it the proces of the womb/vail being torn apart and being introduced into a much more complex and bigger reality might seem like a crazy experience but isn't it for the better and an evolution of the baby? What if the the death of the physical body is the same proces? Your Consiousness leaving the limited animal homo sapien body and taking the entirity of existnce/reality as its new body?
  7. Amazing, I can only imagine living it! 😎
  8. Have you not thought about the man who disputed with Abraham about his Lord, because God had given him power to rule? When Abraham said, ‘It is my Lord who gives life and death,’ he said, ‘I too give life and death.’ So Abraham said, ‘God brings the sun from the east; so bring it from the west.’ The disbeliever was dumbfounded: God does not guide those who do evil. Quran (2:258) So simple yet it is true, if we look at the argument presented here.
  9. Excuse me Leo, but You don't know what I experience and experienced and what I didn't. Even when one realizes that One is God, why does One get so shocked to this revelation, which is not even a revelation because The One always was God and will be. Hope I explained my question more directly, have a great day
  10. If You are already GOD and always was a God, why do You react so shocked to these realisations?
  11. Moses smoked dmt? What? 🧐
  12. What if it is effected by your brains chemistry being changed by the mushroom?
  13. These kinds of arguments are based on the premise that ego and egoic pov is somehow inferior compared to the non-egoic pov. You take egoic-pov as a limitation and burden, but what if it is the total opposite?
  14. You know people in the newer age spirutiality keep making allegories to VR to video games as to explain reality and its illusionary aspect. However, what is the reasons for why we couldn't design ourselves our bodies? Like in a RPG video game for example? So the limited humans who create RPG video games are more creative enough to know it is a more liberal thing to let the player decide the attributes and appearance of the avatar, and God is not creative enough to put this mechanic?
  15. So it is all an existential happening that came out of nothingness and will return to nothingness when the body dies? Did I understand your point?