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  1. Hi everyone, In this thread can doctors give advice to anyone who is considering to become a doctor as a career? I am a young student who graduated high school and I am considering to make doctor as a career. So, in this thread can all the doctors across the forum give me advice? So, I can decide whether a doctor is a good profession for me or not. Thank you
  2. yep
  3. @mikelyons I am wondering from where can we purchase this drug?
  4. A person who has mastered and nailed his psychology.
  5. @freejoy I am sorry for your loss. I am sending lots of love to your family. May God bless you and your family. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  6. @vander Leo already made a video on ithttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWs6GBwXnmw
  7. Awareness is inside infinity because infinity is everything
  8. @Valach I would recommend you to complete the Life Purpose course from @Leo Gura. Since, you work at university for computer science then their must be co-op option available. Also you may do part time job which give you income. So I would recommend to fund the Life Purpose course with the money you get from your co-op or part time job.
  9. Peace is only created when you are detached from your ego. Its because of your ego, you are not at peace but in anxiety and worry. I think the more people are detached from their ego, the more peace they experience.
  10. @JessicaKatherine Congrats!
  11. @machinegun You are suffering the consequences of negative motivation. You are basically using negative motivation to motivate yourself which is unsaistanable. You need to be more authentically, positive and intrinsically motivated. - How do normal people motivate themself? Ans: They motivate themself negatively like you except maybe to a mild degree. The question should be how does the extra ordinary motivate themself. Extra ordinary people motivate themself through authencity, life purpose, positive and intrinsic reasons and psychology.
  12. I forgot to wish all the women on this forum. I am gonna wish now. International women day!
  13. @Leo Gura Awesome analogy @Preety_India I think Leo will be enough open minded to hear this. I forgot to wish everyone. Happy women day!
  14. I guess our political system is evolving to the next level
  15. This thread is a mixture of life purpose and enlightenment. To all those who are enlightened on the forum. I have a question. Are you guys passionate for life? I am wondering are enlightened people or those who experienced enlightenment are passionate for life because from what I have seen in the forum so far are passionless and bitter enlightened people. I may be wrong but that's according to my observations so far. So again to all the enlightened people, are you passionate and happy for life or are you bitter and miserable.
  16. Hello everyone, I would love to hear all your thoughts of Islam. I would want to know what are all your guys thoughts on Islam? What do you think is it function? Why did it originate? Why does it exist? Why do people become fanatical and terrorist due to it.? This thread will reflect and contemplate on such kind of questions regarding Islam. I would love to hear all your thoughts and opinions on Islam. Thank you for your time
  17. @Dunnel I will give you a good reason to live. A good reason to live would be that all the best human beings throughout history of humanity did not want you to commit suicide. I am sure this enough.
  18. Hi, I found Leo's channel is 2018 and I did not experience much growth. I feel like I humiliated actualized.org and @Leo Gura because I did not embody any of its teachings from the last 3 years. I feel so bad now for that. How do I cope with this feeling?
  19. Hi, Leo Gura said on his youtube channel that he made self-help projects to get his dream job. @Leo Gura Do you mind sharing with us examples of such projects which you made? Its because I dont believe you or I dont think it will work out. If you show examples then it will be appreciated.
  20. @How to be wise He talks about it. I am wondering if he can show it?
  21. @hyruga That's his purpose of Actualized.org. Before, Actualized.org he was a video game designer. I wanted to see some of his projects about video game design.
  22. @Preety_India I am sorry, but it was nice talking to you.
  23. @Preety_India I am just wondering from where do you get all these reviews? No offense.
  24. @@Preety_India What's your youtube channel name?
  25. @Preety_India Thank you for your response. That response helped me a lot to improve my relationships. Thanks again "It can mean anything from sexual to social to financial to emotional to physical. Value = whole package. Girls sexual value = looks, attractiveness, feminine nature, elegance, grace, education, smartness, intelligence, amiability, fertility,sexiness reproductive ability, character, decency, fitness, hobbies, work, passion, nature, temperament. Guy's sexual value = social status, intelligence, skills, looks, height, personality, passion, work, character, entertaining, humor, romantic nature, masculinity, education, skills in bed, fitness, temperament, ability to impress, fatherhood skills, boyfriend material" Preety_India