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  1. For me time is an illusion. Time is man made concept. time is the measurement from when the sun moves from one place to another. If i move from a to b why do i need time to do that. That is man made. All i need is space. When i move for a to b which is 10m it's just movement i don't need time to walk from a to b. Time i take is the measurement how many fake second, minutes and hours i take. There is only one present moment not more than one so then there can be time imo. It's just change/movement in consciousness!!!
  2. Hi everyone I would like to develop or realize witness consciousness through a meditation practice but not "just sitting" practice cause it's to tough. I get to frustrated, agitated and restless that i can't sit still. Could someone suggest a practice for this. Also, would love a guided meditation on this if you know of one or some tips would be GREAT!!
  3. @SoonHei For Sure!!! Right here right now not in mind and body, mind and body is inside YOU
  4. I say yes but don't really know but how could all this be happening if God was not infinite intelligence and infinite intelligence must be self aware. Oh Oh Oh an everything is consciousness, God is infinite consciousness and must be self aware!!!
  5. @Shadowraix Well Said @zeroISinfinity Also well said Love!!!
  6. He probably stop searching and surrendered. Let go and the magic happens by it self. Wish i could get that in my thick skull.
  7. I do massage my face especially my jaw cause of extreme tension there when the pressure gets worse. Could do other parts too. Acupressure looks interesting looking it up as we speak. Have to work on my diet eat very unhealthy but it's tough cause eating healthy is expensive. I am on a sort of fasting were i don't eat for 16 hours if i can. Not always possible with low blood sugar but i get it right most days. I do letting go meditation but only works during meditation. Anxiety and over thinking is a big problem for giving me pressure. I have thought of looking for an technique for moving energy from my head as i feel energy move up from my body to my head when under performance pressure even when by my self. "For creating space in my head, good old fashioned visualizations! Ask yourself what's your favorite place? Your ideal place to go on vacation or live? Your mind is incredible at Making space, length, height and width of a place that resonates with you and filling in the details overtime." Will give it a try. Thanks
  8. Sounds interesting and intense. A pity i can't imagine it so have to get there by meditating. Something to look forward to.
  9. @Danioover9000 Thanks for the advice. I have a lot of pressure in my head and i wonder is it cause there is not a lot of space so maybe creating more space would help with the pressure and i would also be a lot calmer and more focused. Curious how did you create space in your head? Is it by letting old energies go or do you use an technique??
  10. @zeroISinfinity Thanks man, much appreciated
  11. Here is a video from Bentinho Massaro posted today about what i said how God created the universe or whatever you want to call it. God said let there be light and light appeared. He says that even the light has a source which i God/nothingness/emptiness so that is how God created everything with light. Even Jesus said that his fathers kingdom is within and without.
  12. @zeroISinfinity ok Thanks, will do just that.
  13. So i just close my eyes and focus on my closed eye lids, the blackness behind it? that's it, should i just focus on the blackness and observe what comes??\
  14. @zeroISinfinity what meditation would you recommend for getting sharp lazor focus??I get crazy head pressure when i try to hard, I feel the best meditation i should start on is one that you focus on a flame for so 10 -15min for mindfulness focus. Then i feel a person should do a detachment type of meditation were you let everything move through you and nothing sticks to you cause you can let it go. To add with that you can watch your thoughts and emotions. That is a hard one for me. I can do meditations with no instructions but for me it's easier to do the guided meditation and when i got the hang of it i just drop it.