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  1. So this is concerning my career and college degree so basically what I will be doing until I retire. So in France college is free but highly selective , especially concerning the medical field. The first year of college ends with an extremely selective exam and it's common for all medical fields. So I had to retake this exam 3 times , so 3 years of grinding and cramming in hopes of getting accepted in medical school or dental school. After this exhausting third year my grades are good enough that I can choose between dental school and medical school. Problem is that I dont know what to choose , I feel like these 3 years killed my passion and curiosity to be honest so im trying to make the " best " choice. There is pros and cons for both ! Pros of dental school : - Easier than med school - Much more free time - Cool job , good quality of life - More freedom because dentists can be their own boss - Less exhausting than working for an hospital Cons : - Not really interesting , there is not much depth to teeth science honestly - Less diversity of career choices - Might get bored and do my job for the money Pros of Med school : - Very interesting , higher diversity of career paths - Prestige ( - Bigger impact on people's lives ? ) Cons : - Fear of burning out - Asks a lots of investment. If you are not passionate it seems very hard to carry on 9 more years of college - Another highly selective exams during the 6th year , I will be a 27 years old guy cramming for exams and its hard to imagine - Working for an hospital might drain my life and my energy - Less free time during college So yeah , i dont know. These last 3 years were very hard and i had to make a lot of sacrifices ( mainly my social life and mental health ) so its completely out of question to find another field to work in. Im being realistic i know i have a huge privilege to have this choice of careers knowing that during all my life i swore to myself to never work a corporate job / wage slavery job , but this dilemma is messing with me. Like most of you im into spirituality , dental school will offer much more free time to experience stuff but its clearly the low resistance choice. While med school is the higher resistance route and maybe this world needs more doctors who are into spirituality. But my main fear is to not have the mental strength to endure 9 more years of med school and eventually dropping out DESTROYING all these years of investment ( very valuable years because its the beginning of my adult life ). ( I do not have time to take the life purpose course so please dont tell me to purchase it ) Thank you for your attention. Edit : recently I realised that i suffer from anxiety , used to be depressed in high school too.
  2. I have tried to workout by force , i drank a cup of coffee just before hopping it would wake up . My body just refused , i wasn't able to do 30 crunches without burning all my will power into pushing my lazy body . Just what the fuck , i slept 9 hours and have a healthy diet , why is this happening ? Also , last week after work ( finished at noon ) i just fell into my bed took a 4 hour nap and then slept at night .
  3. For someone who claims to become absolute infinity every time he takes a shot of DMT can you prove your absolute infinity by doing a miracle ? Yeah people asked prophets to do miracle to prove they are truthful because their claims were " extraordinary " , so the next time you take some DMT and become absolute infinity can you Spawn in my living room with a coke in your right hand and a mexican hat on top of your head ? He can't . What im trying to show you guys is that if GOD was really non dual once you access him you are him so you have access to whatever you want . But the thing is people in this " faith " don't seem to realize that people only report seeing , feeling ect .. NEVER doing . Why ? Because GOD is aware and he draws the line between him and creatures that's why you will never become " god " . At best you can only be a spectator . and yes non duality , infinite consciousness , whatever you call it , is a faith . You put your trust and believe in something that is yet to be proven .
  4. What is hell and what is Heaven ? Why is this subject common to all religions ? According to new age methodology when something is shared amongs all religions and survived the test of time then its most likely to hold truth . Take the exemple of meditation , meditation isn’t only in eastern religion it exists in monotheistic religions too . The idea of hell and heaven is in all religions even in bouddhisme and hinduism And I think it would be interesting to have a perspective on heaven and hell that isn’t red / blue / orange and since Leo knows about spiral dynamic he could give more advanced perspectives
  5. What are the types of books in the list ? non duality / new age spirituality doesn’t interest me as a part of self development I just listen his videos by curiosity . If most of the books on list touch to self improvement then I will buy it
  6. it's not crazy to think that ecological disaster will force the evolution to the next stage , the same way sciences were vectors to move countries from stage blue to orange . Because to face a worldwide threat like ecological disaster we may have a new world oder , with new global rights like the human rights we have now ( witch is very orange , its basicly a right to property ) , and those new global rights might take over some old rights . Why ? Because we can see that there is hundreds of state on this planet and each one is free , and have the freedom to not give a fck about COP 21 or to even deny climate change like the president of the U.S does , and we can see how orange it is when democracy has turned into corporatocracy . So really its hard to imagine how could the situation change without radical legislation .
  7. @Rilles @Serotoninluv @Shin From where does Hindu / buddhist spirituality come from ... Old books , why should it have any more reliability than the Thora Bible or Coran ? Sadhguru , an enlightened master in stage turquoise according to Leo , makes ritual ( offering prayers and foods ) under a 112 feet tall shiva statue while indian people are shitting outdoors and their holy Gange is the most polluted river in the world ( rooting corps in a delicate mixture of ashs and sewage ) . How conscious is that ? If most of the sages , no sorry they are not only sages they are masters who EXPERIENCED GOD , come from this place then how is it that India is still level Purple worshipping idols and into cults ( hi OSHO ) , getting in bloody conflicts with religious minorities ect ... I think you guys should be a bit more critical when it comes to new age spirituality the same way you could be critical with christianity or other religion. Because it is just a belief that takes root from gurus who themselves used things wrote in a old book . So i guess that you should not take Leo's , Sadhguru's words for granted too
  8. @Jed Vassallo You stink the mixture of confidence and ignorance .
  9. @Rilles Nope astrology is even lower in the spiral . I had a very blue upbringing and astrology was recognized as a scam , a superstition , a sin , " magic " . Some people may make the mistake to take blue people belief as only superstition , but blue people beliefs are tied to more profound wisdom and teachings that you can get to trough study . You may not believe in holy books of monotheistic religions but you can't deny almost all the moral and ethic comes from there , a marriage was at first a religious institution , that goes beyond the biological need for reproduction because marriage is kind of a contract that kind of engage you into being responsible and building a family . This is blue . Astrology fits into stage purple .
  10. @PsiloPutty This things seems amazing but im just 20 and i don't think i really need it ( i think my brain is kinda fresh ) , i consider it to be more effective when i get older . And i dont have an unlimited budget unfortunately Im already planning to add Ciltep , ginseng and ashwanganda to my stack and i dont feel like eating nootropics all day @Lynnel Well , there is some pills formula witch contains both rhodiola and gingko so it doesn't seem that bad . Additionaly i take rhodiola only once every two days since it takes some time for my system to completely assimilate it . Your schedule makes sense , i think i will give it a try thank you I took the time to read some Ciltep consumers reviews and it seems to be great , will give it a try .
  11. Since you are probably going to give your opinion i wanted to say that my main need is to have a better memory since im a med student and i got to learn a lot in a short period of time and it is pretty intense . Here is my stack : _ Bacopa _ Gingko Biloba _ Rhodiola ( 1 once vert 2 days ) _ L theanine in supplement of my tea every morning _ Vitamin D 3 and fish oil I hesitate adding : _Ginseng ( corean or indian ashwagandha ? ) _ Ciltep ( Vitamin B6 , L-Phenylalanine , Alcar , artichoke and forskolin extract ) _ Neuro nutrients Solgar ( glutamine , tyrosine , phenylalanine , vitamin c , choline , lécithine , vitamine B2 B1 B3 , PLP , and a little of ginkgo ) im almost sure about adding ginseng , and not adding both neuro nutrients and Ciltep . Is Ciltep rly worth it compared to neuronutriments when looking at content and price ?
  12. With the artificial intelligence becoming a threat to most jobs , a job thats high paid and takes a lot of effort like being a Doctor is more likely to be highly supported by AI and by consequence lose a big chunk of his value on the " work market " . So im thinking is it really worth to be a surgeon , invest all these years , when an AI can just copy past all of my Knowledge in 1/4 of a second from a data base and do 80 % of the job ? Of course this applies if the country allow it , maybe it will fall under ethic like genetical manipulations , ogm , selection from young age according to IQ .. ect In my opinion , there is plenty of things we can do but we dont , like ending world hunger or stuff from the book "Brand new world" .
  13. HI would you recommend this channel ?
  14. @Angelo John Gage Yeah , Yeah and a Muslim Scholar like : Shayk Imran Hossein . Said this hadith was fabricated .