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  1. Has anybody experience with water filters ? If yes , would you recommend them or should I just buy more spring water .
  2. @Thought Art Hmm interesting , I already heard about the benefits of moving water but from a new age/spiritual perspective. Im considering buying a filter anyways but im skeptical about how well it will do its intended job.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/longevity/top/?t=all
  4. I thought about using nicotine gums to reinforce a desired habit by only chewing nicotine gums during doing that habit I want to build . ( I dont smoke ) Building habits is difficult for me and I lack discipline , can I trick my brain into liking an activity trough nicotine ?
  5. @BlackMaze yes , I am so tired of not achieving what I plan to do . I’m tricking my brain ´s dopamin circuits . I will let of nicotine gums of course and use regular gums. Also nicotine is kind of a nootropic and it is harmless .
  6. Inner child work ( look into Teal Swan ) , shadow work , therapy , introspection . Some people will suggest to change your state of conciousness but I personnaly would not take psychedelics if Im not sure Im healed , I hate bad trips ... Leo's forgivness video is also great if can remember a specific event/person hurting you .
  7. @CultivateLove If you are into astrology . What happened is that last december we moved from age of pisces to age of aquarius , this change happens every x centuries . And basicly the age of aquarius is supposed to have a lot of stage green in it in terms of values . I cant tell you in depth im not a pro you should look for yourself astrology is a funny rabbithole .
  8. My whole life i convinced myself that I wanted to get into dentistry school . So I graduated high school and got into pre dentistry school , its an exam and only the top 100 are allowed to pass . I failed my first try due to depression and got one extra try . So now im on my second try , I worked myself to death , and guess what ? I got tested positiv for COVID , so UNI won't allow me to pass the exam because of the pandemic . Students who can't pass the exam due to covid laws can have an extra year . So Im heading for my THIRD year trying to get into dentistry school and im so burnt out that I dont even know if this is my life purpose . I was a "smart" kid so I chose a job that gives a good amount money and some freedom . Honestly I dont have a passion for teeth lets be honest , I like the healthcare side of it but what I truly like is the lifestyle this job provides . Because from a young age I had a fear of wage slavery and working for someone else . Expectations from my family also influenced me , my family always describe me as the smart kid of the family and everyone expects me to succeed and have a prestigious job . Most of my family didn't even finish highschool , but still managed to lift themselves to a good life . Im 21 and I dont know if i should spend one more year of my life trying to get into dentistry school , the work that you have to put in to pass is immense that it deprives you from doing anything enjoyable next to college ( friends , love , going out , workout , side passion , hobbies , self improvement , spirituality ect ...) . This year studying on zoom , my days went like this : wake up , open laptop , lectures , study , sleep . Every fucking day I feel like im an a prison I didn't leave my house for months expect for jogging . Met nobody , made no memory , I wasted one year of my life .... Im 21 and I can't digest that Im falling at life , last week I did nothing but stay at home watching time pass by , because I have no exams to pass anyways ! If you gave me a good passive income , would I choose to stay in school ? No , but what would I do of my days ? I do not know ... Im 21 and I feel like my years got robbed . Should I thrive one more year trying to get this prestigious career , maybe i will fail and be 22 with another wasted year , or should I move on and try to develop an online income ? When will I start to live life ? I want your opinions guys , dont tell me to buy the life purpose course please .
  9. @Tuan I honestly can get into dentistry school , I can even study during my summer vacations . But fuck I want to make money lol .
  10. @SirVladimir @Tuan @Rajneeshpuram So , took some time off and I realized that I do not have much options on the table anyways. So lets stop crying and im just going to take this oppurtinity . But , It would be nice to have an online passive income next to college , just so I dont have to wait 7 years before enjoying life , Im looking into that possibility .
  11. ANY comments will help please im on the verge of a mental breakdown dont ignore me
  12. maybe this should be moved to the Self actualization section .
  13. So lately, my experience of time has been atrocious. Life is passing by so fast I don’t even feel like I’m living it . It’s already the week end I feel like only two days passed , what is happening . Any advices / practices ?
  14. @Bojan V Dont worry , its ok to stay asleep .
  15. Aliens ( evolved ones ) , elves machines , gods , multidimensional beings and everything beyond this materialistic 3D world , " real " magic , consciousness science , miracles ect ... Some enlightened beings go meditate one day and they just " disappear " , many stories about that .
  16. Make sure I never fall into wage slavery , secure myself financially .
  17. Im 20 years old , im a virgin . And yes I am not clinging to anybody else or even looking for it . why ? I dont know . When reading that you must be thinking that im some sort of incel/redpill/mgtow/frustrated ect .... Im none of that . It doesnt come from a place of lack and I have no resentment . I love myself , im happy with myself , why the hell would i want to download tinder and spend 20 minutes a day swapping trough profiles . And go trough all the bullshit of small talk , dating , flirting , trying to look "fuckable" , trying to appear as a "man" is expected to be ect .... An immense waste of energy and time for 45 minutes of hugging and shooting a nut at the end . Why do I think like that ? Because there is no way a woman my age ( 20 yo ) is on the same path as me and I know that anything else wont be a match on the long term . I tried it once , to fit in , because everybody had tinder . Had about 70 matchs , as a guy , fucked no one . I just dont see the value of having someone else by my side honestly , especially when most people drag you down .. The moment you try to play a character to get in a relationship , you messed up . You try to appear as the person this girl wants , wich is not you . This is deeply emasculating . Im not going to play games , I will let life unfold organicly and if I die alone and then I lived a happy lonely life .
  18. There is non duality , fine . Most of the time Its a cool thought experiment to imagine being someone/something else. But sometimes I just dont accept it . For example I dont want to be beggars , rapists , rapped people , pedophiles , prostitutes , someone who likes getting fisted , obese people , mukbangers , weird diseases , slaves , crack heads ect .... I know that im a fragment of consciousness and I especially wanted to be this avatar and not someone else but why is it so hard to imagine that the absolute self ( who is infinitely intelligent and infinitely beautiful ) wanted to be fucking Nikocado Avocado and make disgusting mukbang videos on youtube . I dont get it .
  19. @No Self Sometimes when I see " spiritual women " on youtube , they definitely have an effect on me . Teal Swan is much older than me but there is something so hot about her I can't explain it .
  20. I meditated yesterday , for a total of 1 hour and a half , a few guided meditations and one by myself . At some point I sensed that I was going deep ( into what ? I dont know but I knew there was a change happening ) out of fear / resistance I opened my eyes . When I opened my eyes my vision was almost like a drug Induced one , not a full psychedelic experience but objects in my room were melting into themselves but still keeping their forms as if their structure became water like and atoms could flow in the form of the object and my body sensation was like i was shifting out of my body . Maybe I was just dissociating and this has nothing to do with spiritual stuff , anyways im posting it . I was completly sober , I do not have access to any kind of substances . Edit : typing mistakes