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  1. @Gnostic Christian To me Christianity especially the old testament was misinterpreted and was taken too literally. To me the bible is a spiritual book and a spiritual religion just like buddhism and so on but was taken literally and everything that is not Christianity is wrong and of the devil. The god of the old testament was believed to be an entity a literal god in the clouds and made everything but that is taught wrong till Jesus came and thaught the truth. To me Jesus became enlightened and was trying to teach people but it flew over there heads cause they were of a lower consciousness. Jesus taught about the real God which is Yahweh but not an entity but Emptiness. The religious people were loyal to who they perceived Yahweh was and that is why the crucified Jesus imo. How did God make the universe or what is? Is in the bible, God said: Let there be light. Christians think God made it that there was night and day but to me God made consciousness/light/everything.
  2. Really have you zoomed in so far!!!??? Not sure about that but the one thing there is is space/nothingness/emptiness there for sure surrounding everything.
  3. Nothingness does exist and is the essence of what consciousness is. Sleep is a state of consciousness and there is just nothing to be conscious of, there is no I to be conscious of either.
  4. Yes i think i understand but obviously not everything and it goes deeper as you say. LOL I am parroting again but i understand it because of what i heard. The first message i got from contemplating by putting the puzzle pieces together from what you and others have said but the 2nd i realized in the moment by the realization just coming to me and it would not of came otherwise if i was not watching your videos. How can i explain what i realized without parroting you if i got the realization from your videos but anyway it makes sense to me now,
  5. @Leo Gura Yes i see now it's in my direct experience but now i understand what the illusion people are talking about and understand why you and others say form is actually formless. I did not get it 100% but i do now. I understand what Maya is now
  6. @Bluff Tbh it's not so much what i see but a intellectual realization that just hit me like a ton of bricks at that moment. I got to that realization from watching Leos videos and reading stuff so i still have to experience going deeper but i look in my actual experience and see that form is made up from labels and a sum of different stuff, like a human is a labels and that humans are made up of hands, legs, feet, torso and so on things i see for myself.
  7. Oh my Goodness i just realized something. There is nothing there, like literally nothing it's all a f illusion!!! Look at anything, it looks real but it's not cause at a distance it looks real but you zoom into it then it's actually something else and you zoom into that it's something else but actually you can't find anything cause you just zoom into that. THERE IS NO SUBSTANCE IT'S NOTHING ITS A F ILLUSION!!! Is this realization correct or am i bull shitting myself??
  8. I have also contemplate this. Here are my thoughts on it... If you look through a microscope and see quarks what do you see. You see quarks but there is space/air there too so there is form and formless. The formless is like a portal but not really but what i mean is, that's the "portal" or point of entry that you can look deeper. So that formless is space which "things" form are always inside and make things one cause it's always on the outside so to speak. The space/formless is the infinite nature of everything. It's almost like if you zoom in the space gets bigger and then there is always more stuff and so on. So the form i guess is the nothingness they talk about and it's the groundless ground. Like i heard Leo say is the space that connects the form together.
  9. Anyone could answer too if they want.
  10. @Leo Gura Is There just one dream that is "reality" with everything inside it or is it one dream with a lot of dreams inside the big dream like a dream within a dream within a dream and so on??
  11. What do you mean drop it in your heart, like imagine it in your mind and imagine it drop into the heart chakra or heart itself? Then just trust and let it happen?? Correct or if not could you explain what to do please? I don't want to be Joker_theory, a person anymore and would love to discover my true self.
  12. I hear you but will this consciousness that appears to be me as the human, is that eternal? i know the body will be gone but what i mean will this consciousness like realized when the body is gone, hey i was not this human??
  13. This to me is very confusing cause when i dream the character that i am in the dream vanishes like it never existed when i wake up and so if God is the dreamer and wakes up i will vanish like i never existed, so how am i God then?
  14. @Shakazulu That might be right but as i see it is everything is an illusion. If you take the mirror analogy, The literal mirror is the subject and what is reflecting inside the mirror is objects. The is nothing outside the mirror in this analogy so everything is inside the mirror(law of one o0r oneness.) Everything inside the mirror is an illusion and only the mirror really exists. Mirror is pure consciousness(the subject) and everything inside consciousness(inside the mirror) is an illusion like the mirror analogy. So the human and all objects even the human experience is happening inside of pure consciousness so even the human and it's experience is the object.
  15. I have used in in the past for meditation to concentrate and to be more focused but for me i did not help me. I don't have adhd so it only gave me a lot of physical energy so could not sit still but it made my mind feel more closed, like lower consciousness and could def not concentrate or focus. So it was a no go for me but that could be cause i don't have adhd.