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  1. How deep are you into your university course? I quit 1 year into Mechanical Engineering and went to Psychology cause I knew I would be miserable as an Engineer. I thought deeply about my future and I would probably out myself cause the work would bring me too little joy. If your major doesn't help you to advance in your life purpose, yes , It would be better to quit. And I do have lots of ideas I could implement in this domain of work.

    You don't have a life purpose yet? What the hell are you doing then? Find it. You don't have infinite time in the relative domain. Time to start thinking about this.

    It being "interesting" isn't enough. It has to be interesting but also have demand and contribute a great deal to society. If you have a novel, ground-breaking idea in your field maybe it'll work. Otherwise you're wasting your time.

    That being said, you have to have a backup plan. You can't just outright quit and do nothing all day. Are you going to be an entrepreneur or what? Do you have any practical skills?

    I'm just offering some tough love here. Don't take it personally; I've gone through a phase like yours some time ago.

  2. 5 hours ago, MarkKol said:

    Hi yellow, I'm Green 

    Hey buddy! I hope you're having a nice day

    39 minutes ago, Thewritersunion said:

    Try not to use Tier 2 or Tier 1 stuff as a crutch to control your thinking process. There’s world’s beyond that stuff if you get the creativity and brain for it. 


    @Thewritersunion Do you mean it would be good to not get fixated on the models? To think whatever I want to, regardless of what tier it belongs in theory?

  3. I talk with lots of people of different backgrounds at university, being an extrovert myself. I'm noticing the patterns. It's pretty obvious that some courses (humanities) skew green and constantly criticize the STEM part of the university. And vice versa.

    It's like an ideological war and I watch the conflicting values, understanding that they don't understand each other and are trying to impose their own values on other people.

    The humanities part criticize the STEM for pursuing money, success and ignoring politics too much, and the STEM part criticizes the other side because they are kinda inefficient, due to discussing too much and going tangencially, discussing feelings and placing too much emphasis on consensus even if that's not the best course of action to achieve a goal.

    I can see the partiality in both perspectives but I had some backlash when trying to point it out. I'm misunderstood by both types.

    As a tangent, Blue isn't very present in university but it helped with my family relations, as now I can get along with my family and older blue people really easy now that I know they couldn't be any other way due to their upbringing and etc.

    Right now I don't know how to deliver what I can see but I hope I will learn how to do it. Or not, really. Maybe I shouldn't do anything and just focus on my vision.

    I'm just showing my appreciation for this model. I've been studying it for years alongside with other models. It's awesome to be able to understand everyone's values and be non-judgmental(for the most part) even if i don't agree with them. Awesome ??

  4. Very rarely. Only if I consume drugs that alter my state of consciousness significantly (outside of psychedelics).

    There's a level you can reach in spirituality where you see that you can't really die because you're not the body. That being said, I don't see what's the point of doing it.

    But I do have empathy and I can see that if I was suffering enough that would be an appealing idea.

  5. I bought a 25 tabs batch of what I believed was 250ug each. It had lots of good reviews. I almost always took half a tab and it gave me the normal LSD experience.

    The day I took the whole tab I didn't even want to touch psychedelics anymore for years (already got over this lol). It took me several weeks/months to understand everything that happened during that trip.

    Better be safe than sorry and traumatize yourself; take half or 1/4.

  6. 16 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    The biggest downside and deal-breaker for me is that you can't flip through a book and find the sections you need.

    Many e-books have built-in shortcuts to chapters


    I have a 7 year old Kindle I still use to this day. I prefer to use e-books because:

    • I can read any book I want, anywhere, without carrying like 1kg worth of books.
    • It's possible to adjust the size/type of the font.

    On the other hand:

    •  it's very annoying to write notes. If I want to write down notes about a book, I'll need to actually have a paper by my side.

    Regarding using a tablet: e-ink readers don't put so much strain on my eyes as tablet/smartphones screens do. TBH it's just like a normal book.


  7. I have noticed something similar. People on different spiral/ego development stages react differently when I tell how many drugs I've tried (the answer is yes). And it's still shocking to some how I'm not addicted to any of them.

    And... I learned the hard way to never mention I've done any drug except alcohol to Stage Blue and below. But I think they intuitively know I'm not "pure" lol

  8. Relative to the materialistic and modern stage-orange psychiatry, psychosis is an useful label to use for treating people.

    It could be defined a "loss of contact" with the common, socially-constructed reality. It could be defined more broadly as a temporary radical change of the state of consciousness, for the purposes of the work people do on this forum. If it's frequent and interferes with the ability of an individual to live in society, then it can be considered an illness.


    Can someone explain what exactly happens in the brain when someone gets a psychotic break?

    I think that's a broad question

    Nevertheless, the science so far bets on an unbalanced (relative to ""normal people"") level of neurotransmitters in the brain, causing perceptual changes. GABA, glutamate, serotonin, dopamine, norepinefrine and many more,if enoughly increased or decreased, could cause immense consciouness shifts. In addition, changing the amounts of those neurotransmitters in specific parts of the brain could also result in completely different experiences.

    Specific to most psychedelics, most seem to reduce the activity of the Default Mode Network. As a simplification, it's mostly responsible for the sense of self.