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  1. Start small and think of ways to build small projects from what you learnt now. And think of each small projects as like a sprint. After every sprint you can assess your skill performances.
  2. nice to have stuff, don't work dude lol Just commit to one thing and remember to test things small and track the progress. Sometimes it is better to feel bad in situations like what you are right now. Usually kids in university are in wonderland and dreamlands. When I say just chill for now, i did not mean to make you feel good about the situation. I think its better to be honest with your own self sometimes about the reality of the situation you are right now. So that you can keep improving even if it is taking baby steps.
  3. well, marketing and sales is highly results focused, in that way it is more into the money. But still, it requires a certain level of creativity to make it happen successfully.
  4. don't worry about over saturation much. I heard someone saying that google algorithm is not a fixed thing for ever. They constantly change. So if you start executing today, you can become part of their test tomorrow or even today out of the pools of testing they do with their algorithm.
  5. hey bro, chill...I have been in your situation. i can almost feel what you saying. The only difference is i was not going to dentistry school, but rather Medical school...lol Graduated as if i had no other choice. So i went through similar experience almost like yours. Anyways...what i would say for now is...just relax and take it easy on yourself. I hear what you say something around trying to build an income online? Listen to that voice that is within you. Probably it has a wisdom that you want to listen more of it. Whatever you wanna do, start small and test things out in small ways. I guess the biggest mistake me and you did especially in academic world, we did not test small first before going big. So take your time, and test things out small steps first. And use your judgements to asses which tests are most successful and try to scale it up.
  6. i have been working on this topic for sometime too...I think its more about how well you can categorize components of the system and put a name onto it and set goals for each components...
  7. Well...Do you see that saying "i don't know" in and of itself is a story that you plant in his mind?
  8. @Leo Gura Bro do you think you can some thoughts or ideas to this? How do we decide ethical dilemmas and where to draw the line where we are comfortable doing what we do? Thank you
  9. so far I realized that being clear on the question of what would I not prefer someone else NOT do for me. And not to do that for others too... Any ideas?
  10. I opened this post under this section hopefully, I can get some insights from Leo too. My Question that I'm struggling to still find the answer for is how do we make sure that when we create marketing assets for clients and for myself - why is there are multiple different opinions regarding what is true and what is false? I heard Leo saying that try to write with facts when writing copy. But how do we know it is a fact? Why some people are against the use of fictional characters and stories in marketing? Why do they keep insisting true marketing while they themselves sometimes use fictional statements? Any idea?
  11. @Shaul maybe try changing it until it aligns with your positive intent or values?
  12. As Leo said, what would you do for work if you had hundred million dollar...I would add to that - what would you contribute to others if you had that money. I used to be in medical school too. I know that feeling sucks. Hope you find your way soon.
  13. @Mada_ who said you could afford to stay without working? You are already working on something. Pick something and keep working and commit until you see the end. Nobody can afford to stay without working by the way. It is just a illusion people in university think that way. You are either wasting time thinking that nothing is wrong or instead you will be working on your own goals. Key is to be conscious in following your own goals and not someone else's which might make you confused and think things like you can afford to stay without working.
  14. @Mada_ Don't worry, you can learn marketing. Just like any other skill, you can learn it. I love helping people to find clarity in business and marketing. Concepts that could help you see different perspectives that could be useful for you to get results that matter for you. Just to give you some action steps, try to look at how successful businesses in selling info products, look at how they structure the words in their sales copy. If you have more questions let me know. Try to be specific in questions so that it is more valuable for you.